Our Secrets

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Chapter Twenty-Four: Run

I walked out of the shop looking both left then right, before looking to the left again as I spotted some reporters, who had found out about me just yesterday, when me and Kyle had gone out on a date last night and they had spotted us as we were leaving the restaurant.

I had assured Kyle that I would be fine going to the shops with our daughter, Rowan, who was only 2 months old, before I had to pick up our first child, Anthony, who had turned three last week, and was in nursery for a few more hours.

As I quickly turned right and started heading that way, as quickly as I could with a baby in a pushchair, the reporters spotted me. Somehow they knew which shop I would be in and what I looked like, even though I was sure that they had never had a picture of me before, apart from the blurry picture of me that they had managed to get last night.

They started following me down the street and as I turned the corner at the end of the street.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and speed dialled Kyle's number, knowing that he was on set to the latest movie that he would star in, but if he saw that it was me calling, he would answer straight away.

I spotted a park across the road and quickly jogged over to it just as the reporters rounded the corner, I entered the park and tied my hair up, and pulled my jacket out from under the pushchair, so I wasn't as noticeable. Just as Kyle answered his phone, and I followed the path, that I knew led to my best friends' house.

"Hey Angel, is everything OK? Are you hurt? Is one of the kids hurt?" He asked straight away, because I never called him at work unless it was an emergency.

"No, no-one is hurt, but they have found me so can you send someone to pick me up from Katie's house, I'm in the park opposite her house now?" I answered quickly, hearing the reporters in the distance shouting my name.

"Yes, that's fine; they'll be there in 20 minutes, but they'll bring the two of you here because I have a few more scenes left and then we can go and get Anthony from nursery together, there's no point in hiding any more, since they know about you it would only be a matter of time before they found out about the children"

"Okay then thanks, I Love you"

"I love you too; see you in a bit, we only have about two hours left"

"Okay, bye"


I hung up just before I crossed the road, and then I jogged over to my best friend's house and knocking on the door urgently.

Katie answered the door a few seconds later, and hearing my name being called in the distance, let me in without a word, quickly closing the door behind me.

I took Rowan out of the pushchair and then headed straight for the kitchen behind Katie, and sat down at the table in the middle of her kitchen as she got the tea ready for us, and then a few minutes later she sat brought the tea's over to the table and placed them down opposite each other, she then gently took Rowan from my arms, knowing that I was now stressed after knowing that the reporters had now found out about me and that they would soon, or already knew my whole life's story.

"Do you remember when I first met Kyle" was the first thing I asked Katie after taking a sip of my tea.

"Yes" she smiled, probably remembering too.

"Everything was much simpler back then, I didn't have to worry about reporters following me, or crazy fans following him everywhere, well not at the beginning anyway."

The car arrived not twenty minutes later, pulling me out of my memories by beeping the horn to let me know that the driver that Kyle had sent was here.

Katie walked me to the door and handed me her jacket.

"To make it less obvious that it's you"

"Thanks" I handed her the car seat with Rowan in and then put the jacket on before taking the car seat back from Katie and opening the door slightly.

"I'll call you when we get home"

"Okay, stay safe" she said to me just as I opened the door, I gave her a nod before quickly running out of the house and down to the awaiting car parked on the curb.

I opened the car door and placed the car seat in the seat behind the driver and then ran around to the passenger seat, and quickly strapped myself in.

"Thank you so much for doing this" I said to the driver , just as we pulled onto the road, the reporters were turning around and running to what I guess was their vans and cars, all the while looking back at us driving away, and trying to guess where we were going.

"It's no trouble ma'am" he replied kindly, as he turned slightly to smile at me.

"Oh Paul, hey" he was Kyle's personal driver; I had met him a few times when he had picked Kyle up from our house.

We arrived at the set just as Kyle was finishing up, and so we were all quickly rushed out and into the car that Kyle had taken this morning. He nodded at the guards as we drove past them. I sat in the passenger seat next to him and Rowan was strapped in behind me.

The three of us were going to pick up Anthony from nursery, which Anthony will be very happy about because Kyle had only ever picked him up once, and that was on his first day of nursery one and a half years ago.

No one had recognised Kyle back then, because he had only been in a few films, and he hadn't played a leading role yet.

On the other side of the gates was the paparazzi, waiting for us to leave, they had somehow known that I would be coming here and had gotten here just as the gates closed behind us.

I turned my head to look at Kyle while putting my hands by the side of my face, covering my face from them.

"It'll be Okay" Kyle tried to reassure me by then putting his hand on my thigh.

"Yeah, let's just get home first" I said that and then moved my hands from my face, they were going to see me one day anyway, why not now, I looked back at Rowan, thankful that the windows in the back of the car were tinted, so that the flashes from the camera's didn't reach her, so they wouldn't know about her yet, at least I hoped that they didn't, they may have seen her earlier when we were leaving Katie's house, but hopefully they only saw her car seat and not her face.

We finally managed to get past the reporters after about ten minutes of driving really slowly through them, trying not to run any of them over.

We arrived at the nursery twenty five minutes later, and I got out of the car, while Kyle staid in it with Rowan as she was asleep.

I made my way over to the entrance of the nursery and waited with the other parents, as they all looked at me curiously, just like every other day, just because Anthony's father wasn't here and I didn't have Rowan with me now.

After a few minutes the door was open and the teacher started calling the names of all of the children, before walking back in, and coming back out a few seconds later with Anthony.

She looked down at him and then made the sign for 'mother' and then turned and pointed at me.

Anthony smiled widely before running towards me, I quickly signed 'Thank you' to the teacher, before catching Anthony just as he launched himself into my arms and I stood up straight as I pulled him into a hug against my chest.

The thing about Anthony was that he was deaf, but even at the age 3, he didn't let if effect his everyday lifestyle. We had found out that he was deaf just after he had turned one years old. I already knew some sign language as I had learnt it when I was younger, and Kyle's grandmother was deaf, so we had both taught Anthony, and he picked it up really fast. After he had had the hearing aids put in he could only hear could only hear a tiny bit more than before, so we speak to him as well just so that he knows which sign goes with which word.

I put Anthony back down onto the ground a few seconds later and asked him how his day had been.

He signed back to me about how his day had been fun and how he had made friends with the new girl who knew sign language as well because her cousin was partly deaf.

Once he had finished telling me about his day, I told him that I had a surprise for him, and then I signed 'look' to him before pointing to the car that was parked across the road from the school.

Kyle had rolled the window down and was watching us, once he saw that I had pointed at him and that Anthony was now turning around to look at him, he waved over to us.

Anthony saw him, gasped and then turned back to me signing 'Father' while saying "Daddy"

'That's right' I signed back to him as I picked him up and quickly made my way towards the car, just as Kyle stepped out of it and then took Anthony out of my arms as we reached him.

As they were hugging I heard something that sounded like loads of cars and some shouting in the distance.

"They're here" I said, turning to see Kyle hugging Anthony close to his chest.

"Okay, let's hurry"

I quickly signed to Anthony a simpler version of what was going on, as we had already explained to him about his daddy's job, and that the reporters might find us one day, and he understood us, so I took him back from Kyle and strapped him in his booster seat behind Kyle's chair as Kyle got back into the car and started the engine.

I quickly got into the car and then we pulled away from the curb, just as the paparazzi appeared at the end of the road and spotted the car. I put some classical music on from the radio, to help us calm down, and to keep Rowan asleep.

We turned right at the end of the road and then took a left at the end of that one and then turned left again about halfway down the road.

"I'm going to take the long way home ok? There are loads of turns, so hopefully we should lose them along the way, alright?" Kyle told me as he turned down a forest lane.

"Okay, as long as we lose them fast" I said, and then looked behind us to see if there was anyone there. There wasn't.

We drove in silence for the next ten minutes, as we listened to the classical music and Anthony and Rowan playing quietly in the back, before the worst thing that I could have ever imagined happened.

Kyle turned around a small bend in the road, when suddenly a dark car appeared out of know where in front of us. Kyle swerved to miss it, but he wasn't fast enough to stop us from crashing into a giant oak tree that lined the road to the left of us.

The last to things I heard before everything went black, were the sounds of a baby crying and a car door opening.

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