Mastering Wren

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Chapter 40

I start to crawl out of the room in my lingerie. Theo doesn’t stay beside me, either, he strolls ahead; out the door and towards the stairs. I try to crawl quicker to keep pace which is pretty much impossible. My elbows, wrists and knees ache a bit as I hurry along.

As I enter the hall-way, I’m honestly thinking this is like a fun-game but just as much, it was equally as sexy as well. I liked how crawling had my ass sticking up into the air. How I was below him, giving him more control. It was extremely submissive, probably more on a higher level than what some women would be willing to do.

But so far, I was surprised just how much this simple act was making my thighs quiver and my butt tingle. Damn, if only he could drop behind me, grind into me… like he pushed against me back in my apartment… until that moment was destroyed by a tall, blonde, bitch. Not that being blonde was a problem, but being a ‘Cynthia’ was.

I was honestly a little paranoid she’d think of other ways to interfere. I just hoped she went to jail and I never saw her again.

Wait… was she going to jail?

Theo hadn’t said anything about legal repercussions.

I look up and see his black shiny shoes waiting for me at the end of the corridor by the alcove and the winding stair case. I abruptly halt my progress and lean back on my knees and into my ankles, looking up at Theo curiously.

“Does it hurt too much, sweet cheeks?” Theo asks with a raised, patience brow.

“It hurts. But… not too much,” I explain, biting my lip as I think about continuing. You’ll ruin the moment by asking about her. Don’t ruin it, Wren, don’t do it – “…are you taking Cynthia to court about the money?”

“Wren, you need to know I have this handled. It’s all over,” Theo shakes his head, “I’m not sending a pregnant woman to jail… I got her to hand back the money as long as she stayed away and never contacted you or my family again.”

“But… what about you?” I ask, suddenly jumping to my feet, “Did you tell her she could contact you if she needed anything?” I close the last distance angrily, feeling triggered by Theo’s clear bout of sympathy for her again, “Did you?

“She’s seeing a counsellor,” Theo seems majorly amused by my show of sudden jealousy and protective anger. He slides a hand lovingly through my hair, to calm me as I stand flush against him, glaring up into his confident gaze.

“A counsellor?” I ask, narrowing my eyes, “I hope you’re not paying for it.”

“Sweet cheeks,” Theo narrows his eyes back at me, “I’m not paying that bitch a cent. I’ve insured she stays away from us forever. If you wish to question me further about it, I’ll have to find a way to keep you preoccupied.”

I shake my head, my heart clenching and my passion to speak as I please, igniting fully.

“I will not shut up about it until I know she is gone, for good, out of our lives, so I can enjoy my time with you. Enjoy us. I’m done with her attempts to create distance between us. I know she was your fiancé first, but I didn’t tell her to sleep around. You didn’t. Kyros didn’t. She did it by her own choice. And even if she got pregnant by accident, it was her choice to follow through with it and have a child to an unknown stranger. I hope she gets her head screwed on right before she has that kid with people other than us, being the target of her hate and malicious intent. I will not have her interfere with you again, either. She’s hurt you and I intend on protecting you just as much as you want to be my Dominus. Did I ever tell you I love that term by the way? Holy… oh no, shit,” I grip Theo’s shirt in frustration, looking down I blurt out as I randomly remember, “I forgot to put my clothes in the dryer from the wash, oh bloody hell – oh!” it’s the last word I blurt out as Theo slaps a hand over my mouth and he grips my hair with his other hand. My lips are now forcibly sealed shut.

Enough,” Theo growls, “That’s the last word that’s going to leave your mouth, do you understand me?” he slowly lets my hair go and very slowly drops his hand from my mouth too.

I lick my lips but I don’t say anything else as I watch him reach for his navy blue tie. He quickly loosens the front, whips it off and straightens it out with a single tug.

“Open wide, sweety,” he raises a brow as I open my lips to breathe. It’s a broken, nervous exhale as he forces the tie straight into my mouth, over my tongue and around the back of my head. He tightens it with an expert knot a moment later, “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do this, sweety?” he asks me, casually, “Since the first day I met you and the first moment you opened your damn mouth. I knew in that interview, you’d be a talker. A nervous talker. Now. I’m going to train you to be a silent, confident Submissive. You know what that involves?” he asks me, smirking when I can’t answer him back, “Exactly. Silence. Use these instead,” he taps the bottom of my ears, twice, “They’re all you need. Now… walk back to where you stood, get back on your hands and knees… and continue to crawl. You will finish what I asked of you.”

I stand there for a moment, my mouth automatically moving while I want to talk. I want to speak. I want to respond. So badly because it is an ingrained habit. It takes me awhile for my tongue to recognise the tie is a gag I cannot remove.

No more blurting allowed.

I fail to move on command so Theo grabs my shoulders for me, turns me and then smacks my ass, hard. I jump forward and quickly hurry back over to my position. My teeth dig into the gag as I turn and my pussy felt flooded with fresh desire.

Theo refuses to say any more, he simple leans back on the stair case and waits.

I get back down on my hands and knees and continue forward, feeling my G-string rub up against my lower-lips, squeezing out some fresh juice so it drips along my thighs. I blush hard as I feel the fresh wetness leaking out of me.

Damn, if he walked behind me… oh, gosh, but no, luckily, this whole time he was leading the way.

I finally reach his shoes, and I wait for him to continue up the stairs… but he doesn’t. He waits.

So I also wait, feeling weak in my joints at the thought of him seeing me a wet mess from behind already.

Theo eventually sighs, leans down, grabs my hair roughly and tugs me forward, to help me continue on my way.

“Did I say you could stop?” he asks, cruelly pulling me forward up at least four more steps, to help me gain momentum before he releases me to stand back and watch my ascent, “Don’t stop, sweet cheeks, this is just what you need. Your Dominus’ version of foreplay.”

My tongue tries to move again, and a husky noise comes out of my throat as I attempt to speak but fail to do so as I continue to crawl up the stairs.

“I know you love it, sweety, I can see it,” he chuckles as I quickly speed up my crawl to the top, “The bedroom, all the way,” Theo encourages me to continue and so I keep at it, eager to reach the end. I crawl down the hall and through the open door. I’m about to stand when he says, “to the end of the bed, please, Wren,” I bite my tongue, literally and I squeak through the tie as I continue, growling through my throat in pain. I had to be more careful because this was frustrating, wanting to speak and being unable to.

As soon as I reach the end of the bed, on the white fur rug, I grab the edges of the bed and haul myself up, knowing Theo is close behind.

“Good girl,” he growls in my ear, very close. The moment I stand, my eyes take in the leather shackles stretching from each corner of the white bed posts, some slack provided. There’s a thick pillow in the middle of the bed and – oh! My mind exclaims internally as I feel Theo place a firm hand on the small of my back and another on my shoulder.

He forces me forward, so I’m bent over the end of the bed. He runs both hands over the back of my black and red lace bra, but he doesn’t take it off. He simply stands behind me, bends forward also and puts an elbow either side of my face, which is against the sheets.

I turn my cheek into the bedspread and look up towards him as he leans in to kiss my cheek.

“I could be kind,” he murmurs, kissing my cheek again, “But for some reason…” he kisses me a third time, “…you seem to get dripping wet when I simply force you to do as you’re told,” I moan uncontrollably through the gag as a way of agreeing, but as soon as that noise escapes my throat, I blush again. God damn, I was really vulnerable right now, “Don’t worry, Wren, I’ll do whatever is necessary to bring you into complete submission. All this,” I jerk as I feel a prodding on my private flesh. I hadn’t noticed him take one elbow from the side of my head which is outside my range of vision at the moment. While I couldn’t see, he has positioned his hand between my ass cheeks, two fingers pressing through the G-string, helping more of my juices leak out all over my thick thighs, “…this is mine,” he stays over me, “All. Mine.”

I nod my head, furiously.

Oh my gosh, Theo, hurry up and fuck me!

Oh, fuck.

Perhaps it was good that I was gagged.

My mind was in a turmoil of hormones, clearly increased, my blood pumping and making me shaky. I wanted his cock. Inside me. Ramming into me. Over and over.

My breaths are more-shaky now through the wet, saliva drenched gag… yes, I was drooling too. I liked him asserting dominance, and just two fingers pressed against my private flesh… felt ten times more intense. It amplified his control which in turn amplified my want to surrender myself to him.

“Up you get,” he grabs my waist a moment later and effortlessly lifts my knees onto the bed, shoving me forward into the blankets, “Don’t tempt me just yet, sweet cheeks,” he slaps a hand down on my ass and grabs my G-string, taking it over my ass cheeks, down my thighs, over my red knees and down towards my ankles.

He flings off my scrap of material worth a mint, and I’m happy it’s off. I instantly raise my butt closer to his face as there was no doubt he was leaning forward to inspect me. I could feel his hot breath, warm its way over my dripping pussy-juice, making me shiver.

Oh my gosh… touch me, please. Please.

A tongue suddenly slides between my wet lips, towards my clit and back. It is soon replaced by his hand, and I moan instantly, rubbing back against him. And then, without warning, I feel one finger inserted into my tight, very wet sheath. He pulls his longest finger out all the way and pushes it back, all the way in again and all the way out, over and over. He repeats this movement. Each time, harder than the last.

“Forward,” he growls, “Rest over that pillow for me, sweet cheeks, gently now…” I crawl forward and lie down over the firm, thick pillow, which helps keep my butt raised for him.

I moan in frustration now as he takes his finger out of me.

No. Put. It. Back. In – oh, right… right… shit…

My mind has a mini-mental break down as Theo stays back to grab one ankle and expertly sheath it inside a leather restraint. Within seconds he does the same to my other ankle, so I’m spread wide open and I can’t close my legs.

Impossibly, I feel even more moist because of my restricted ankles. I’m flooded and aching internally for something to fill me up, to slip inside and stretch me to my limit.

I think the ache can’t get any worse, until he then restrains both my wrists. Now I can’t speak, I can’t move and my ass is fully exposed to him… so is my bare, dripping, throbbing pussy.

I’m so excited, I want him to grind into me – now. Push that cock inside me. Stretch me. Take my innocence.

However, he holds back and I’m left wanting and waiting. I end up whining in complaint. I look over my shoulder for him. He is watching me, appreciatively. Just watching.

What are you doing, Theo?

“Patience, sweet cheeks,” he murmurs, “I know what you want.”

I have to rest my head forward now, as my neck hurts.

And I continue to wait.

I hear a few layers of clothes move and shuffle, so I grin into my gag. Yes. Yes. He was undressing.

Naked Theo. Perfect. Just what I needed.

I feel a part of the bed shift and I suddenly feel nervous.

This was it. Oh, my gosh. Finally.

“I know you’re new at all this,” Theo growls behind me, as I suddenly feel heat at my back. Hands grip my waist with hot male skin all over my ass. I feel a hot rod, against my wet flesh. Perfectly placed, “But, sweet cheeks… how you are right now? You’re not moving. For the next three hours at least… the thing is,” I feel the hot rod swing out and hit back against me as he twitches his cock across my pussy. My body trembles back into his as one hand clenches and unclenches across my wide hip, “As a dominant, I don’t command, fuck and then it’s over. I command, fuck and make sure it’s never over… I never really explained to you… my peculiar tastes when I’ve taken a woman’s innocence,” I make a noise, a half-whine, half-moan. Tell me, Theo. I was begging to know with my moan, “This is going to be twenty-four seven. Your submission. In everything. After I take you. I’m not just going to let you leave.”

Oh. Damn. That even sounded a little… crazy. Was Theo secretly a bit of a crazy-Dominant? Once you gave in to him? Something told me I was about to find out. I wasn’t too sure, if that threat, was a loving promise or a dark suggestion… that once I was his… I would never be anyone else’s. Regardless, right now, I was wet. I was horny. And I needed him inside me –

A finger trails down the back of my spine and I arch further back into him.

“Do you have any idea… how long… I’ve waited to fuck you like this?” he asks, pulling back, I feel the head of his cock pushing against my unused entrance. Completely untouched by any cock before, “If you take this inside you, you’ll agree to submit to me, completely. Do you understand, Wren? If you are still unsure, pull forward. If you want this –” he doesn’t have to finish his offer of a deal, I pull forward and then push back, hard, against and into his cock.

I feel the head immediately force its way through my outer folds and my elbows almost give out. I put my weight on the pillow, happily exposing my pussy for him completely. More.

I was done talking.

“Good girl,” he murmurs as he grips my waist with two, strong, very steady grips, pulling me back further onto his length. So far, there is no pain as he goes in slowly. I feel him slowly create shallow thrusts, very easy, very gentle. I don’t mind, as I’m a little nervous for the pain to come, “If you move in with me, sweety, I’ll treat you to this twenty-four seven, whenever we aren’t working, eating or entertaining guests,” he does a good job of distracting me as he starts to edge in a bit deeper, deeper… deeper… I hold my breath as he slides out, my pussy quivering as he almost pulls out all the way completely… but then he shoves forward –balls deep – completely stretching me.

I cry out into the gag, his tie now completely ruined for sure as my teeth grind into the material. My fingers curl into the bedding as he keeps himself there, unmoving. It’s so intense, I’m confused if it’s pleasure or pain… but he quickly reassures me it’s pleasure, as his hand slips down my stomach and over my bare pussy. A long finger finds my clit, lightly rubbing over the top.

“It takes a while to get used to my size, sweety,” he twitches his cock inside me and I moan as he starts to rub my clit more frequently, refusing to take his cock even an inch outside of me. He stays completely still and lodged inside, “I’m training you to take it’s width and length… this will be easy… compared to the training for your throat, which will be more difficult… because I’ll fill most of it…” his murmured suggestions are hitting the right nerve with me.

And his finger is doing me a favour, too, bringing me quickly towards my first peak.

But just as I’m about to reach it, he pulls his cock out of me, half way, and buries it back in… pulls it out three-quarters, and shoves it back in, a bit harder… then he pulls it out, until the tip is about to leave me… and he rams it inside… as I had so often wished for.

His finger leaves my clit, his hand rests on the small of my back, keeping me down, and he fucks me, in and out, all the way in, stretching me… then leaving me… then stretching me wide open once more.

My peak had been so close and now I’m right there. I’m right on the edge. And he keeps me there as he slowly picks up the pace, trying to stop me cumming too quickly by not starting too fast. However, over and over, he thrusts deeply, going faster… faster… harder… rougher… and before I know it, a pleasure I have never felt this intensely before, ripples straight through my core and my entire body.

Yes! Yes.

I feel my pussy clench against his enlarged, huge cock, over and over, trying to squeeze every last drop out of his balls, straight into me. But he isn’t done, while I’m writhing, moaning and gasping into the gag, he starts to literally pound me, unstoppable as he rams and rams and rams, over and over and over into my quivering, breaking pussy.

I literally can’t handle it, I feel like I might pass out, but he thrusts in, all the way and keep his cock buried, cursing as he finally empties himself inside of me.

“ –retion,” I try to, “ –retin!” I try to look over my shoulder but instead of pulling out, he leans down, jerks my gag out of my mouth and kisses my cheek again.

“What?” he asks, quietly, amused by my sudden gasping and blurbering words.

“P-protection,” I gasp and all Theo does is chuckle. He doesn’t even answer as his hand slides over my back, reaching around to kneed my breast, “Theo?” I ask, gasping.

He nuzzles through my messy hair to press his lips against my ear.

“Sweety… my sweet cheeks… you have my ring on your finger,” his hot breath floods across my face as he adds, “Whether or not I put a baby in you, is now my decision, from the moment you pressed your sweet little pussy… back against my wanting, very needy cock… I hope you get comfortable. These first three hours of your ownership, have literally just begun.”

“M-more than… three?” I ask, gasping, not sure why I sort of feel… okay… about the fact he wants to risk impregnating me. Why wasn’t I raging inside? It wasn’t like he asked me. Yet… for some reason… I don’t care.

“Three? No. A life-time? Yes,” Theo growls, “I’m not letting you leave, now, sweety. Ever. Do you understand me?”

“I d-didn’t say I wanted to –” I was about to agree with him – but even as I was – he grabs the tie and forces it back in my mouth. He tightens it further this time, putting a bit of pressure on my jaw.

“Shut it, sweet cheeks,” he murmurs now, shuffling back so I feel his heat back at my weak, sore, shivering pussy once again. Then, I’m pressed down into the ravaged, messy pillow, the weight of all his heavy muscle, pushing me forward as he positions himself again, “I’m not done.”


Fuck me.

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