Our Secrets

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Chapter Thirty-Two: Don't leave me

I was up at around five o'clock the next morning, and I couldn't go back to sleep, so I decided to downstairs and waited for Ilis to come back. I didn't have to wait long before Ilis appeared in front of me, while I sat with my laptop and a cup of tea, in the kitchen.

We spoke and gathered information on Ilis and her death for the next three hours, before finding a solid lead. I left Kyle a note, telling him what I doing and that I was going to be back as soon as possible.

It was just after lunch when I arrived home, Kyle was sat in the living room, watching football or something like that, and I could hear Anthony playing upstairs, and I guessed that Rowan was asleep upstairs too.

Kyle ignored me as I came into the room and sat down next to him, even when I kissed him on the cheek.

"Kyle, What's wrong?"

"I told you last night that I didn't think you should help the ghost, and then you just left this morning without evening having a discussion about this."

"I knew that you were going to try and talk me out of it."

"Of course I was, you could have been hurt."

"Well I wasn't, was I?"

"I don't know, you could have been and I wouldn't have known would I?"

"It wasn't that dangerous Kyle."

"It wasn't that dangerous, what do you mean?"

So I explained the story to him, because I knew that he was getting upset, about how she had been kidnapped when she was fourteen and had ended up pregnant when she was seventeen.

Her kidnappers had killed her just after the baby was born, so she had only known that it was a girl, and they had given the baby to her family. They were caught sometime after that, and her daughter was now living happily with her parents.

I finished my explanation, and Kyle was silent for a few seconds before he spoke in a kind of calm but angry tone.

"But you could have been hurt, right? You didn't know that her kidnappers had been caught Rosie, you could have ended up hurt or even worse de-" A tear ran down his cheek.

"But I wasn't, I was careful," I cut him off, "It's not like your job is any better at the moment is it?"

"Rose -"

"No, I... we have all been hurt more in the past few weeks by your job, than we ever have by what I do, sometimes."

"That's not fair Rose."

I ignored him, and continued to speak, "I told you that we should have let them know about us right at the beginning of your career, but you wanted to wait, and be a normal family, but that was never going to happen, not with your job and with my gift."

We fought for the next twenty something minutes about the downsides of his job and my gift, before I'd had enough.

I stood up and headed towards the stairs.

"Rose, where are you going?" Kyle called after me.

"Well you can't leave, not with your leg, which was caused by your job, so I'm going to leave instead."

I headed up the stairs quickly, and into our bedroom to grab a bag and some clothes.

"What, Rose no, wait please" Kyle called after me. I could hear him muttering things as he grabbed his crutches to follow me.

I quickly headed into Anthony's room and signed to him that we were going out, and to put his shoes on. I quickly headed to his drawers and grabbed a few sets of each of his clothes.

Anthony was done with his shoes, I told him to go and grab his coat and wait downstairs while I got Rowan.

Rowan's baby bag was downstairs, and it always had everything we would need in it anyway, so I just wrapped her up in her blanket and secured her into her car seat, before heading out of her room.

Kyle had just reached the top of the stairs, "Rose where are you going?"

I ignored him and gently pushed past him as I headed back down the stairs.

"Rose please, don't do this."


He carried on talking, asking me where I was going, but I continued to ignore him.

I reached the bottom of the stairs and opened the front door, before taking Anthony's hand and leading him outside, even though he was trying to look back for his daddy.

I took one last look at Kyle's sad face, which matched mine, before closing the door on the man that I loved.

"Rose!" Was the last thing I heard before there was a bang and then silence.

The tears were streaming down my face as I walked, with my children, away from the love of my life.


The door slammed closed just before I reached it.

"Rose!" I called, as the love of my life and children disappeared from my sight, and maybe even my life.

I throw my crutches somewhere behind me, and there was a loud crash from where they hit something. Because there wasn't anything holding me up anymore, I fell to the ground and then I started crying.

I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up some time later resting against the bottom step.

"Rose?" I called out, sitting up and spotting my crutches next to a smashed vase, flowers and two smashed pictures of Rose and I, and of all four of us.

The sight of the broken things in front of me brought everything back from the argument and Rose walking out with the children.

I moved myself up so that I was sat on the third step and then reached for my phone to call Rose.

"Rose, please babe, call me." I left about eight similar messages on her phone, before calling all of our friends, none of which had heard from her.

I slid across the hallway floor and grabbed my crutches before grabbing everything that I would need to clean up the mess. We had some spare photo frames and another vase, which I tried to put back into the same place that they were in before. I made my way into the living room, and lead down on sofa.

I continued to call Rose, until around ten o'clock, when I eventually fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up at around ten thirty the next morning, and the first thing that I did was call Rose about eleven more times before calling around to our friends and family again.

I had just hung up on my brother when I realised that there was only one person that I hadn't called, Rose's brother Christopher.

"Hello?" Christopher answered.

"It's Kyle, I was wandering if you had heard from Rose."

"What!? Do you have any idea how upset Rose is?"

"So she's there? Can I talk to her?"


"Wait, please let me just explain this to you?"

"Rose already told me everything."

"I guess, but please I love her and our children so much, I don't know what to do without her. I just never thought that we would get hurt from me following my dreams and I'm just scared of losing her."

"I understand, but you hurt her yesterday."

"I know, we both hurt each other, but I can't lose her or our children. It's just that the ghost she was helping yesterday sounded like they had a really bad death, and I just didn't want her to get hurt."

"I understand what you mean, she's my sister, I don't want her to get hurt either."

I was just about to speak I heard Rowan start to cry in the background.

"She's there?"

"Yes, but she really doesn't want to talk to you right now."

"I know, I just really need to see her, and sort everything out."

"I know you do."

We spoke for a few more minutes before Christopher spoke.

"So we'll be seeing you within the hour?" He laughed softly.

I agreed and we both hung up. I headed upstairs to change, as I was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday.

Christopher didn't live that far away from us, but I didn't want to walk and risk someone seeing me, so I got the bus there. It was a weekday, so there weren't many people on the bus. I arrived around the corner from Christopher's house about fifteen minutes later. Then at his front door five minutes later. I raised my hand and knocked on the door.


"Rose, I'm going to take the children out to the park, you need to have a relaxing afternoon." Christopher told me, walking back into the kitchen after hanging up the phone.

"Um yeah, Okay if you want to." I settled Rowan onto my shoulder to burp her.

Christopher left with both of the children about Twenty minutes later, and I went and relaxed in front of the TV.

I must have fallen asleep, because I was woken up by the sound of someone knocking on the front door. I slowly got up and headed to answer the door.

"Kyle?" I asked when I opened the door. "How did yo- Christopher."

"Rosie, wait please," He started as I started to close the door on him. "Can we just talk, please?"

"Kyle I-"

"Please Rosie, just hear me out? I can't lose you."

"Oh Kyle." I sighed, and then pulled the door open further so that he could come in, "You're not going to lose me, I just needed a break, that's all."

Just after he hobbled into the hallway, I pulled him into a hug and spoke into his necked, "I love you Kyle Blake."

"I love you too Rosetta Blake, but we really do need to talk."

"I know," I sighed, "Let's go into the living room."

I turned the TV off and we both sat on the sofa, facing each other.

We spoke for about an hour, we apologised for yelling at each other and then we just spoke about everything that had happened over the past few weeks, with both his carrier and me helping that ghost. I knew that Kyle understood that I had to help the ghost that came to me, but I also knew why he was so upset with me helping Ilis, it could have been bad I knew that. Kyle understood how I felt about his carrier.

We barely noticed when Christopher got back with the children.

We were too busy kissing on the sofa, like we were teenagers again. However, we did noticed when Anthony jumped up onto the both of us. We jumped apart, smiling at each other, and then down at Anthony.

Later that evening at home, once the children were both in bed. We had the chance to finally sit down and talk.

"I missed you." Kyle started.

"I was only gone for one day."

"I know, but it was just the thought over you leaving me." I reached out and placed my hands on either side of his face.

"Kyle I'm not going to leave you, ever." I reassured him, placing a soft kiss to his lips.

"Really, Never?"

I smiled softly at him, and then gave him another kiss, "Never, do you want me to prove it to you?"

I ran my right hand down his chest and took his left hand in mine.

"Oh well, if you insist." Kyle smirked at me, pulling me up so that we were both stood up.

Kyle wrapped his arm around my shoulders, so that I could help him up to our bedroom, where we were going to prove to each other just how much we loved each other, and that we did not plan on leaving each other's sides for any long periods of time, for the rest of our lives.

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