Our Secrets

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Chapter Twenty-Five: Find Him

I awoke to the sound of sirens, crying and shouting,

"Kyle?" I murmured, as I slowly started to regain consciousness.

The second thing that registered was that the searing pain in my left arm.

"Anthony? Rowan?" I gasped in panic when the accident flashed back into my mind.

I tried to look over my shoulder but there was pain coming from my neck, it felt like a deep cut.

I could hear Rowan whimpering in the back of the car, and I didn't hear anything from Anthony, but that wasn't unusual.

My door was opened and a voice that I didn't recognised was heard, "Ma'am, Are you hurt anywhere?"

I turned to look at the female paramedic, "My neck and left arm," I croaked out, as my throat was dry, "Where's Rowan and Anthony? Check on them first."

"We're checking on your husband and daughter now, ma'am there's no need to worry."

"What about Anthony, my son, where is he?"

"What do you mean ma'am, there's only you, your husband and a baby girl in the car,"

"No, my son, he's only three."

"I'll inform the officers, but we need to check you over first."

"No please, you have to find him." I was growing panicked, if Anthony wasn't still in the car, then where was he?

The paramedic helped me out of the car and put a temporary brace on my left arm and a gauze on my neck, "That should do until we get to the hospital." She told me.

"I have to help them find Anthony." I told her.

"Ma'am, I suggest that you go to the hosp-"

"No," I cut her off, "I have to help them find him."

"Okay, but you need to be checked over as soon as you get to the hospital, OK?"

"Yes that's fine, have you got Rowan out?"

"Yes, she is over with your husband."

"Has Kyle woken up?"

"Not yet ma'am, but that's very common with a head injury."

"Head injury? How bad is it?"

"It doesn't seem that bad at the moment, but we need to get him to the hospital as soon as possible."

"Okay," I didn't have time to finish speaking because a male police officer walked over to us.

"Ma'am, I've been informed that your son has gone missing."

"Yes, have you found him?"

"No ma'am, we're about to start a search party for him though."

"Okay, he's only three, so you have to find him."

"We will ma'am; I'll start to gather some officers."

The officer started to turn away from me.

"Wait," I called out to him, "There's something else you should know, Anthony is partly deaf, so he can only hear you if you are shouting, if you are close enough to him. And also when he's scared, he likes to hide in small places, but he'll stay in that one place until me or Kyle find him, so I'll come with you."

The police officer agreed with me and then went to tell the other officers and organise the search.

I went over to Kyle's side of the car and watched as they moved him out of the car and onto a stretcher, another paramedic was holding Rowan in his arms.

"Ma'am!" One of the paramedics called over to me.


"Do you know this man, he hasn't been able to tell us, and we can't find his ID."

"Of course, didn't you know that we were in the same car and she," I pointed to Rowan, "is our daughter."


"That's okay, his name is Kyle Lloyd Blake, he's twenty-five, his birthday is the 29th November 1993 and he's my husband."

"Thank you ma'am."

I nodded and then walked over to the paramedic holding Rowan, kissed her on the forehead and then stroked her hair as I spoke, "Will you make sure that she stays with Kyle while I'm gone, please?"

"After she gets checked over and is given the all clear, she will be put in a cot right next to his bed."

"Thank you, also her full name is Rowan Ila Blake and she was born two months ago today"

He smiled, then nodded before getting into one of the ambulances that was here, and I quickly made my way over to Kyle before he was lifted in as well.

"Baby," I said as I leaned over him slightly and stroked his cheek, "Kyle, I'll find Anthony and then we'll meet you at the hospital okay? Rowan is going with you" he groaned back at me and I saw him trying to open his eyes, but at the same time a commotion was heard from behind us, when I looked I saw that the press had arrived and had spotted Kyle, they were trying to get closer but there was police officers blocking their way.

"The press is here," I said, turning back to Kyle, "So I better let you go." I then kissed his forehead and spoke to the paramedics as they lifted him into the ambulance.

"Will you make sure that there are guards outside of his room please? The press can't know what room he is in, and please make sure that everyone who wants to see him shows ID, even me, and when I get there I'll make a list of the only people who can be let in."

"Okay." They agreed, and then the doors were shut and they were gone within a matter of seconds. There was still an ambulance left, along with two paramedics, they were going to take Anthony and I to the hospital once we had found him.

"Are you ready to go?" A female officer asked me, suddenly appearing at my side.

"Yes." I answered, as I followed her to the rest of the officers, which were part of the search party.

"One of the paramedics is coming with us and the other one will stay here, we have twenty-four officers going and the other seven are staying here to stop the press from coming through, now is everyone ready?" The officer that had spoken to me earlier, instructed everyone.

Everyone mumbled their agreements, and then nodded just before the officer spoke again.

"OK so you all know which areas you're looking in," He turned to me, "Mrs Blake, if you could go with the paramedic and the two officers?"

I nodded in agreement, and then we all headed into the forest that lined the road.

We had been searching for about one hour, and had covered about two miles of the forest, we all knew that there wasn't that much left.

"I think I've found something!" Was heard through the radios that the officers had.

We all quickly headed to the location that he said, and as soon as we arrived the officer that had called us pointed to some undergrowth at the bottom of a few trees that were all within a few centimetres of each other. As we all studied the small gap at the bottom of the undergrowth, I saw a flash of dark blonde, curly hair and pale skin, before it disappeared again.

"Anthony." I said, stepping closer to get a better look.

I bent down and moved some of the plants away and as I moved even closer, the rest of the officers arrived and tried to stop me from getting closer, but it was too late, I had already seen him.

"Anthony!" I cried, as I picked up his small, shivering form and held him close to my chest.

"Mummy." He whispered.

After a few seconds the paramedic walked over to us and crouched down in front of me.

"Can you ask him if he's hurt anywhere?" She asked me.

I nodded and whispered 'Yes', as I slowly pulled away from him, so that he was now stood in front of me.

'Are you hurt anywhere?' I signed to him.

He shook his head, and then signed back to me that he was scared and he didn't know what to do.

I quickly reassured him that everything was ok, and that we were going to meet his daddy and Rowan at the hospital.

He agreed that we had to see daddy and 'his Rowan', before wrapping his arms back around my neck and resting his head on my shoulder.

I stood up along with the paramedic, "He's fine, but can you check him over at the hospital?"

"Of course, come on." She agreed, and then we all headed back to the crash site, I thanked each officer while we walked back, where the other officers and paramedic were waiting along with the press.

We arrived to the main road about half an hour later and were immediately bombarded by the press screaming questions and pictures, they were also trying to get through the officers, so the ones that had been with us rushed over to help them and I was ushered into the ambulance.

Where we left the press shouting behind us as we drove off less than thirty seconds later, with a few police cars following close behind us.

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