Our Secrets

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Chapter Twenty-Eight: Morning

I woke up to the sound of crying, and sat up quickly as panic shot through me, as I looked around the room.

I calmed down once I realised that I was home, and the crying was coming from Rowan, who will be waiting for her morning feed. I looked to my left and then quickly reached over to Kyle, when I found that her bassinet was empty, only to find that his side of the bed was empty too.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I realised that Kyle probably had her and as I listened carefully I noticed that Rowan's crying had now stopped.

I looked over to the alarm clock and saw that it was almost eight, which was late for Rowan's morning feed.

I decided that there wasn't much point in going back to sleep, so I slid out of bed and wrapped myself in my dressing gown, as I was only wearing one of Kyle's t-shirts, and then headed downstairs.

I looked in the kitchen as I stopped at the bottom of the stairs and saw that no one was in there, so I headed into the living room.

Kyle was sat on the sofa, only in his pyjama bottoms, with Rowan feeding in his right arm as he rest in against the arm of the sofa, while he held the bottle with his left hand.

Anthony was curled up into Kyle's left side, as he watched Fireman Sam in sign language, he didn't know all of the signs yet, but he loved the show, and the bright colours of Fireman San and his friends running across the screen.

I leaned over the top of the sofa and kissed the top of Anthony's head, who looked up at me and smiled before turning his attention back to the T.V.

I kissed Kyle on the lips as we both mumbled a good morning to each other, before I pulled away completely and moved around the sofa to kiss Rowan on the top of her head, just as she finished her milk.

Kyle past me the bottle, "Could you take this out for me please?" He asked, as he then lifted Rowan on to his shoulder that I had now just noticed was covered in the sick blanket.

"Yeah." I smiled, and then headed into the kitchen to wash the bottle out and then put it in the bottle steriliser.

I went back into the living room and curled up next to Anthony and wrapped my arm around him and then rested my right hand on Kyle's lower back.

We all watched the end of Fireman Sam and then Ben and Holly's little kingdom before I broke the silence.

"Should we start getting ready to go to the park?"

"Yeah." Kyle started to get up as he agreed.

"Can I take Rowan; I need some mummy and daughter time?"

"Yeah, I'll help Anthony and tell him about the park." He past me Rowan and then placed a kiss to my cheek, before I turned and headed up the stairs, to the nursery, as Kyle signed to Anthony what we were doing today.

About two minutes later, as I was changing Rowan's nappy, I heard Anthony's light footsteps running up the stairs, closely followed by Kyle's own loud footsteps and his laugh.

I finished changing Rowan and then got her dressed in her vest, a long sleeved piglet t-shirt, a pair of tights and dark blue jeans as well as her little pink baby boots and a thick, white flowery cardigan before picking her up and grabbing her purple winter jump suit, as the weather was still quick cold for mid-February, and then hadn't down stairs to find the boys, I had heard them go down there a few minutes ago.

Kyle and Anthony were both sat at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for us.

"Pass her here, I'll put her in that," Kyle said, standing up and reaching out for the baby and smiling at me, "While you get yourself dressed."

"Okay," I headed back up the stairs, and then called back down to Kyle when I was nearly at the top, I paused, "Make sure that they're both wearing their hats, gloves and Anthony has his scarf as well, I'll grab Rowan's blanket on my way back down."


I quickly ran up the stairs and into our bedroom, and changed into a pair of dark blue boot leg jeans, a green short sleeved t-shirt with a skull made out of flowers on it, my dark blue and white jacket and my black and white vans, before leaving the room and grabbing Rowan's blanket from her cot as I headed towards the stairs.

"You ready?" Kyle asked from by the front door, as I reached to bottom step.

"Yeah." I said, passing him his crutches and taking Rowan from him.

I went into the living room, where Anthony was waiting, watching Lazy Town, and turned the T.V off, before taking his hand and leading him out of the room.

I gestured for him to sit on the stairs as I only had one hand free and then put Rowan in her car seat, her pushchair was still at Katie's house.

I placed Rowan's blanket over her to make sure that she was warm, before picking her car seat up as well as taking Anthony's hand and helped him up as Kyle opened the front door and gestured for us to go first.

"Go on," He said, "I'll lock the door."

I headed out the door, pulling Anthony along behind me, so that the three of us didn't squash through the door.

Kyle followed us out, closing and locking the front door behind us, before kissing me on the cheek, hobbling alongside us with his crutches as we headed in the direction of the park.

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