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Chapter Ten: Question

It was 5th of November and all of our families were getting together at Miles and Katie's new house, they had found the house about one month ago but not all of us had had the chance to see it, so this was kind of a house warming party as well, minus the alcohol, because she was six months pregnant and Miles didn't want her to be tempted.

She wouldn't be tempted anyway because she wasn't even a drinker anyway, none of us were, but Miles was overly protective now that they knew what they were having, not that they had told us, they wanted it to be a surprise.

We were meeting at their house at around five this afternoon, and having a barbeque, before the firework display at the park across the road from their house would begin between seven thirty and eight.

Kyle's brother Mitchell was picking me up from the apartment that I used to share with Katie, at four thirty, because Kyle was filming until around six, and said that he would meet us there.

There hadn't been much mention of him in the film, just that he was new, and his role was pretty big, I knew that the rumours would start once the film had been released, and more pictures of him would be taken with of celebrities and the press will jump to conclusions instead of getting the facts.

My brother was coming to and bringing his girlfriend of seven years, Karee, Mitchell was picking them up as well, because we would be driving past their place any way.

Mitchell arrived just after half past four and waited for me to put my shoes on, grab a coat and lock up, before we went to get my brother and Karee.

I had text them, to say that we were on our way, so they were ready when we arrived and jumped into the back of the car, once Mitchell had beeped the car horn. We got to Miles and Katie's house just before five, and Katie welcomed us all in with a big smile and hugs, telling the guys that Miles was out the back before turning to us. "

So how are you girls?" She asked, as she closed the door behind us and led us towards the kitchen.

"Fine, thanks" Karee said, she wasn't really used to hanging out with us, because she was older than us, but she was still polite.

"Yeah I'm great, how are you? Look how big you've gotten, not long left now?"

"I'm fine, no three months left"

We all sat around the table and Katie walked over the counter and started to pulled glasses from the cupboard.

"Do either of you want a drink?"

"Water's, fine thanks" I said.

"Same please" Karee agreed. Katie put four of the glasses on the table and started filling them all with water, I was about to ask her about the extra glass, when the back door opened and Sophie walked through.

"Sophie" I smiled at her, as I stood up and hugged her, "How are you? It's been awhile"

"I'm good, you?"

"Great" We both sat at the table and the four of us gossiped about all the new things in our lives, until Katie brought up Kyle's absence.

"So, Rosie," That was her nickname for me, "Where's Kyle this evening, I didn't see him arrive with you?"

"Oh, he's filming today, he said he should be done by six, and will try to be here before the firework show, and he also said to keep some food for him"

"Okay, I think we can do that."

After sitting in the kitchen for about another twenty minutes, Christopher came in through the back door to tell us that the food was ready if we wanted to go out now, so we all followed him out.

There was a six seat table and a few extra chairs around the table, Marie was here with Clara and Mark, along with Miles' parents, John and Sarah and Katie's parents, Jason and Skylar, they were all sat around the table, with food already in front of them, and they each greeted us happily as we came outside.

We all got some food, I picked up two paper plates and put some food on it for Kyle, and then we all squeezed around the table, laughing and catching up with each other, until around ten to six when there

was a loud knock at the door, and everyone went silent, even though there was still some music playing, Katie had turned it on when we first came out.

"I'll get it" said Miles, and then headed inside to get the door, as conversation and laughs picked up again.

I didn't hear the back door open again, but I did see Miles take his seat opposite me, and whisper something in Katie's ear, which caused her to smile and then turn to me.

"Look behind you" she said to me, my back was to the house, so I twisted in my seat and smiled widely at who I saw standing in the kitchen door way.

"Kyle!" I called out happily as I jumped up from my seat, almost knocking it over, and running towards him, only to launch myself into his arms,

"I've missed you so much"

He caught me around the waist so I didn't fall to the ground and chuckled, "I missed you too" and then kissed me on the lips.

We hadn't really spent much time together since me being back in college and him starting filming, so tonight was the first time I had seen him in two weeks, I have spoken to him on the phone and through text and sometimes we managed to get a few hours to ourselves, but today was his last day of filming for one week, which was better than nothing.

We pulled away from each other after a few minutes, mainly because I knew everyone was watching, and secondly because there was little arms wrapped around us both, but Kyle kept his arm around my waist as we looked down at his little sister.

"Hey Marie,"

"Hey Ky, I haven't seen you in a while"

"I know, I'm sorry"

"It's Okay; you just have to promise to play dress up with me at home?"

Kyle looked at me, silently asking for my help, but I just shock my head and smirked, he sighed and looked back at his sister,

"Okay, but no make-up" Marie looked like she wanted to fight back but Clara, knowing what Marie was doing, shouted over.

"Marie, be nice to your brother"

"Okay, no make up" Kyle smiled down at her and then knelt down to hug her and whispered that he loved her into her ear, before pulling back and pulling me into his side again.

"Love you too, Ky" She sang, and then skipped off to play with some of the toys that she had brought with her. The rest of the evening was filled with laughter and fun.

At seven thirty we headed over to the park and watched the firework display, where my brother finally proposed to Karee, so when Clara and Mark decided to left, because Marie was pretty much falling asleep, they took Christopher and Karee home on their way. Miles' and Katie's parents left at around ten, when the last of the fireworks were let off, and then the rest of us headed back to their house, for hot chocolate because it was really cold now.

The six of us sat in the living room, drinking our hot chocolates until Mitchell spoke.

"I'm going to head home now, does anyone want a lift?"

"Yeah, please" Sophie said.

"I have my bike, I'll take Rose home when she's ready" Kyle looked at me, checking to see if that was okay with me, which it was.

"Yeah, Kyle can give me a lift home in a bit"


Mitchell gave Katie and me hugs, and shook the boys' hands before leading Sophie down to his car, to take her home, I think, they were acting weird again tonight, like they were when we left for Australia. Just staring at each other.

"I think we best get going to, it's pretty late" I said to everyone.

"Okay" Katie said and I hugged both her and Miles, as did Kyle, and then they walked us to the door, and then waved bye to us as Kyle pulled out two helmets from under the seat,

"I was wondering if you wanted to spend the night at my place, it's just that we haven't really spent much time alone and I want to ask you something, you don't have to of course, but I don't really want to wait until tomorrow, and it's pretty late" he was rambling, so I kissed him to make him shut up.

"Okay, I'll stay at yours, but we have to shop at mine first, I'll need clothes for tomorrow"

He smiled widely at me, kissed me and then put my helmet on my head, before putting his own on and jumping onto the bike, I hopped the back of his motorbike, and then we headed off towards my apartment.

We arrived there in about ten minutes, and Kyle said he would wait outside while I ran in for the clothes.

I quickly put them into a backpack and ran back out to the Kyle, making sure that I locked the place up behind me.

Kyle passed me my helmet back, and then as soon as my arms were wrapped tightly around his waist, he was off, riding towards his place.

We reached his place in five minutes, because the roads were pretty much empty and every light turned green whenever Kyle slowed down.

Kyle locked his bike up, locking both helmets under the seat as well, before taking my hand and leading me up the his apartment.

When we reached the apartment, we both took our coats off, hung them up and then he led me towards his room, turning lights on as he went, so that I could put my bag in his room.

"Why don't we get changed and then we can talk?"

"Okay" I agreed, and went looking through my bag, and pulled out what I thought was a full set of PJ's, but turned out to only be my pyjama shorts, I cursed when I realised.

"What's wrong?" Kyle asked me.

"I thought my pyjama top was with these shorts but there not, I guess I'll just have to wear this top then"

"You can use one of my tops if you want?"

"No, it's okay."

"Its fine, here." he turned to his dresser and rummaged around for a few seconds before throwing one of his tops at me, "It's a smaller one, that I was about to throw out, so you can use it."

"Okay, thanks."

I then left the room and quickly got changed in the bathroom, before taking my clothes back to Kyle's room, and when I saw that he wasn't in there, I made my way to the living room, where he was sat with the TV quietly playing reruns of 'Bones'.

I sat down next to him, and he wrapped his arm around my waist, so that my head was on his shoulder.

"We can talk in the morning if you're too tired."

"No, its fine, what did you want to talk about." I sat up and turned to face him.

"Okay, just so you know, you don't have to answer me now, you can wait as long as you want before you answer me."

"Just ask its fine" I was starting to get nervous.

"So, I was wondering if you would consider moving in with me?" I was silent for a moment before I looked at Kyle.


"Yes, I love you and I want you to move in here with me"


"If you need time or it's just too early, then that's fine I can wait" he sounded silently upset, but I had to interrupt him again, before he said something else.

"No Kyle, when I said Okay, I meant, Okay I'll move in with you."

He looked at me shocked for a few seconds, before what I had just said to him registered. "Really?"

"Yes." I laughed, and then he wrapped his arms around m and kissed me, before pulling back after a few seconds and asked.

"Come to bed?" We were both really nervous, because we hadn't shared a bed before, but I trusted Kyle to follow my beliefs on no sex before marriage.

"Yes." He then took my hand and led me to his room, where we both fell onto his bed and asleep in each other's arms.

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