Mastering Wren

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Chapter 9

I wake up to the sound of Mr. Fox scratching at my door, wanting his morning feed. While half asleep, I sit up, mildly confused that I’m lying on the other side of the bed I’m not usually in. On my elbows, squinting into the dark, I lean over to the side of the bed I should be on and my hand squishes down on something unexpectedly big, hard and – oh my gosh, the thing in my bed was suddenly moving and...

...a hand snaps over my wrist, restricting me rolling over any further, and I hear a growl from a husky throat.

“Watch where your hands go, sweet cheeks...” he starts to sit up next to me and I’m suddenly very awake.


Mr. Fox meows again on the other side of the door.

“Ah... sorry!” I squeak as I roll out of the other side of the bed and his hand around my wrist almost doesn’t allow me to get away until the very last moment, when he must decide he should release me.

I can’t believe I forgot he was in my bed.

And then I woke up and... basically man-handled him.

I’m flustered and stumbling my way as quickly as possible to the door and I shove it open to escape my embarrassment. Instead, I end up stubbing my littlest toe into the corner as I open it and I can’t help but cry out. I hop into the next room and Mr. Fox jumps to my side, winding between my legs and purring loudly as I hold my foot in pain.

I eventually pick him up and give him a hug as I continue on my way to the kitchen. I briefly recognise my underwear was shoved up between my ass cheeks in a wedgie from how I slept and I hope desperately Theo isn’t watching from the open door.

Who was I kidding? He had sat up when I had, he heard me injure myself; he was totally watching.

It’s not until I’m behind the kitchen counter that I pull out the wedgie, already red in the face, then I grab the food for Mr. Fox. to feed him.

I go over to the window, where his food bowl and water bowl are located. The sun is already shining through and Mr. Fox has gotten me up right on time, it’s 6am, just like always.

As I kneel and shake the biscuits into Mr. Fox’s bowl, I hear footsteps come out of my bedroom.

“Wren,” Theo sounds pissed off and I’m too afraid to look over my shoulder to see what he is wearing.

“Good morning,” I squeak out as cheerfully as possible, without looking at him. I avoid it by patting Mr. Fox as he eats.

"Wren,” Theo growls my name this time and I spring to attention by jumping up and turning around as quickly as possible.

“Yes, boss?” I ask, trying to appear calm when I’m not calm at all. I glance over Theo’s magnificent abdominal muscles; they must have been sculpted in heaven before he was put on this Earth. He has his pants, thank god, but right now he was holding his belt.

My eyes zone in on it. Oh god.

“Control your nerves, or one day you’ll accidentally run out in front of a bus, you talk before you think and you act before you consider the consequences. Now go back to bed,” Theo slips his belt through the top of his pants, buckling it up. Phew.

“Are you going in soon?” I ask, deciding to ignore his frustration and actually meet his eyes now.

"Go back to bed, Wren, put your alarm on, and come down to the office in one piece. Yes, I’m leaving now,” as I listen to him, I decide my brain will stop working if I continue to stare at his glorious bare chest.

Cynthia was so lucky to have had him.

Argh, where did that thought even come from?

“I just want a snack,” I mutter, avoiding his gaze as I skip past him nervously, heading for the fridge.

I swear Theo almost reaches out to stop me, but his hand just twitches by his side.

Nope, don’t go there, mind, it was too early for these types of thoughts to be circling my brain.

As I open the fridge and look around for a snack, I decide I want tea. I shut the door and turn to the kettle instead. I bite my bottom lip as I turn it on because at the corner of my eye, I can see Theo hasn’t moved.

I can almost feel his frustration radiating out of him as I had blatantly ignored his advice to go back to bed.

I glance up, nervously, to see –

Well, shit.

His eyes are focused in on me completely, penetrating my soul. He is unblinking, calm almost, but I know deep inside he must be raging.

“What?” I ask, innocently.

I watch Theo raise his eyes a bit as he seriously thinks about his response.

It registers with me why he is so annoyed. He is limited in what he can say and do to me, because... well, I didn’t want to think about why.

No, Wren, if you keep avoiding the obvious you won’t be able conquer this inevitable disaster. You know he wants you, or at the very least, he is curious about you becoming his Submissive. You can’t deny it. He even knows you know it. How about you test his limits? Find out what truly makes him tick, what makes him calm, what pushes him over the edge...

“I’ll have this tea and go to bed,” I say the words slyly, glancing from the boiling water to Theo, to see his instant look of relief. His eyes stop sparkling with annoyance and he nods in appreciation of my understanding of his logic, “...or not... because I don’t want to.”

I smile at him and Theo opens his mouth to reply, then abruptly turns and walks back into my bedroom. My mouth has formed into a cheeky little ‘o’ at his reaction.

Oh yes, it was fun finding out how to piss him off. He never seemed rattled but now it was a different story.

I pour myself a tea and decide it would be too rude to not make him one as well.

“I like to wake up early, nothing personal, Theo! It’s very kind of you to ‘allow’ me to sleep in, but I’m already awake and it takes me awhile to get ready anyway. I know you’ll understand,” I call out, hoping he’ll hear everything I say as he finishes getting changed in the other room.

Eventually he comes out, completely dressed, looking as fine as ever even with messy dark hair and a fine look of frustration on his features. I knew he always started earlier than me, and as he heads for the door he slows when he sees me raise the tea cups.

“Tea?” I ask, ”Don’t worry, my hands are steady, so you’re safe. Take one.”

I don’t know what’s suddenly given me this urge to tease him, but there was a fire in my gut that urged me to have a say... and argh, that other feeling in my gut... I had cramps. My period was due any moment – great.

“I don’t like tea, Wren,” Theo barley glances at me, totally dismissive, as he heads for the door. When he notices it is broken again, I see him visibly glare at it like he wants to fix it with his gaze.

I follow him as he opens it to walk out.

I stick my head out as he turns to close it.

“Theo,” I say as kindly as possible, “Be safe going down that elevator. God knows what could happen.”

He pauses, momentarily shocked at how far I’m continuing to tease him.

“Watch yourself, sweet cheeks,” Theo murmurs the reply as he looks me up and down, assessing me, “I know what you’re doing.”



H-How could he know...?

“I’m doing nothing... a-absolutely nothing, and uh..., bye, I mean, see you soon,” I nervously blurt out, shocked at his knowledge of the situation.

He wants to say more, but chooses not to as he is unfazed by my awkwardness. In fact he looks happier I tripped up and faulted back to my usual ways.

As he heads off, I close the door with pursed lips.

Pssh, what could he do to me? I wasn’t his Submissive, so it’s not like he could do anything. And that was the beauty of it all.

No, Wren, you want him to do something about your teasing.

Oh shut up, no I don’t, no way, why would I?

Feeling rattled by my own thoughts I close the door and look at the tea he didn’t want.

More for me then.

Besides, it’s not like he’d be staying over again, so technically, I can relax knowing I wouldn’t have any more personal encounters with him anytime soon.

It is then that my eyes suddenly focus on the coded lock he never fit, sitting on the counter top.


I could expect a visit from him after work then, or perhaps later tonight if he was busy.

Annoyingly, that thought makes my stomach flutter and my insides tingly and warm.

Damn it!

My period is due any moment, now I was horny, great. Theo’s face, abbs, commanding tone... his scent in my bed. Couple that with hormones and you’ve got horny Wren. I was totally not excited for him to come over tonight for any other reason than my raging monthly increase of hormones.

Sure, Wren, tell yourself that to make yourself feel better.

I find myself heading to the bathroom to shower and clean up while I sip my tea.

Another thing, why did I like it when he was angry?

Because you know he wants to spank your ass or worse if you do piss him off. It also means you affect him, he is affected by you. He likes you, he wants you.



I did not need these thoughts.

I had to go to work soon and think sensibly.

I make a pact with myself, today would be the day – no more awkward disasters around him. Today, I would be as smooth and as graceful as a sex goddess

Um, thoughts?

You weren’t meant to take that much of a drastic turn so quickly.

“I will be fine,” I say through gritted teeth, looking at myself in the mirror, “I will be fine.”

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