Our Secrets

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Chapter Twleve: Roses

This morning I woke up to two things, the first was the smell of toast and meat, and the second thing was from the kisses that were being going along my jaw, down my throat and back up again,

"Wake up Rosie, it's you're birthday and we have a lot to do today."

I moaned and then rolled over, away from him pulling the blanket over my head, it was way to earlier. Kyle tugged on the blanket but I wasn't moving.

"Come on Rosie, it's eight thirty we have to at my parents' house by ten, and I have breakfast in bed for you."

I sat up then, mainly because my stomach was grumbling, but also because my alarm was meant to go off half an hour ago, and looked at the tray of food and juice that Kyle was now holding, he placed the tray on my lap and I could see that he had make me a full on English breakfast, minus the eggs and mushrooms, a glass of orange juice and a single red rose in a small vase with a card attached to it.

I picked up the card and read it.

'Dear Rosetta, Happy 19th birthday, Hopefully I can make your birthday just as perfect as you Love, Kyle' .

I looked up at him as I set the card down and then wrapped my arms around him, being careful of the tray.

"Thank you" I said as I kissed his cheek.

"No problem, Now eat you're breakfast before it goes cold and then you can have your present."


We both sat in silence while I eat, the only words spoke were when I asked him if he wanted to have some of my food, but he assured me that he had eaten earlier.

Once I was finished he took the tray, only leaving the rose and card on the bed side table, before coming back into the room with a small box in his hand.

He sat down on the bed by my legs and took one of my hands into his and turned it over so that both of our hands were facing palm up, before placing the box in my hand, just before I opened the box I spoke.

"Was it expensive?"

"It was enough"

"So yes?"

"Kind of, but you'll have to get used to it now, I'm getting a lot of money from this film, and I only want to spend it on you"

"I guess, but there better not be any diamonds"

"There's none"

"Okay" I slowly opened the box, and gasped at what I saw, there in the box was two charms.

Kyle had gotten me a sterling silver charm bracelet for Christmas with an amethyst heart and an 'R' on it. The two charms on the box were a golden Wolf, that I hoped wasn't real gold, for my favourite animal and a turquoise 'K', for Kyle.

"Oh Kyle, these are perfect, thank you"

I leant forward and gave him a kiss, before pulling back and handing him the box, "Can you put them on?"

I reached for the bracelet, which was on the bed side table, and took note that it was quarter to nine, and handed it to him,

"I have to get ready, I'll be back in a minute" I said to him, pulling the blanket back and standing up from the bed.

"Of course"

I made my way over to the dresser and got all of my clothes together, before heading to take a shower.

When I came out about twenty minutes later, Kyle was sat at the island in the kitchen with a cup of tea in front of him, fully dressed and ready to leave.

"Do you want one?" he asked, gesturing to the tea, as I walked into the room.

"No thanks, I'm sure Clara will have hot chocolate waiting for us when we get there"

I walked over to him and stood in between his legs as he turned in his chair to face me.

Picking the bracelet up from the table and placing it on my left wrist, as he was doing I'd up, I noticed that he was wearing the watch that I had gotten him for Christmas, it was an antique and I'd had 'KLB + RAK, Forever' engraved into the back of it, which were our initials. Kyle Lloyd Blake and Rosetta Alyssa Kane.

"We better started making a move, it might take a few tries to heat up the bike, and I'm going to be driving slowly" Kyle told me, it was twenty past nine, but I agreed.

"Yes, I'll follow you out, I need to grab my coat, keys and phone, and I'll lock up for you"

"Okay, I'll see you in a minute" He gave me a kiss and then ran out of the apartment and into the snow.

I followed behind slowly, making sure that I had everything, and the whole place was locked up, making sure to grab an extra pair for Kyle, I don't think I saw him grab a pair, before I quickly made my way down to the car park, pulling my hood up as I stepped out into the freezing weather.

I slowly jogged over to the bike, not wanting to fall, and handed Kyle the gloves.

"I didn't think you brought any with you, I guess I was right"

"Thank you, I have no idea what I would do without you" He kissed me and then started to get back to work at starting the bike up.

"You'd probably be living back home."

We both laughed and Kyle said, "Probably"

I jumped on the spot for a few minutes, rubbing my hands together, before the bike finally started, Kyle quickly put my helmet on for me and then did his own, after getting onto the bike, I hopped on behind him and had my arms wrapped securely around his waist, before he started to drive.

We arrived at Kyle's parents' house a few minutes after ten. We would be here until around three before heading back to our apartment, and we hadn't even locked the helmets up, before the door was flung open and Marie came running out and launched herself at me. I caught her in my arms and when I noticed that she wasn't wearing a coat I started to walk quickly back to the house with her in my arms, Kyle ran ahead of us to make her a hot chocolate and grab a blanket.

I walked straight through the house and into the kitchen, wear Clara, Sophie, Karee and Katie were sat, Kyle had just told then what Marie did, so Clara ran over to us with a warm blanket in her hands.

I quickly set her down in a chair at the table, as Clara started to lecture her about going outside in the snow, without being wrapped up warm.

Kyle set the hot chocolate down in front of her and then took my coat, kissing me on my neck, before heading back out of the room to hang our coats up.

"I just wanted to say happy birthday to her first, Mummy"

"I know, sweetie, but you mustn't go out without wearing you coat, ok?"

"Okay, can I give Rosie her card now?"

"Finish your hot chocolate, and if you're warm enough then, then yes you can"

"Thank you mummy"

"That's Okay sweetie, now you get warm if you want to give Rosie her card first"

"Okay" Marie picked up her hot chocolate and started to drink.

Kyle came back into the room a minute later, bringing his dad, Mark, his brother, Mitchell, Miles and my brother Christopher with him, and as soon as they all walked into the room, I saw Marie set down her mug and everyone started to sing, while I blushed bright red.

The rest of the day went by quite fast, Marie made sure that no one had given me a card or present before she gave me her hand made card, which consisted of a lot of glitter and a nine year olds drawing of a butterfly on the front, I hugged and thanked her, as did I to everyone else. I was manly given money, but Christopher and Karee got me three books about wolves that seemed interesting and Katie and Miles got me two books on the history and legend of werewolves and they also gave me a picture of their latest ultrasound, which they went to yesterday.

After lunch we had Victoria sponge cake with multi-coloured butterflies around the edge with 'Happy 19th Birthday Rosie' on, which I was told Marie had picked out with a little bit of help from Clara.

Kyle and I left around three thirty, promising everyone that we would see them in three days for the New Year 's Eve party at the Blake's house.

The bike started easier this time and we managed to leave in under five minutes and arrived back at the apartment fifteen minutes later and quickly, but carefully, ran up to the apartment to get warm.

We quickly stripped of our coats, gloves and shoes, before Kyle wrapped his arms around my waist and started to kiss along my jaw and neck.

"I think we better get warmed up" he spoke against my neck, and then trailed his way back up to my mouth.

"And what were you thinking?"

"Well it's you're birthday, so I was thinking we could do anything you wanted."

He then pulled me even closer, proving to me what he really wanted to, and I guess I agreed with him.

"We have about three hours before we have to eat anything" I then pulled away from him, reluctantly and took his hand, leading him to our bedroom, where we continued to explore our boundaries for the next three hours, before stopping for some tea, which were sandwiches that Kyle had quickly made, because as soon as we had both finished he lead me back to the bed room. Where we continued to mess around for about two hours before we both fell asleep from exhaustion.

The next morning I woke up at around half past ten, but when I rolled over to reach for Kyle, he wasn't there so I guessed that he had gone for a jog, I really don't know why he went for a jog in this weather,

but he says that he is fine with it, so I got out of bed and headed to the kitchen, to make him a cup of coffee, for when he gets back.

I filled he mug half way with the boiling water, and made myself brunch, which was just a simple cheese and pickle sandwich and a glass of orange juice.

I heard the door open and close as I put the cup away, ten minutes later.

"Hey Ky, I'm in the kitchen." As I spoke I turned the kettle on and waited for it to heat up.

"Okay, I'll be there now." I heard Kyle walk through the apartment and enter a room, before he appeared in the kitchen, smiling widely at me and giving me a kiss on the cheek as I handed him his coffee.


"No problem." We both headed into the living room, where Jeremy Kyle was playing on plus one, and sat on the light brown sofa.

"So," I started after we watched a few minutes of a family fighting the paternity of a three week old baby. "What were you doing up so early?"

"I have a surprise for you, we can wait a bit though." he smiled widely at me again and then got up to run his mug into kitchen.

"My birthday was yesterday." I called to him.

"I know, but I wanted to give this to you soon, I didn't know if your birthday would be the best time or not." he said, as he walked back into the room, I looked at him suspiciously, he was smiling but also looked a little bit nervous.


I then turned back to the TV as Kyle took a seat next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

"I'll be back in a minute." Kyle said about twenty minutes later, standing up and leaving the room.

"Alright." I smiled at him.

For the next few minutes I listened to Kyle move back and forth between rooms, moving things around. When I heard a bang and a curse, I jumped up and started to call out to Kyle.

"Ky, are you Okay?"

"Um yea I'm fine, don't come in here."

"Are you sure? I heard a bang." I was worried and now stood in front of our bedroom door.

"Yeah everything's fine, just give me two minutes."

"If you're sure?"

"Yea, I'm sure, two minutes then you can come in."

"Okay," I waited for a few minutes, before I realised that I was still wearing my pyjamas, "Hey Ky?"

"Yeah babe?"

"I'm still wearing my pyjamas, can you pass me out some clothes, please?"

"No you don't need them, you look fine the way you are."

"But I would feel more comfortable if you passed me out some clothes."

The door suddenly opened and Kyle poked his head out of the door and smiled at me, "I'm ready now anyway, you can come in."

He then opened the door all the way, and took my hand, leading me into our room.

Kyle had moved the bed, so that it was now in the middle of the room, with different coloured rose petals scattered across the bed and the floor, the bed side table was pushed against the wall, and the curtains were open, showing the view of our snow covered city.

"I'm sorry if it's too much, but I want this to be perfect" Kyle told me, as he sat cross legged in the middle of the bed, I mirrored his position, and he then took both of my hands.

"Okay, you know I love you, right?" he started, looking really nervous.

"Yes, and I love you too" I smiled at him, which seemed to give him a boost of confidence and he started to speak, with a big smile on his face.

"Rosetta," He started, "I knew from the first moment that we ran into each other at college that I had to be with you forever. I love you more than there are stars in the sky, and will love you until the day we die. You mean the world to me, and have since we first met," he paused for a second to pull a small square box from behind his back,

"So will you, Rosetta Alyssa Kane, do me the great honour of being my wife?" There was silence, while Kyle opened the box, and showed me the sterling silver ring with three small diamonds, the middle one was a royal blue and the ones on either side were clear diamonds.

The only sign for my answer that I could manage over my tears was a nod, which caused Kyle to smile widely at me, and then slide the ring onto my wedding finger, before I jumped forward and wrapped my arms around him, as tightly as possible, without hurting him.

This day was the best day of my life, and I think my life was only going to get better.

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