Mastering Wren

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Chapter 41

I sit in the garden while Mr. Fox and PuddyCaita both hunt down defenceless butterflies around me. It was nearly midday after I slept in. The garden outside was too beautiful to pass up and I was undercover from the patio from any unexpected Melbourne rain. My butt is sore but rested comfortable on an antique metal chair.

I see a fork and knife on the table in front of me, but just the cutlery itself I find quite amusing to witness. It’s not like I could use the utensils with my arms strapped to my sides with one huge leather belt, deigned for this sort of purpose.

“Mr. Fox,” I hiss, before Theo comes back out and hears me. Mr. Fox abruptly turns and meows back at me while slowly blinking his eyes, what is it Wren? He was asking. I happily reply, in a whisper, “I think I just agreed to marry someone who secretly works for the mafia and I…” I shut my mouth as the glass French doors roll open for my shirtless Dominus.

Theo waltzes out wearing black slacks not even belted on nor zipped up. Probably from him requesting I give his cock a warm, sloppy kiss before he went to finish up our breakfast.

I don’t know if there was such a thing as a Dominant who cooked for his Submissive, but here he was – Theo, my boss, my fiancé… and soon to be room mate.

I had agreed to move in with him while he was fucking me last night.

My mind wasn’t exactly in the right working-frame of logic. It was in the frame of drool-cum, drool-some-more, move-in-what-move-in? oh-yes move-in-the-dick-more harder-again, yay-yes me-likey.

So when he asked me again last night while I was restrained, drooling from both ends and brain-numb; I said yes, master. Forgetting his preferred term was Dominus and not master.

Oh, and yes, it was embarrassing but unfortunately he loved it more than I’d realise and couldn’t stop laughing, even about it this morning.

Dear,” Theo places a plate of pancakes, whipped cream, honey, strawberry syrup, berries and maple bacon before me, “Enjoy,” he smirks to himself at his own joke as he then places his own plate on his side of the table and takes a stealthy seat.

I watch him get comfortable, while my tongue rubs against the roof of my mouth in need of that damn breakfast-heaven, inside me, right now. Not that type of inside-me, but yeah… you get it… I was still a bit brain-numb, pussy-numb, you name it –

“One second, you were talking to your cat,” Theo picks up his fork and points it at me, accusingly, “The next, you’re deep in thought. What about, exactly?” he asks as he slices into his three layers of pancakes, syrups and cream and… oh my…

“Uh, what?” I ask, after my throat imagines swallowing his mouthful right now. Oh, gosh, I needed these pancakes inside me.

“I said,” he smirks as he slices off more of that heaven-on-a-plate, “What are you thinking about? Actually, no… what did you say to Mr. Fox, about me?”

It wasn’t about you,” I blurt out… too quickly. He stops chewing and raises a curious eyebrow, “It was,” I admit, going back on my lie, quick smart.

“Lucky you changed your answer or I would have put that plate on the floor... do you know why?” he asks, “Guess, sweet cheeks.”

“I wouldn’t eat off the floor, like a… oh my gosh, you would,” I go from exasperated to understanding, “You totally would. You’re actually… like… a little more crazy… than I realised.”

“It takes a while to get to know someone, sweet cheeks,” he winks and smiles as he keeps eating and my stomach audibly growls.

“You bastard,” I whisper, my arms pulling at the belt unsuccessfully, “I’m hungry!”

“I know, but you’ll wait,” Theo smirks, “And you’ll answer my question. What did you say to Mr. Fox? And, what were you thinking about?”

“Just that… you… um…” I gulp and try to think past the food sitting in front of me, “This is what my brain did. Rich. Boss. Mansion. Belts. Leather restraints. Money. Charisma… I’m surprised you started a charity and not an underground mafia. Then I thought, oh my god, what if you’re part of a Greek mafia or, is that even a thing? What if… what if I agreed to marry someone… who had a life… I never noticed. What if, you’re not who I think you are?” I answer him truthfully and suspiciously, “You own a freaking Vanquish. It’s not a Ferrari, but… where do you get that kind of money at your age? You’re like, 27,” I state, confused.

“If I told you, you’re not that incorrect… would you run?” Theo asks, seriously.


What… oh god.





“You’re not… serious, are you?” I ask, gulping, “You’re not secretly a part of a criminal background, crazy family history, drugs and hit-men and… oh my god, stop looking at me like that. Are you being serious or just fucking with me?” I pause, holding my breath, watching him watching me.


And then he continues to eat, just slicing, chewing, swallowing and watching me. No actual words. Just prolonging my suffering of anxiety.

What an ultimate dick!


Ultimate dick.

He sure had one.

Anyway... I huff out breath of exasperation and look over to Mr. Fox and PuddyCaita now reclining in the sun.

“Yes and no,” Theo finally answers me and my eyes snap back to him instantly.

“More detail,” I explain, “I just agreed to marry you.”

“And… you’re going back on it already?” he asks, raising a mocking brow, “You’re the one strapped down to a chair… do you think I’d let you go anywhere even if you wanted to?”

“Seriously, Theo, you have to be honest with me,” I beg him, “All that talk, that freaking perfect speech about how you are a one-woman man, you want to fall in love and dedicate to one female. Me. So… please tell me that wasn’t a cover for, you’re in some dodgy family and you don’t like just involving anyone…” I trail off as I realise something else, “Oh my god…” my eyes widen, “Cynthia. She’s… a part of it, isn’t she. You – freaking lied to me.”

“I haven’t lied about anything,” Theo shrugs and scoffs, leaning back in his chair he puts down his fork and knife.

“Hey, if you’re going to finish eating, at least feed me,” I complain, “While you tell me more about… whatever this conversation is about… I’m still not sure if you’re joking with me or not.”

“Alright, sweet cheeks, calm down,” Theo stands up and brings his chair over, taking a seat near me he starts to cut up my own breakfast and pile the bits and pieces onto my fork, “Open wide,” he brings the dripping pancake-bite to my lips and doesn’t position it further forward. I have to lean towards it to take it all… and he enjoys making me struggle.

I just glare at him, hoping he’ll continue to explain as I chew aggressively.

“My family…” he starts as he cuts into more pancakes, “Well,” he seems undecided on how much to tell me as his fork comes back up again, towards my lips… a little further away so I really have to struggle forward to take the bite this time.


“-o on,” I talk with my mouth full, raising a brow, “I’m –aiting.”

“I know you’re eating,” he teases me for failing to speak properly and I roll my eyes, to my own demise, “Hey. Don’t roll your eyes at me, Wren, ever, it’s extremely irritating,” he is dead serious and stops feeding me as punishment. Great, now I had to wait.

I slowly chew and swallow what is left in my mouth, at least I had something sitting in my stomach.

“Please, Theo,” I lower my tone, no longer joking, “Just be truthful with me. To be honest, even the worst news couldn’t turn me off you. I love you. But you have to tell me what I’m getting into so I know.”

“Nothing,” he reaches up a thumb and helps wipe off some excess cream on the corner of my mouth and tip of my nose. He licks it off his thumb as he pauses again. Damn it, why was he hesitant to explain? “…not anymore, our family doesn’t deal in anything illegal or risky, never has, either. It’s more… family rivalry in the past that shook things up. We’re made from money, but where that money came from… before my father’s generation, isn’t exactly… uh – well-earned,” Theo chooses his words carefully, “We have enemies – we always will, but we don’t get involved with crime. We make money through our law firms, my charity is my own business, my own idea. You have nothing to worry about, sweet cheeks, trust me,” he let’s me take this information in and I nod, which pleases him, “I’ll put you out of your misery, Wren,” he leans forward and unbuckles the belt at the back of the chair.

“Yes!” I nearly pump my fist into the air and shuffle forward quickly, making my butt twitch, “Ow… damn… it wasn’t that bad,” I explain unnecessarily as I literally pick up the pancake in one hand and roll it up, stuffing one end into my mouth, “-ot, -ad,-t-all,”

“If you can’t eat properly, you won’t eat at all,” Theo grabs my wrists and makes me drop the pancake. A slither of cream and syrup run down my palm so he brings my hand forward and licks it off for me, but he isn’t done. He also sucks off the tip of my sticky fingers, one my one, cleaning them up for me, “You’re a handful,” he sighs, letting my wrists go, so he can pick up the cutlery and put the handles into my hands, “Now. Go at it.”

“Thanks,” I sigh and eat the rest of my breakfast ‘properly’, “You’re an amazing cook…” I finally finish and turn to a thoughtful Theo, leaning his chin on one hand as he looks me over, “…what?” I ask, confused.

“Let’s get married,” he says, “Next weekend.”

“Um, I thought we were taking it slow…?” the words fall out of my mouth, but they are my automated, try-to-be-socially-not-awkward reply, “…actually… sure! Why the hell not?”

“On one condition,” he puts up a finger, to silence me, “Dear submissive of mine… Wren… you must take my last name, Vasiliou. Actually, I have another condition –”

“You said one,” I point out, just to annoy him.

“Shut up and listen, baby,” he uses a new endearment and I nearly fall out of the chair. Like… literally… because I twitch onto a bruise on my ass and it hurts so much I slide too far left and I have to grab onto the table to stop from plummeting to my premature death, “…you okay, Ms. Clumsy?” he asks, raising a brow.

He was too used to me being awkward now.

“Please don’t get into a habit of calling me that,” I whisper, straightening myself back up and pretending to appear unfazed, “The other condition?”

“You have to move in today, don’t go back to your apartment. You’ll be safer here,” Theo tries to say it casually.

However, I detect a hint of faked reassurance.

I narrow my eyes and he goes quiet.

“So, we’ll get married next weekend… deal?” he asks, trying to ignore my keen observation.

“Um. No. First, tell me what you’re not telling me,” I explain, hoping for an answer.

“If I do, you’ll freak out and I don’t want you to because I have it handled. I promise you,” Theo says this with a seriousness I’ve never heard him use unless he was making an extremely important business deal that could make or break the charity.

“Tell me,” I mean it and he knows. So, he finally does.

“This week I may have talked to some old friends that I no longer associate with due to their dealings and underground business. They happened to know Cynthia and her own associates… and there was a rumour… going around… which could be completely false; but I take these threats extremely seriously whether they are jokes or not,” Theo holds my gaze, steady, “Cynthia, may or may not have hired a hit-man to... dispose of you.”

I furrow my eyebrows. I actually smile, but then it’s quickly wiped off my face when I realise he isn’t joking.

Oh, no... um...

“Wait. T-to, kill… to kill me…?” I whisper, repeating his statement, testing it out on my nervous tongue. As the reality hits me, I feel my hands start to tremble and tears quickly well to my eyes with shock and abrupt terror, “Oh my god, what the actual fuck – this is crazy, I can’t… why would she…” my hand goes to my mouth and Theo grabs my wrist, again, holding my gaze.

“Don’t look away,” Theo speaks, too serious, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have told you, I didn’t think you’d cry. Please don’t cry. Don’t – fuck,” I hiccup on a sob I can barely hold back, because when I glance at my cats all I can imagine is them getting hurt in the process, “Wren. Wren, calm down,” Theo snaps this at me as I suck in a breath, about to ball. I nod, trying to keep it in. His next words, however, are not what I expect to hear, “I have this handled, sweety,” he quietens his tone, “I wasn’t completely honest with you. But I will be now, because you need to know there is nothing to worry about. I wasn’t… this good until two years back. I never went to college. Or university. I was home-schooled overseas and taught… some special… martial arts, fencing, gun-stuff... actually, don’t worry about those details. Uh –”

What are you trying to tell me?” I ask, my tears gone as adrenaline quickly replaces the fear.

“You’re safe with me. I promise, because I… well, I’m still here, I had a 100% success rate, so – ”

“A 100% success rate at what?” I ask, budding in.

“Don’t freak out,” he warns me, but then he admits, “I used to be a hit-man. For my family. I’m intelligent, athletic, it only made sense –” Theo pauses as I put up a finger to his lips, narrowing my eyes.

“I find this,” I whisper, being totally honest, “Very. Cool. More so than I should,” I lean back away from him and stick up my finger before he tries to explain further, “I know nothing. I promise. Next weekend sounds good,” I change my tone, pretending to be undercover.

“You are the cutest thing I’ve ever met,” Theo blurts out, “Wren… I love you, so much. You do realise, I’ll kill anyone or anything that ever tries to touch you.”

“But you’re a bit of a bastard too,” I explain, as I realise while staring at my empty plate, “That’s why you moved your business into your mansion. That’s why you asked me to move in with you. You want to keep an eye on me,” I look up at him to see him looking guilty, “I don’t think that really means you’re a bastard, I think that means you’re… amazing. But...why your last name?”

“I know everyone in that world, and I know when you have my last name, no one will touch you,” Theo is honest and I can’t help but blush. How deadly and romantic and surreal... but... I’d process that later.

“Cool,” I whisper, feeling like I’ve just stepped into a James-Bond movie.

Theo smirks at my comment but then a different, knowing looks appears on his face and I frown.

“You do realise…” he says, very quietly, “I just told you something... that no one is ever meant to know. You know what that means, don’t you?” he asks, a playful look in his eye.

“Oh, my god, what?” I ask, a bit scared he’ll try and terrify me.

Instead, he stands up and puts a hand on my cheek as he leans in to kiss me, softly on my lips.

“I’m not letting you out of my sight, sweety,” Theo murmurs against my lips, “And you can’t leave me,” he kisses me again, and I know his words are both a sexy promise and a menacing warning.

But I don’t care.

Because despite this crazy turn of events, I still love him.

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