Mastering Wren

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Chapter 5

Wren’s POV (Point Of View)

I slept terribly with Theo in the other room. All night my mind had played over the awkward conversations we have had. I came to the conclusion multiple times that we should start fresh.

I eventually roll out of bed and nervously open my bedroom door to confront Theo and apologise for my nervous nature.

I really wanted to put my blubbering behind us. We worked well in silence but it would be awesome if we could just talk like two normal beings. Completely casual, nothing weird.

I’m confident in what I want to say when I open my door.

However, my plan backfires.

I find the light spilling over an empty couch, my whole place looks cleaner and Mr. Fox is lying in the sun.

I’m frowning when I accept that Theo is gone.

But what truly shocks me is what time I see on the clock.

I was meant to be at work thirty minutes ago.

“Mr. Fox why didn’t you wake me!” I blame him and he just languidly stretches in response, his belly round and full. Theo had fed him before he left – so Mr. Fox felt no need to be my usual alarm in the morning.

Bloody hell!

I run into the bathroom and brush through my bed ruined hair.

I rush to find my work clothes and I shrug them on as soon as possible before running my way downstairs to work.

I’m utterly embarrassed by the time I’ve walked into my office. As the door swings open I assume Theo must have gone home to get the key, otherwise the whole place would have been locked up.

I creep towards my desk, placing my bag quietly against the wood as I consider buying coffee for Theo and I, or perhaps I should go to him straight away and apologise for being late.

I settle on just approaching him and apologizing first.

I straighten my back and head towards his office, where I can hear him talking to someone.

So he was on the phone? It wouldn’t deter me from waving hello to make my presence known.

I’m nervously smiling to myself to try and bring myself some form of confidence as I see his open door. I come to a halt outside the entrance, grab the edge of the wooden frame and peek my head around, smiling so hard it hurts.

I spot him with his feet on the desk, a phone to his ear. He seems pretty relaxed and dressed in fresh clothes. He honestly hasn’t looked better. Perhaps he slept well.

His eyes suddenly glance up as he talks, glancing at my nervous wave.

‘Hi!’ I mouth to him, but my smile instantly drops when his look becomes a glare and he points to me, and then towards where my desk is located.

He does not break eye-contact and I know he has just told me to get to work straight away.

I nod and scamper away, nearly tripping as I do so.

I wasn’t even a clumsy person so I’m just angry at myself as I sit down at my desk and start up the computer.

For a moment I’m confused about where I should start, until I realise I should have brought the laptop down with me. Unless Theo had brought it down himself.

I needed to check.

“Wait until he is off the phone,” I tell myself through gritted teeth, before I make more of a fool of myself.

Eventually his distant voice halts and I jump to my feet, ready to confront him again.

You may as well tell him you want to start fresh while you ask where your laptop is, Wren, just do it, be brave.

I once again walk with an air of false-confidence as I enter into his office.

He is lazily reading something on his computer when I waltz in.

“Hi, Theo,” I clasp my hands behind my back so he doesn’t see them tremble, “I was wondering if you brought my laptop down –”

“Wren,” he sighs and doesn’t even bother to look at me, “It’s on your desk.”

“Oh, right, I probably should have seen it,” I try to press onto my next point, “I apologise I slept in today. Usually my cat wakes me up on time. Um, I think I also wanted to mention... uh... you look good today,” I blurt out the last part, losing confidence to confront him about my awkwardness around him. Instead I just give into my awkward nature.

I wait for him to say something to make it worse.

Instead, Theo doesn’t answer me.

I watch him tap a finger on his desk slowly, as if considering his words.

I open my mouth to say something, anything to break the silence.

“Theo –”

“Wren, I’m going away for two months,” I instantly close my mouth as he says this. He lazily looks over at me. I don’t know what to say about that look he gives me. Mild hatred? Annoyance? Was he angry at me?

“I’m sorry, did I do something –”

“No, Wren. I just broke up with my fiancé,” he snaps this, making me flinch, his temper is officially gone, “I need to get some space from this job. Someone will fill in for me. I’ll come back, but when I’m ready for it.”

I guess last night it didn’t hit him that Cynthia was truly done with the engagement and the whole relationship. This morning was clearly a different story.

“Are you okay?” I find myself whispering the question, close to tears myself because he was so harsh on me and I was just trying to help.

“I look for perfection in my employees and partners, friends, family... I’m quickly learning that is not a possibility. I need to clear my head. You still have your job. I expect when I come back, you’ll have everything in order,” as Theo explains I don’t know whether to be relieved he has explained what he means or be absolutely offended.

“I’ll try my best,” as I speak a cold wall goes up and I don’t feel very much for him anymore.

There was something about him, from the beginning, that I found attractive.

Now I just found him insulting and selfish.

“Good,” Theo stands up, grabbing his briefcase, he eyes me suspiciously a second time. It’s as if he knows I think of him differently now.

“Have a great holiday,” I turn around and walk out of his office, feeling sick to my stomach.

What the hell just happened?

I go to my desk and sit down, pushing aside my bag I see the laptop in the corner of my desk.

I start it up, connecting my laptop to the printer. What happened to Theo and I having a busy day to complete?

Argh, who cares, Wren, he is a self-centred prick who needs to go on a holiday to fix his poor broken rich-ass heart. What a bloody piece of shit boss –


I glance up, glaring at Theo as he walks past my desk, towards the front door.

It’s as if he is about to say more, or at least say goodbye for now.

But he doesn’t say anything else.

“Bye,” I speak up as he opens the door and he closes it. Walking off without another word, only a slight hesitation before not bothering to say anything else to me, “...asshat.”

I don’t know why I’m so utterly angry as I watch the beautiful man walk past the glass windows.

It soon hits me that I’m envious.

That tall, dark and handsome man was so emotionally affected by his stunning ex that he wanted to disappear for two months.

I wasn’t good enough to make him want to stay.

This is work, Wren, relax. You’re getting paid and that’s what matters.

I feel so utterly alone soon, once he is gone. I was the only one left in the whole office.

I quickly close off my emotions, annoyed I’ve already been hurt by a guy and he wasn’t anything but my boss! I’m flustered and annoyed as I try to sort out my emotions.

Stupid Theo.

More like stupid heart.

I make a pact with myself.

Once he returned, he was going to see a completely new Wren. Emotionally unfazed by his ridiculously powerful presence and handsome face. He would see me as confident and capable to run the whole damn charity. No more awkward talks or nervous compliments. By the time he came back, I would be completely in control.

At least that’s what I tell myself.

Reality would be a completely different story.

Theo’s POV

I leave that office, dying to say a few words to the selfish little employee who didn’t understand I needed space. I understood that look in her eye, however. I made her nervous because she liked me.

I found it damn adorable.

But, the problem was that I found it adorable.

While at the same time I couldn’t quite believe how quickly Cynthia was put to the back of my mind.

I felt confused... and I was never confused.

Wren messed with my head.

I controlled everything so well, in my life and in my job! But with her around...

...I couldn’t control her awkward smile and nervous eyes.

I wasn’t just going away to clear my mind for work, I was going away to clear my mind about all the unnecessary thoughts going through my head about my little brunette; cheery-eyed with a cute, crooked, trembling smile.

I had already made up my mind. On this holiday, if I couldn’t clear my head of thoughts of her being bent over my knee, then I would have her bent over my knee.

She was just so dissimilar to Cynthia, who had been easy to please and ready to comply with what I needed... most of the time.

Wren was different, she was raw, unrefined, simply herself.

Cynthia had been so perfect to me, attuned and trained to be the ideal rich girl from a rich family. I had felt safe with Cynthia.

Wren, on the other hand, was so imperfect – it shook up everything I knew about the women I had been surrounded with all my life.

Fuck, it was going to be so hard, keeping the relationship solely about business.

I can’t help it. My thoughts are already set even as I make my way back to my place to pack for my holiday.

Adorable, untouched, sweet better hope you quit in these next two months.

I knew, just by the way she looked at me that she’d agree to go out with me. She’d date me, without blinking twice. It was her innocence that did that to her. She was sucked in quickly by some good looks, money and the fact that I was her boss.

Unfortunately for her, she probably wouldn’t be able to handle the way I liked my relationships.

I smile to myself as I think of the books on her couch.

Reading about them was one thing...

...being in that type of relationship was something else entirely.

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