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Chapter Twenty-Three: Time Passes

The last seven months have gone by pretty slowly, Kyle has managed to take some more time away from filming, and could spend more time with us. Which meant that he could spend more time fussing over me, and Anthony, as we were learning sign language together for him.

It was now November 6th 2019, I was seven and a half months pregnant and Kyle was taking Anthony and I on a day trip to the town centre, to start our Christmas shopping. As it was getting so cold, Kyle didn't really have to try that hard to hide himself, he was wrapped up in his winter clothes, his hat and coat hood pulled tightly over his head, matching me and Anthony, who was sat securely in his pushchair.

We were doing family members and close friends, then Anthony over the next few weeks and then we were going to come back separately to buy gifts for each other.

We had gotten Mark, Kyle's dad, a new watch and his mum, Clara, some nice perfume, which she had been hinting about to all of us. We got Mitchell and Christopher new iPhone cases, with a picture of their favourite superheroes on, Mitchell's being Hulk and Christopher's being Spiderman. Along with a few bits for everyone that we saw on our way around the town centre.

It was when we were looking for Marie's present when the real pain started.

We had been in the town centre for a few hours, my feet were hurting and my back had been hurting all morning and after an hour of looking through almost every children's and young teen shop we were about to give up and look online, it was hard buying for a thirteen year old.

We were heading out of the entertainment shop when I felt pressure and pain in my stomach as my waters broke in the entrance of the shop and I screamed out in shock as I clutched my stomach, dropping a few bags in the process.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Kyle asked, hurrying to stop in front of me with the pushchair and most of the bags.

"It's the baby," I whimpered out, as I started falling to the floor, but he managed to catch me in time and slowly lowered me the rest of the way to the ground, "Something's wrong."

I didn't really hear what was going on around me, I was too busy concentrating on breathing and praying to the gods that they wouldn't take away my baby before she could live. I heard someone say that they had called an ambulance and I could hear Anthony crying next to me. Kyle was trying to reassure me that everything would be okay, and he was also trying to calm Anthony down.

By the time the ambulance arrived, fifteen minutes later, there was a crowd around us, but I didn't have enough energy in me to care at this point, and I also knew that I wasn't having Braxton Hicks, they were real contractions, and they were coming less than a minute apart.

They wouldn't let Kyle come in the ambulance with me, with Anthony, the shopping and the pushchair, he was going to take the car and meet us at the hospital with Anthony.

They both gave me a kiss goodbye and when Kyle told me that he loved me, Anthony signed it, before I was wheeled off and he tried to follow after us, but got lost in the crowd.

Kyle was waiting for me at the entrance of the hospital, with Anthony in his arms and his hood still securely covering his face, when I arrived at the hospital about twenty minutes later.

He hurried along beside me as I was wheeled to the labour and delivery ward.

"Just keep breathing Rosie," He took my right hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze, "Everything will be okay."

"Shut up." I groaned out angrily as another contraction hit.

I was wheeled into a pale blue room and was then hooked up to a variety of different machines.

I groaned in pain again a few seconds later and clutched Kyle's hand tighter, I heard Anthony whimper when he saw that I was in pain and I tried to smile at him.

"Did you call everyone?" I breathed out, once the pain had dimmed.

"Yeah, they're rushing here, they should be here in about ten minutes, I left a message for Miles and Katie said that she didn't know if she could make it."

I sighed and just as I was about to speak, another contraction hit, worse than before and I felt the need to push.

"Get the midwife." I gasped out.

Kyle didn't ask why, he just looked at my face, kissed my forehead and then ran out of the room.

I heard him calling for help as he looked for the midwife, as I looked over at the chair to the right side of the bed, which Kyle had set Anthony in when we had come into the room, and smiled reassuringly at him, even though I wanted to cry out in pain.

The door was flung open a few minutes later and Kyle came rushing in with the midwife and some doctors right behind him.

"Mum's here," Was the first thing Kyle said, just before he kissed my forehead, "I'll take Anthony out to her, be right back."

I nodded, I didn't want Anthony to see me give birth to his little sister, and Kyle quickly picked Anthony up and then ran out of the room, returning a few seconds later and hurried to my side.

He didn't even have time get a chance to talk, before it was time to push.

"It's a girl." The midwife told us sometime later, before rushing with the silent baby to the other side of the room.

"What's wrong?" I asked urgently, but tired, "Why isn't she crying?"

"She was born premature, we're just going through the normal procedure," the midwife told me, as she came back to my side, without the baby, "We're going to take her for some tests now, and then we'll be back to take you to see her once there done, but her lungs don't seem to have developed properly."

I was trying really hard to fight sleep, so that I could ask her if I could just hold the baby, but I didn't have enough energy.

I heard Kyle tell me that he would go and tell the family then go and find the baby, I hummed at him in reply and sleep won over me.

The next time I remember waking up someone was holding my left hand, rubbing my wedding ring softly and there was a small body curled up on my right side, with their head resting on my chest.

I shifted slightly and then groaned in pain.

"Rosie?" I heard as I slowly started to open my eyes, and saw Kyle leaning over the bed.

"Kyle?" I asked as I came back to consciousness.

"Yeah baby." He squeezed my left hand and then smoothed some hair away from my face.

"Where's the baby?" I gasped out, looking at him with wide eyes before looking around the room, "How is she?" I asked as I settled me gaze back on him.

"She's in SCBU."

"What? Why? What's wrong?" My jumping in surprise woke Anthony up, but he only looked around the room, then at me and smiled before setting his head back onto my chest, but didn't fall asleep.

"Her lungs are slightly underdeveloped; they said that she shouldn't be here for longer than two weeks though."

"Did you see her?"

"Yeah," he smiled, "And I took some pictures for you as well, but they said that they would take you to see her as soon as you woke up."

The midwife walked in then, Kyle must have pressed the call button when he saw that I was waking up, and she smiled at me when she saw that I was awake.

Out of the corner of my eyes I noticed Kyle quickly pull his hood up when she walked into the room.

"Good evening Mrs Blake, it's good to see that you are awake."

"Hi," I smiled back at her, "Can I see her now, please?"


I just noticed that she had wheeled in a wheelchair with her, "Why don't you hop into the chair and I'll take you down to see her?"

"Okay," I told her, and started to sit up, with Kyle's help, and then he helped me over to the wheelchair and I lowered myself down into it carefully, "Let's go then." I smiled at the midwife and then up at Kyle, who was signing to Anthony that we were going to see his new baby sister, to which Anthony smiled widely and reached for his daddy, Kyle picked him up and then followed us out of the room.

The SCBU only had two babies occupying its large room, and I knew straight away which baby was mine, and it wasn't because of the other couple stood next to the other baby's incubator, I felt a pull towards the one of them.

We washed our hands before entering the room and then the midwife wheeled me over to the incubator closest to the door, and spoke as she locked my breaks in place.

"She's been doing really well over the past few hours already, but we just want to be on the safe side, she shouldn't be in here any longer than two weeks."

"Thank you." I told her, gazing at the average sized baby that looked so small surrounded by half as many wires than I had imagined, she only had four, including the ones on her chest.

"You're welcome to reach through to her" the midwife told me, "We we're also wondering if you had chosen a name for her yet, your husband wanted to wait for you to wake up before saying?"

"Yeah," I told her, before looking at Kyle, who nodded, we had spoken about baby names while he was away a few months ago and had come up with one when he had gotten back, "We were thinking Rowan Ila Blake." Just as I finished speaking there was a gasp from behind us.

We all turned to see Katie stood in the doorway, "Really?" she asked, shocked.

"Yeah," I told her softly, "We wanted to remember her this way."

"Not that we would ever forget her." Kyle added, to which I nodded in agreement.

"Thank you." She said, as a tear slid down her cheek, she then hugged the two of us before kissing Anthony on the head and then moving forward to look at the little baby.

I was released for the hospital the next morning and Rowan was released just over a week later.

Anthony was really excited to have his little Rowan, as he liked to call her, home and I was glad that Kyle still had a few months off, with no filming and he only had to travel far once, but that was only for the day and to London for an interview.

He had a few other interviews as well, but they were all close by at local radio stations and TV studios.

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