Our Secrets

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Chapter Sixteen: The Big Day

The last three months had flown by, with helping Katie with baby Ila, and finishing up with my college working, as well as helping Katie do finish the wedding.

It was now 18th May 2015, which meant that it was Miles' and Katie's wedding day, Ila had just turned three months old and looked just like Katie with her dark brown hair, but she had Miles' light blue eyes, and Kyle has been away at the promotions of the film he was in, all over the world, but he had managed to get two days off so that he could be Miles' best man.

It was nine o'clock in the morning, and us girls had been awake since seven, they were getting married at three so we all had to be up early to make sure that everything was prepared for this afternoon, we had sent the men to the church to make sure that the church was decorated just right, with light pink and chocolate decorations to match the colour theme and the pink daisies and brown day lilies.

Us girls were currently all seated in our dressing gowns, getting out hair and make-up done, apart from Ila, who was still in her sleep suit and was laying on a play mat with toys around and hanging above her.

Katie was on the phone with the caterers, making sure that the food was all sorted and that the room was laid out just how she wanted it.

Once mine, Sophie's and Kyle's sister, Marie, make-up and hair was done, the three of us got our nails done, while Katie got her hair and make-up done, and then once that was all done, Katie had her nails done and us three girls put our dresses on. My dress was light pink with a chocolate brown sash around the waist and Sophie's and Marie's dresses were chocolate brown with a light pink sash around the

waist, and then once Katie was finished with her nails, we all had a French manicure, I got Ila changed into her pale green dress and white tights and white shoes with sparkly butterflies on them.

By the time Katie had gone to put her dress on, it was almost two o'clock, so while we were waiting for Katie to come back into the living room, the three of us girls put on our white pumps.

Katie walked around the corner into the living room, and we all gasped.

"Wow, Katie you look amazing" Sophie said, while I picked up Ila and started talking to her.

"Ila, doesn't mummy look pretty" I smiled at her and she laughed in response, waving her arms about, which caused all of us to laugh.

Katie's dress had a heart shaped neck line with long sleeves and the dress reached the floor, with swirls and sparkles travelling up the dress in zigzags.

"It's time to go guys" Marie said, she may be 9, but she is really bossy, with this wedding, I think she thought that it was a great chance to dress up.

"Okay then, let's go" Katie said, so we all headed down to the car that was waiting for us.

Just as we were leaving the apartment, I stopped Katie,

"Katie, you really do look beautiful"

"Thanks Rose" she smiled at me, and then we quickly headed out to the car, we had twenty minutes to get to the church.

We managed to get there with five minutes to spare, so the girls got out of the car and quickly into a side room, while I headed up the isle to get the boys.

"Guys, were ready when you are"

"Okay" Miles said, and then smiled at the boys, before they all followed me down to the side room.

As we were walking Kyle wrapped his arm around my waist, he was wearing a black tuxedo, a white shirt and a light pink tie.

"Hey baby, how are you?"

"I'm good Ky, how is the promotion going?"

"Good, I'm just glad that they let me off, I've missed you"

"I missed you too"

And then he kissed me, right outside the room the girls were waiting in.

"Guys, please we aren't at your wedding, we need to get going" Mitchell said, he was walking down the aisle with Sophie.

The two of us pulled away laughing quietly.

"Sorry" I said.

"I'm not" Kyle said, smiling widely, "It's been awhile"

I just laughed and then opened the door to see Katie stood in front of a mirror smoothing down here dress, and Sophie was touching up on the three of their lip glosses, and Marie was on the floor playing with Ila.

"Guys we're ready" I said to everyone.

"Okay," Katie said, smiling at me, before smiling over at her dad, Jason, who was still stood in the door way. "Dad,"

"Hey sweetie, you look beautiful, are you ready?"

"I have been since I first met him"

"Well then let's go"

We all quickly found our partners, me with Kyle, Mitchell with Sophie and Marie was going to carry Ila and then pass her to Katie's mum, Skylar when she got to the end of the isle.

I quickly went out and signalled the pianist to start the wedding march and then headed back in to everyone.

"Let's go" I smiled at Kyle, and then we both started out of the room, with Mitchell, Sophie and Marie, with the baby, following close behind us.

We reached the end of the isle and then parted ways once we reached the end, I smiled at Miles and then took my place as Mitchell and Sophie did the same and Marie sat down in the front row, passing the sleeping baby to Skylar.

Katie and Jason reached the end of the isle and he placed her hand in Miles' before kissing her cheek and then taking his seat next to Marie.

Once everyone was settled the minister began, "Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today, to celebrate the marriage of Miles Benjamin King and Katie Louise Frost..."

"I do" Miles smiled.

"I do" Katie smiled back, tears rolled down her face.

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride." the minister finished, Miles and Katie kissed, and everyone else cheered.

They pulled apart a few seconds, turning to everyone, as we all smiled back at them.

They made their way down the aisle, taking Ila from Skylar and continued their way down the aisle and then into the reception hall next door.

We followed them there, one row at a time, we found our tables quickly and then the DJ introduced the new Mr and Mrs King, before playing some soft music, after we had all clapped and raised our already filled glasses in a toast to them.

The adults manly stayed sat at the tables, while some of them danced on the young children, until the food was served and then everyone sat down to eat before the flowers and garter were thrown, which Sophie and Mitchell caught, which caused Sophie to blush and Mitchell to smile shyly at her. The two tear chocolate cake, with pink icing and brown intricate flowers decorating it, was then cut, and smashed into both of their faces, before everyone else was given a slice of the cake, and then went back to their tables or back to the dance floor.

Twenty minutes later, Katie and Miles had their first dance as a married couple, they danced to 'I wouldn't mind by He is we' before Katie came and got Ila from me and took her back to the dance floor, to dance with her and Miles.

After the three of them danced, Jason cut in and everyone had a father daughter dance, Kyle placed his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him, so that I had to lay my head on his shoulder, not that I was complaining.

"How have you been?" he whispered into my hair.

"Fine, how has the promo been looking?"

"Good, I think it's going to be a success"

"That's great baby"

"Yeah, you do know that this won't change anything about us right? We'll still be together, nothing can keep me from you."

"I know, Ky" I smiled up at him and then he leaned down to press his lips to mine.

"Let's dance" he said, pulling away and grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the small dance floor, where everyone was now dancing.

"It'll all work out, Rosie" He said, wrapping his arms around my waist as I wrapped mine around his neck.

"I trust you Ky, and I love you" We started swaying to the music.

"I love you too" he smiled down at me, and then pressed his lips to mine again.

I didn't even notice when the song finished, but I did hear the DJ start to speak, so I pulled back from Kyle and listened to him announce that we should start to make our way outside to see the two of them off.

They were going to stay at a hotel for the night and Ila was staying with Miles' parents, John and Sarah.

We all made our way outside, and then through confetti over the two of them as we all made a path way for them, at the end of the path was a shiny black car, waiting to take them to their hotel.

Just before they got into the car, they kissed Ila and their parents, hugged me, Kyle, Mitchell and Sophie and then waved and shouted 'Bye' to everyone before getting into the car and then they were then driven away, of to their week long honeymoon in Italy, as they didn't want to leave Ila for too long.

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