Our Secrets

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Chapter Twenty-Two: Results

It was April 12th 2019 and two o'clock in the afternoon, and I was sat in the doctor's office, feeling a sense of Deja vu, as I waited for news on my test results, the same ones that I had gotten the last time I was here.

I got home just after four, and Anthony came running to the door, Kyle must have told him that I was here. I bent down and Anthony launched himself into my arms, wrapping his arms tightly around my neck. Kyle came out of the kitchen behind him and just watched us for a few seconds as we hugged.

"So, what have my boys been up to today?"

I stood up straight and turned to look at Kyle.

"We've been learning some new signs," He told me, before pecking me on the lips, "He's getting really good."

"Yeah?" I smiled at the two of them as we walked back into the kitchen.

I placed Anthony in a chair and then took the one next to him as Kyle sat opposite me.

"Yeah, he's been excited about showing you," Kyle then gestured for Anthony to look at him and when he was Kyle signed, 'Anthony, show mummy what you learnt today'

Anthony smiled widely at his daddy as he nodded and then turned to me.

Anthony pointed to himself, crossed his arms over his chest and then pointed to me, I smiled widely at him, knowing what he had signed, because I had learnt it years ago, and then signed back to him that I loved him too and well done. Anthony had had two hearing aids fitted in about five months ago, so now he could only hear us if we shouted, so we had been teaching him sign language, which he was getting really good at.

We sat around the table for a few more minutes, just talking about our days, before I signed to Anthony to go and play, while his daddy and I made tea.

Anthony smiled and then hugged the two of us, reaching his little body over the table to hug Kyle, before running off to play.

"So," I started, moving from my seat and over to Kyle's straddling him and wrapping my arms around his neck, "I went to the doctors today."

"Why? Is something wrong?" he asked me, worriedly as he pulled me even closer to him than I already was.

"No, nothing terrible," I replied, then pecked him quickly on the lips.

"Then what is it?"

"Well," I smiled, "I happen to be pregnant again."

"Really?" He asked in shock, to which I nodded.

"Yeah." I squealed out excitedly.

Kyle then broke out from his shock and wrapped his arms tightly, but not enough to hurt me or the baby, around me as he pressed his lips urgently to mine.

"How far along are you?" Kyle asked, after a few seconds, but what felt like minutes.

"The doctor said just over four weeks."

Later that evening, after Anthony was in bed, Kyle and I were cwtched up to each other in bed, under to covers, so that we stead warm, after our resent celebratory activities.

"Will you tell Miles?" I asked Kyle, my hands on his shoulder, closest to me, and on his chest, his right arm was wrapped around my shoulders and his left hand had slipped under his shirt, which I was wearing, and was resting on my stomach, even though I wasn't even showing.

"I don't know, I haven't really spoken to him in a few months." He sighed.

"He's still grieving Ila and the divorce was finalised a few months ago, so he's probably missing Katie too, which is all understandable."

"Yeah, I guess but we have all tried to be there for him and Katie, and she lets us help her."

"I know, but everyone deals with grief differently, Miles obviously wants to deal with it on his own, whereas Katie let us in, but she didn't at the beginning." I sighed and snuggled closer to him, laying my head on his chest and moving my right hand to his heart.

After Ila died in the accident, neither Miles nor Katie had wanted to be around anyone, including each other, which resulted in their divorce, as they hadn't gotten over her death and we all knew that they never would, the divorce papers came through about three months ago and he had moved out of the house two months after the funeral.

By that time Miles had distanced himself from everyone, including his family and now, as far as we knew, he barely ever even tried to speak to any of them or Kyle, and I knew that Kyle was starting to give up on him.

I hadn't seen Miles since the funeral either, at which he wouldn't even look at me or Anthony, and he barely looked at Kyle.

Even when I tried to talk to him about Ila deciding to cross over, after she made sure that I gave a few people different messages, and after she figured out that, even though she wanted her parents to be happy before she crossed over, they weren't going to be happy for a long time.

Miles didn't seem to want to be in the same room as me, I think it was because he knew what I could do and didn't want me to tell him anything about Ila, and I also think that he was still guilty about the accident. But it wasn't his fault, it was the drunken drivers, who thought that it would be a good idea to get drunk in the middle of the day and then drive home.

Our conversation finished there as we both drifted off to sleep wrapped in each other's arms. I was hoping that with the birth of our second child, our life would get simpler, but I seriously doubted that.

It has been one month since I told Kyle about the baby. I was now eight weeks pregnant and we were planning on telling everyone today, Kyle had already called Miles, but he hadn't answered, so he left a voicemail on his apartment phone.

We were having a family meal at Kyle's parents' house as Kyle was going away filming in Australia for four months, tomorrow, and then his is taking six months off to be with me and Anthony. It was half past four in the afternoon and we had to be at his parents' house at five.

"Kyle, come on we have to go!" I called out behind me as I left the house, with Anthony and his baby bag in my hands.

"I'm coming!" I heard called back as I headed down the drive way.

"You have the keys!" I shouted frustrated, as he made his way out of the house, locking the door behind him.

"I know." He jogged up to us and unlocked the car while taking Anthony's baby bag off me.

I quickly got Anthony strapped into his seat securely and Kyle placed the baby bag on the seat next to him before getting into the front seat and starting the car while he waited for me to get in.

"We're going to be late." I told Kyle, as we pulled out of the driveway.

"Don't worry, we'll arrive just in time." He looked over at me quickly and smiled.

The drive to Kyle's parents' house was quick, and we did manage to get there just before five.

Marie must have been looking out the window, waiting for us, because she came running out of the house just after we had park on the curb outside of the house.

"Ky, Rosie, Anthony!" Marie called as she ran over to us, and launched herself into Kyle's arms just as he closed the car door behind him.

I smiled at the two of them greeting each other after not seeing each other for a few weeks, we had missed a few Sundays.

As I got Anthony out of the car, leaning over him first to grab his bag, before taking him out and walking around to where Kyle was just setting Marie down, and we all started heading towards the house.

"Hi Rosie," She smiled at me before smiling and waving at Anthony, "Hi Anthony."

Anthony waved back eagerly, wriggling in my arms to be put down, "Hi Marie." I said as I placed Anthony on the ground just before the front steps.

He ran over to his Auntie Marie, who was more like his big sister, and wrapped his small arms around her legs.

Marie laughed, before picking him up and carrying him the up the front steps and into the house where Kyle's mum, Clara, was waiting in the hallway.

"Stop fusing." I hissed to Kyle as he wrapped his arm around my waist and tried to help me up the front steps and into the house, he was acting like I was nine months pregnant not two, he was so overprotective of me when I was pregnant.

"Sorry." He whispered back, but kept his arm around my waist in a loving way.

Clara took Anthony from Marie and hugged him close to her chest.

"It's been so long" She said, kissing his head.

"Mum, it's only been a month," Kyle told her, taking Anthony from his mother and placing him on the floor. The three of us watched as Marie took Anthony's hand and led him into the living room, where the rest of the family was.

"I know, but he's grown so much, you should bring him over more often."

"We will mum." Kyle promised and I smiled at her, and then we both hugged her, and before we followed Marie and Anthony into the living room, she whispered to me, "You're glowing Rose." And smiled widely at me.

I spotted Katie sat in the furthest corner of the room and, after smiling to Kyle, I made my way over to her.

"Hey," I said softly. "How have you been?"

"Good, it's getting better." She smiled slightly back at me.

It had been just over a year since the funeral, so I knew that was the best answer for her to give.

"It doesn't have to be better straight away." I told her gently.

"I know, but with everything that's happened over the last year, I just need to take a break from everything."

"Why don't you just go away for a week or two then?"

"I have work."

"You can take two weeks off, they have to understand."

"I guess," She took a breath before answering me, "I'll think about it."

"Okay," I said, before hugging her. "You can ask me for help at any time, you know?"

"I know, thank you."

The next two hours was filled with laughter and food, Katie had even managed to join in with us all.

It was around seven thirty in the evening when we finally moved back into the living room from the kitchen, with our desserts, and walked some evening T.V.

Anthony was curled up in Mitchell's lap, slowly falling asleep, with Marie and Mark, Kyle's' dad, on either side of him on one sofa, while I sat in Kyle's lap, which is all I seemed to be doing lately, with Clara next to us and Katie was sat on her own again, in the single chair by the window.

"So, Rose and I wanted to tell you all something important, before I went away." Kyle said in a serious tone, so that it sounded like something was wrong.

"Is everything okay?" Clara asked, taking my hand and squeezing it gently, a look of concern was on her face.

"Yeah, everything is great" I smiled at everyone.

Everyone was silent, waiting for us to tell them whatever it was, "We're having another baby." Kyle said, excitedly.

I watched Katie while he gave the news, and once everyone had told us congratulations, I went over to her and hugged her.

"It's okay if you leave you know." I told her, not wanting to upset her anymore, but I knew that this was upsetting her more than she was showing.

"I can't, yo-"

I cut her off, "It's fine, we all understand."

She sighed heavily, and I knew that she had given in, "Okay, But only if you're sure?"

"I am." I smiled at her, and then we both stood up and Katie said a quick 'goodbye' to everyone before following me out to the door.

"I am happy for you." She told me as she stepped outside.

"I know, it's just still hard for you, and we all understand that."

"I'll call you in a few days." she told me.


We said a quick 'goodbye' and then I closed the door as Katie made her way down to her car. And I went back into the living room, where our family was now watching the T.V and chatting lightly.

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