Our Secrets

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Chapter Fourteen: New Years Eve

Us girls were currently decorating the Blake's house for their New Years Eve party later on.

It was only around four o'clock in the afternoon and none of the guests would be arriving until at least eight, but Clara wanted the house to look perfect, and Marie wanted to start now. So here we were chatting away about anything and everything, while we decorated the house, and when I say we, I mean Clara, Marie, Sophie and me, as Katie passed us different decorations.

We were also doing the cooking, but we had to wait for the boys to get back first, Clara had sent them off about half an hour ago with a long list of things to get for us.

Katie was nearly eight months pregnant, and Miles was really protective, so he had demanded that she didn't do any work, and he would know if she did, so she was handing us decorations.

"So Rose have you thought much about your wedding?" Sophie asked me, as Katie passed me some more streamers.

"Um, yes, I was thinking about a spring wedding, maybe April 2016, it gives an enough time to plan, and hopefully Kyle won't be filming then."

"Oh, that should be lovely, as long as the weather co-operates." Clara smiled.

"I know."

The wedding conversation carried on for another fifteen minutes before I asked Katie about hers.

"So Katie, is everything set for May?"

"Yeah, we actually finalised everything a few weeks ago, we just need to confirm next week."

I hadn't really been spending much time with Katie lately, as she was getting ready for the baby, and I was supporting Kyle with his career.

"What date have you settled for again?" Clara asked.

"18th May, the baby will be a few months old by then and I'll have lost the baby weight."

Four and a half hours later, the decorations looked perfect and food was laid out on every flat surface available.

Music was playing loudly, as the T.V showed the countdown in the background.

I spend the next two hours, dancing with everyone, before finally settling into Kyle's arms as the countdown began.



"I love you Rosetta Kane, soon to be Blake."


"I love you too Kyle Blake."



We stared into each others eyes as the clock struck midnight, and then we kissed, as everyone around us cheered.

"Happy New Year."

"It's definitely going to be a happy new year."

We smiled at each other, kissing once more, before we were hugged by our families.

It really was going to be a good year. If only the happiness would last for the rest of our lives.

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