Our Secrets

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Chapter Two: Official

It has been eleven weeks since Katie and I had met Miles and Kyle, ten weeks since our first double date and seven weeks since Miles and Katie had made their relationship official and public.

The four of us have been on multiple dates since the first; they were both double dates and just the two of us.

"Hey Rose, can I talk to you for a minute please?" Kyle asked me, suddenly appearing as I headed into my tutorial class.

"Can you wait until lunch, I have tutorial now and so do you" I tried to sound like I wasn't being meant, and I think he got that.

"No, this is really important."

"Um OK then, let me just tell Janet that you need to talk to me" I quickly went into the class and set my bag down before walking over to my class tutor, Janet.

"Um Janet, one of my friends are outside and they that they really need to talk to me, is it okay if I do, they said that it was important"

"Yes Okay, but be quick"

"I will thanks" and then with that said, I quickly left the room and headed towards Kyle, who was now about half way down the corridor.

"Hey" he said as I reach him, "I have a room change and my tutor isn't here yet so..."

"Okay, quickly though, what did you want to talk to me about?"

"Well, I was wondering if youwouldbemygirlfriendofficially?"

"Wait, can you repeat that again, but slower this time?"

"Yeah sorry, I was wondering if you would, um, be my girlfriend officially."

I smiled, before throwing my arms around his neck, and pulling him into a hug.

"Of course I will, I was beginning to think that you were never going to ask me"

He hugged me back and chuckled. Just before he responded a man came out of the room behind Kyle and called out to him,

"Hey Kyle, stop kissing your girlfriend and get in here."

That only caused Kyle to full on laugh and me to hide my face in his chest.

"Okay" Kyle said back to the guy, before looking back at me, "So I'll see you at lunch?"

"Yes" I replied, and then quickly kissed him right on the corner of his mouth before turning around without another word and headed into my class.

Right before I entered the room, I heard Kyle call out my full name from behind me,

"Hey Rosetta, I'll get you back for that later!" and then the door closed behind me, as I smiled widely.

"Everything Okay Rose?" Janet asked me.

"Yes great" was my response as I quickly took my seat, and started to catch up on the PowerPoint presentation that she was showing everyone.

Later that day, at lunch, I met up with Katie first because the boys finished ten minutes after us.

"Guess what?" I asked her as I sat down opposite her.

"You're pregnant?"


"You're moving out of our apartment?"

"No, Kyle finally asked me to be his girlfriend"

"Oh My Gods, really?"

"Yes, right before first lesson, I didn't text you because I wanted to tell you to your face"

"Well this great, you can finally move on from the shy holding of hands and you kissing his cheek and him kissing you're forehead"

"Well, I kind of already made the first step"

"What did you do?"

"Yes, well after he asked me, I hugged him and told him that I thought he was never going to ask me, and then his tutor came out and called him into the class, so I quickly kissed him on the corner of his mouth and then ran down the corridor to my class, and just before the door closed behind me, he called down to me that he would get me back for that later"

"Wow, do you have any idea what he will get you back with?"

"No, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see"

"Wait and see for what?" Kyle asked, as he and Miles appeared next to us and each took a seat opposite each other.

Katie and I looked at each other and laughed,

"Nothing." I said at the same time that Katie said, "Don't worry."

The boys looked at us both like we had gone mad or something, before they both mumbled, "Okay"

The rest of lunch was spent eating and with the occasional question about our day and what we were doing for the rest of the day, and I had completely forgotten about Kyle saying that he was going to get me back, until the end of lunch when Katie and I were saying bye to the boys.

"So movie night is at ours tonight?" Katie reminded the boys.

"Yes, we'll be there at 6:30 with the popcorn and sweets" Kyle assured us.

Miles quickly kissed Katie goodbye, and I went to kiss Kyle's cheek but at the last second he turned his face so that I was kissing his lips instead of his cheek.

I was stood there, frozen in shock as he tried to make my lips respond to him, but I wasn't and I think he understood that because he quickly moved back.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that" he said, and then turned around grabbed Miles by the arms and started to drag him along,

"Come on we're going" you could hear the anger and sadness in his voice.

"Wait, why? What happened?" Miles said, looking between Kyle and me, and frowned when he saw the single tear run down my face.

"Rose what's wrong?" Miles asked, Katie was already next to me, holding both of our bags and had one arm around my waist, she was whispering reassurances in my ear, and she had seen the whole thing and understood that I was too shocked to respond.

Kyle looked at me when Miles said that, and when he saw that I was crying his face softened slightly, before he masked his expressions.

"Miles come on" he pulled Miles' arm, as I shocked my head at Miles.

Miles sighed, smiling slightly at me and said a quick goodbye to Katie before letting Kyle drag him away from us.

"Rose, are you OK?" Katie asked after they were out of site, I shook my head before letting the sobs out.

"Come on, don't cry" she lead me towards the toilets in the block where our lessons are held, we still had about ten minutes before we had to be in class.

"I didn't mean to freeze, I was just shocked" I said, after I had calmed down a few minutes later.

"I know, you don't have to tell me that"

"Do you think he still wants to be with me?"

"Of course he does, he just didn't know that you weren't ready"

"But I did want it that's just it, but not like that, you know how I am private about my feelings"

"I know, so we just have to prove it to him then, won't we?"


We both stood in silence for a few minutes, until I pulled my phone out of my pocket and saw that we only had two minutes before class started.

"We need to go" I told Katie as I picked up my bag from the floor next to me.

"Just leave it to me and I'll let you know in a bit, Okay?"

"Okay" I agreed, quickly wiping away the mascara away from my cheeks and then we both headed out to our classes.

About twenty minutes later I received a text from Katie, telling me that Miles would hold Kyle back for a few minutes after our next lesson, enough time for me to get to Kyle's motorbike before him.

So once the last lesson was over I quickly made my way to Kyle's motorbike, and stood against the wall opposite his bike.

About two minutes later he rounded the corner with a frustrated look on his face, and once he saw me stood by his bike, he stopped and stared at me before shaking his head and walking the rest of the way to his bike, ignoring me.

"Kyle, wait please let me explain" I started as I moved towards him slightly.

"Why? It's obvious that you don't want to be with me, and we had only been together for a few hours"

"I do want to be with you Kyle, and if you would let me explain you would know why I didn't respond, even though you should know the reason already."

"Explain then."

"You know that I don't like to show my emotions, I hide them all the time, even though I do show them sometimes but only to certain people that I trust. I've had to nearly my whole life, you know that I had to watch my mum die when I was six," I paused to take a deep breath,

"But I still had to be strong for my dad and older brother, but it didn't work and my dad drunk himself to death not even three months later. I have been only ever been able to tell or show my brother and Katie about my feelings, so this is all new to me"

I had tears streaming down my face again as I finished speaking, and Kyle suddenly pulled me into his arms, reassuring me that everything was going to be Okay.

"I'm so sorry I over reacted, I should have thought about where we were, I do know that you are a very private person, and when you kissed me after I asked you I guess I just jumped to conclusions"

"I guess I should be sorry to then, I was fine with you kissing me, just not in a room full of people that could have been watching us"

"Why don't we just say that it's both of our faults?

"OK" I hugged him back, once I realised that he was still holding me, "Um Kyle?" I asked after a few seconds.


"Are we still together?"

"Of course we are, we just had our first fight, well unle-"

I cut him off by pressing my lips to his and this time neither of us froze.

"Good" I whispered against his lips.

We stood there kissing for however long, I think that we had both been lost in the sensation of the kiss; we broke away from the kiss by someone calling for us to move so that they could get to their bike.

We quickly separated and headed to Kyle's bike, while I blushed bright red and Kyle wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Sorry" Kyle said to the guy, who had asked us to move.

"No worries, just try not to do that near my bike again." he then jumped onto his bike, put his helmet on, revved the engine and then sped away from us.

"So" Kyle started, "Do you want a lift home?"

"I may as well; I don't think that Katie or Miles waited for me"

"Okay" he opened the seat on his bike and pulled out two helmets, he placed one on his hand and then the other one to me, before reaching towards my face and wiped the stray tears away from my face.

He then tucked my hair behind my ears and then placed the helmet on my head.

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