Our Secrets

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Chapter Thirteen: Announcement

I climbed off the back of Kyle's bike, as he stopped in front of my brother's house. Removing my helmet, Kyle wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Are you Okay?" He asked as we both looked over at the house.

"Yeah, just nervous." I smiled slightly at him, which received a kiss to my head and a reassuring hug.

"It will be fine."

"Yeah," I still wasn't so sure, "Let's do this."

I took Kyle's arm from my waist and took his hand as we walked up to the house.

I knocked twice, before hearing an 'I'll be right there', from the other side of the door.

A few seconds later, Karee appeared at the door with a smile on her face.

"Rose, Kyle, it's lovely to see you," she gestured for us to come in, "Please, come in, Chris will be down in a minute."

The two of us quickly headed into the living room and sat down while Karee went and got the four of us some drinks.

"So, what's up?" Karee asked, as she placed the drinks on the coffee table in the middle of the room.

Before we had the chance to answer, Christopher walked into the room and took a seat next to Karee aI cross from us, "So what do you want to talk to us about?"

"Well," I started nervously, looking at Kyle for help, but Christopher interrupted me.

"Your pregnant aren't you?"

"What? No of course not."

"Well what is it then?" He demanded.

"Um, I asked Rose to marry me." Kyle rushed out.

"What? But your only nineteen."

"We know, but I'm living with Kyle now, and we have been talking about the future, so it wasn't just a rash decision."

"But your-"

"I know, but we've discussed this fully, and we want to take this step in our lives."

The two of them looked at each other for a few seconds, before they both looked back at us.

"Well, I think that this is great news," She stood up and came over and hugged the two of us, "Congratulations."

"Thank you." We both said, as we hugged her back and smiled.

Christopher took a deep breath, before standing up and coming over to hug me and shake Kyle's hand, "Well, congratulations then I guess, I just can't believe that my baby sister is all grown up."

"Thanks Christopher."

"Yeah, yeah okay, just make sure that you don't forget me when you get sucked into the famous lifestyle with him." He whispered to me, as he gave me another hug.

A few minutes later we were all sat comfortably again, and I was telling them about how Kyle had proposed the previous day.

"There were so many different coloured roses, it was really romantic," I smiled over at Kyle before I glanced at the time. "Oh Kyle, we should probably go, we need to be at your parents house in half an hour."

"Oh yeah."

"Have you not told your parents yet?" Karee asked Kyle, as we said our goodbyes.

"No, we have a movie night planned with them tonight anyway, so we're going to tell them later, but Rose wanted to tell you guys first anyway."

"Well I hope you have fun doing that." Christopher laughed, as we headed out the door.

"And congratulations again." They both said, waving as we got onto the bike and headed off in the direction of the Blake's house.

Twenty minutes later we were pulling up in front of the Blake's house.

I quickly hopped off the bike and put my ring into my pocket, so that they wouldn't notice straight away.

"Let's do this." Kyle said, as he opened the door and we headed in.

"Hello." Kyle called out as we headed in the direction of the living room.

"Kyle," Marie called, as she ran over to us and wrapped her arms around Kyle's waist just as we entered the room.

"Rosie." She then gave me a hug before taking my hand and leading me over to where she was sat, so that I could sit next to her. Kyle sat down on the floor, leaning against the sofa, by my feet, as he said 'Hello' to his family.

"Hey." I said, smiling happily at everyone.

"Hi, Rose."Everyone responded, before turning back to the movie that they were watching, it looked like a family film that had come out a few years ago, called 'Inside Out', or something like that, which I could tell that it was nearly finished, as it was at the part where Joy and Riley's imaginary friend were looking for the memory of the to of them, before it went away forever.

Clara looked at me and then Kyle for a few more seconds, before smiling widely and then turning back to the T.V.

"Right, Marie I think it's time that you went to bed." Mark stated, after we had watched three more family films, but before Marie could protest, Kyle spoke.

"Actually, I have an announcement to make," He smiled up at me, while his family waited expectantly, "Well, I asked Rose to marry me last night, and she said yes."

Suddenly, the two of us were surrounded by hugs and 'Congratulations', before they all took their seats once more, as we all waited for Marie reaction, as she hadn't responded.

"Will you still be my friend?" Marie looked up at me with tears in her eyes.

I hugged her as I responded, "Of course, I'll just be your sister as well, is that alright?"

I pulled away as I finished, only for her to pull me back into a hug. "That's fine, and Kyle will still be my brother?"

Kyle responded by pulling her into his arms, as he was now sat on the arm of the chair next to me, "Of course Marie, nothing and no one could ever stop me from being your big brother."

Marie smiled and hugged her brother, "I love you, Ky."

"I love you too, little sis," He gave her a kiss on her head before saying, with a smile, "But I really think you should head off to bed now, it's really late."

It was nearly ten o'clock after all, and Marie was only nine. And I think that everyone had, had enough of watching child friendly films, I think they wanted to watch at least one horror or comedy be we all retired for the night as well.

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