Our Secrets

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Chapter Thirty: Holiday and Contracts

We had a meeting with Kyle's manager one week later, to discuss the details of us having an interview with someone, who we could trust, and about the holiday that we were taking in three days.

Kyle and I had left the children with his mum for the morning and then they were going to be dropped off at Katie's just after lunch, where we would pick them up once we were finished here. While we went to his managers, Oliver Helmsford.

We were currently in the waiting area down the hall from his office, waiting to be called in, with our family lawyer, Johnathan Smith.

We only had to wait about twenty minutes, and most of the time we were waiting, Kyle was holding my hand in his and rubbing his thumb along the back of my hand as he whispered reassurances in my ear, but we did make small talk with Mr Smith as well.

"Mr Helmsford will see you now." The receptionist interrupted Kyle telling me that we didn't have to deal with much else this week, because we would be far away from here.

She stared openly at Kyle as we walked past her and to Mr Helmsford's office. Kyle knocked and we were called in seconds later.

"Please, take a seat," He gestured to the four brown leather chairs in front of his burgundy, wooden desk, "It's lovely to see the two of you again." He said as he pushed back a piece of his neatly cut mousey brown hair, out of his pale green eyes.

"Oliver, we need to discuss the issue of the reporters and the possibility of having an interview with Charlotte Swann." Who is the presenter of 'The Charlotte Swann Show.'

By the time we left the office building it was just gone four o'clock, so we quickly made our way to Katie's to get the children, after getting past the reporters first anyway. Mr Helmsford walked out with us, and as Kyle tried to hold me into his side, as security helped us both through the crowd that had formed, but his crutches made that difficult.

Mr Helmsford made a statement to the crowd, which they all quickly turned to listen to as soon as he told them all that it was a statement from us, which gave us the opportunity to escape without much more hassle.

Mr Helmsford had seemed nice, and had agreed to have a contract written up for us to sign by Sunday, as we were leaving on Monday.

Kyle and I chose all of the terms, and we even chose a show that we wanted to have the interview done on. It was a show that Kyle had done a few interviews at before and told me that they were friendly and he could not think of anyone else to do the interview.

So the contract was going to be written up and then once we had signed it, we legally had to be at an interview in the maximum of three months.

We quickly arrived at Katie's house and heading straight in, knowing that she would not mind, "Hey Katie, it's only us." I called out as I closed the door behind Kyle.

"We're in the kitchen." She called back.

We stopped in the living room first, where Anthony was sat watching a show that I had never seen before. Kyle and I both gave him a quick kiss on the forehead and then I signed to him that we would be in the kitchen with his Auntie Katie if he needed us, to which he nodded and then turned back to face to TV.

As we got closer to the kitchen, I could hear a man saying something that I could not make out, I also could not make out who it was. Until we walked into the kitchen anyway, and could identify the man that was holding Rowan.

"Miles?" Kyle and I questioned at the same time.

"Hi guys" Miles replied, smiling slightly at both of us.

"What the heck are you doing here Miles?" Kyle asked him angrily, while I took Rowan from him, not saying a single word or even looking at him.

Miles sighed, "Look guys just let me explain."

Nearly two weeks later, both of our families and Katie and Miles were meeting us at a restaurant later this evening, we had gotten back from our holiday in New Zealand, at around three this morning and we had spent most of the day in bed, and just lazing around the house with the children.

Katie and Miles wanted to tell us all something. They had wanted to tell us last week, but we had not been here. However, they said that they did not mind waiting another week to tell us.

At around five o'clock that evening we all started getting ready, Kyle went to get ready first, while I put Rowan down for an evening nap and then I went to get ready, while Kyle got Anthony ready.

I was wearing a sea green dress that Kyle had bought for me while we were away, it reached just above my knees and it tied up around my neck, I matched it up with a cream cardigan and silver shoes. It was starting to get warmer outside now that we were heading into spring, but I still wrapped myself up in my long black coat, before heading into Rowan's room, as she had been fussing for the past few minutes and I knew that if I did not get to her soon, she would start screaming.

In the hallway I past Anthony, who was dressed up in a smart pale blue shirt and jeans, and Kyle who matched his son, except Kyle's shirt was a darker blue. Anthony headed downstairs, after I told him that he looked very handsome, to grab his coat and play with some of his toys while he waited for us.

Kyle rested his crutches against the wall, and then wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me towards him, "So do I get to see what dress you're wearing under this coat." He asked me, as he placed kisses up and down my neck.

"Not yet," I pull away from him reluctantly, "I need to get Rowan ready, Why don't you grab a jacket for yourself, and her bag, which is on the sofa. And I'll meet you in the car in ten minutes?"

"Okay, you're the boss." He smirked at me, then grabbed his crutches, before trying to give me a quick kiss, which I deepened, just to tease him, and then headed into Rowan's room where she was now crying. Leaving a very shocked husband behind me, at which I chuckled and told him to hurry up.

As soon as I picked up Rowan, she stopped crying and so I quickly changed her nappy and then dressed her in a soft white dress with little, pink and purple flowers on it, a cardigan to match it and white tights and shoes.

I grabbed a hat and her coat and then headed downstairs with Rowan. I looked in the living room and I could not see Rowan's car seat or bag, only her blanket, which was hanging over the arm of the sofa.

I quickly put Rowan's coat and hat on her and then wrapped her in her blanket before glancing at the clock as I headed towards the door.

Six twenty, we had plenty of time to get there, as it would only take us about half an hour to get there and Rowan was due a feed at seven.

The boys were waiting for us in the new car, the insurance company gave it to us a few days after the accident, talking and smiling at each other.

"We're very lucky to have them." I whispered to Rowan, as she gazes up at me, and I stroke my index finger across her cheek as I sighed.

I quickly got Rowan strapped in and then readjusted her blanket so she was not squashed in it, before giving both her and Anthony a kiss on the forehead.

I got into the driver's side because as Kyle was still in his cast he could not drive, even though I had had learnt about two years ago, I was a really nervous driver and I not to drive if I did not have to.

I gave Kyle a kiss on the cheek, and patted his thigh before starting the car and heading towards the restaurant.

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