Our Secrets

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Chapter Fifteen: Birth

It was the 17th February 2015, Katie still hadn't had the baby, it was coming on two weeks late, and Miles and Katie were going in to the hospital just after lunch, for another check-up, their having one a week now because she had gone past her due date, and if the baby still wasn't here in two days, then they were going to induce labour.

It was a Tuesday afternoon, which meant that Kyle was working and I was doing some work around the house, tidying up and repositioning some things, when my phone went off.

It was Kyle, asking me to meet him on the set, which was weird because he wasn't supposed to be home for three weeks, but I agreed anyway and got ready to leave.

I had to take the bus, because I still couldn't drive and Kyle only had the bike, he promised to get a bigger car when we were married though. It didn't take long on the bus, maybe forty minutes, and it was just after I got on the bus, that I got another text, it was from Miles this time.

'Hey, can you meet Kyle and then come to the hospital, you're about to become an Aunt'

That simple text caused me to smile widely for the rest of the bus drive, and then to rush to getting off the bus first.

The set was about a ten minute walk from the bus stop, and during that time I text Kyle to tell him that I was nearly there and I had received a text from Miles, his reply was that he had too, but he wanted me

to go to the hospital with him, instead of separately. I knew when I got there because there was posts with guards, stopping the fans from getting in, I somehow managed to push my way through to the front of the crowd and then I called over to the guard, who spotted and recognised me straight away.

"Hey Rose, what are you doing here?" John, the guard walked over to me.

"Our best friends are having a baby; I've come to meet Ky."

"Oh cool, you can come through, but you're going to have to jump over this post, ok? I'll call someone to help me pull you over easier."

"OK, thanks."

"No, problem" and then he turned around and called "Gareth!"

Once Gareth had jogged over and John explained, quietly, why I was here they both grabbed each of my arms and helped me to jump over the post, which automatically caused all of the people behind me to go wild, and all of the guards sprang into action, as I ran towards where they were filming, calling out a 'thanks' behind me.

I got to the actual set, where they were filming and stayed behind the producers and directors, until one of them turned to me.

"Can I help you with anything?"

"Oh yea, um, I'm Rose Kyle's fiancée, we have to be at the hospital in a bit, he told me to meet him here"

"OK, then just wait here, we have about fifteen minutes then we should be finished hopefully"

"OK, thanks"

I waited for twenty minutes, Kyle had noticed me just after I had walked in and when the camera was on his face, he used one hand to show me the sign for love, and I held up my hand and repeated the same sign. Once they finished filming, Kyle ran over to me with a big smile on his face, he wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up.

"Hey, I've missed you so much"

He set me down and kissed me on the lips before I spoke.

"I've missed you too, now let's get to the hospital, we're about to get a niece or nephew"

"You're right let's go" he said to me, and then he turned to everyone else, "I'll see you all in a few days"

He then took my hand and started to lead me away, to where his bike was parked, as 'byes' were heard behind us.

He passed me my red, white and black helmet and put on his blue, silver, black and white one, before we both got onto the bike and took a different way, from the one that I came from, as we headed towards the hospital.

When we arrived at the hospital around thirty minutes later, Kyle parked his bike in a designated space and then, after we had both climbed off the bike, he locked our helmets in the seat, before taking my hand and we both headed into the hospital.

"Hello, how can I help you?" The elderly receptionist asked us when stopped at the desk.

"Yes, we're looking for Katie Frost, she's having a baby?" Kyle said to her.

"Right, hold on a second," The woman typed something into her computer and then looked back up at us. "Here we are, she's in the maternity ward, second floor, room 101"

"Thank you" We both said to her, and then headed off to find Katie's room.

We found the room pretty quickly, it might have helped that Mitchell and Sophie were both sat in two of the three chairs outside the room.

"Hey guys" Sophie said, when she spotted us and then stood up so that she could hug us both when we got to them.

"Hey, have you heard anything?" I asked her, while Kyle went to talk to his brother.

"About forty minutes ago, Miles came out to tell us that she was ready to push, and to keep calling the two of you and their parents, but nothing else, apart from the yelling" She giggled slightly at the end of her explanation.

When we made our way over to the boys, Kyle pulled me into his lap, because there were only three chairs.

We had been waiting for about half an hour before we heard anything, Both Miles' and Katie's parents had arrived after about ten minutes of us all waiting, which just happened to be the sound of a baby crying, and then after a few minutes the midwives and nurses all came out of the room and one of the midwives walked up to us.

"You can all go in to see them in a few minutes; Katie's just feeding the baby"

"Okay, thank you" I said, as we all stood and waited outside of the door for someone to tell us that we could go in.

And we didn't have to wait long for that either, because Miles came out of the room not even five minutes later, smiling widely at all of us.

"Hey guys, you can all come in now, they're both comfortable and can't wait to wait to see you all" Was all he said, before ducking back into the room, leaving the door open for us to follow him in.

Which is exactly what we did, we all piled into the room, spreading ourselves out around the bed, where Katie, the baby and now Miles sat.

Katie looked up at us all and smiled, "Everyone, meet our daughter, Ila Natalie King."

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