Our Secrets

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Chapter Thirty-Three: Moments

We were spending this afternoon having a picnic in our back garden as the press was still trying to take pictures of us and ask us questions, and Kyle wasn't due back at work until his leg was properly healed.

Anthony was playing on the swing and slide set that had been given to him by Clara and Mark, for Christmas, and he loved it.

Rowan was lying on her play mat, holding a rattle and a teething ring and also had a few toys dotted around her, as she tried to sit up.

Kyle and I were sat on a picnic blanket, less than two metres away from Rowan, with our little lunch on.

"I love you Rosie." Kyle broke the silence that we had been in, while watching the children and feeding each other strawberries.

"I love you too Ky." I replied, pressing a kiss to his lips with a smile.

Ever since that huge fight we had a few weeks ago, Kyle had made me a promise that he would tell me he loved at least twice a day. However, he usually told me at any chance that he could get.

Saturday 28th March 2020

I was watching Anthony and Marie dance, when the song changed to a slow one that I knew so well. I was about to start looking for Kyle when he suddenly appeared in front of me, holding out his hand.

"May I have his dance?" He smiled at me.

I nodded, taking his hand and let him lead me onto the dance floor.

Kyle pulled me into his chest just as the first line of our wedding song played. I spotted Rowan lying on Mitchell's chest, across the dance floor, as he swayed his niece slowly back and forth.

"I love you Rosetta Blake." Kyle whispered into my ear.

"I love you too Kyle Blake." I kissed his chest and then his neck.

We continued dancing in silence until the song ended, and then Kyle lead me back over to the table that I had been sat at with his parents.

"The wedding has been lovely, don't you think Rose?" Clara asked me, once Kyle and I were in our seats.

"Yes," I answered, looking over at her and only just noticing that Miles and Katie had joined us, "It's beautiful Katie." I smiled at her, before we all got into a discussion about the wedding and their honeymoon to Rome.

Thursday 2nd April 2020

I looked up from the menu, and smiled at Kyle who was watching me.

"What?" I asked him.

"Nothing, I just love you so much."

I smiled at him, and then took his hand.

"I love you too Kyle."

The waiter came over to us then, so we both ordered.

While we ate, we spoke of nothing and everything, just about life and any news that we may have for each other.

"I've got a present for you." Kyle spoke, once our plates had been taken.

"Oh Kyle, you didn't have to do that."

"I know, but it's our fourth wedding anniversary, and I just wanted to get you something."

"Well, I got something for you as well, but you can't have it until we get home."

Kyle smirked at me, probably guessing what I had for him, and then reached into his pocket and pulled out a small dark blue box.

"This better not have been expensive." I tried to give him a stern look, but it didn't work.

"It wasn't that expensive, I promise, now please just open it." He smirked at me.

I did as he said and opened the box.

"Oh Kyle, it's beautiful." I spoke, shocked at what was in the box.

"You really like it, I wasn't really sure-"

"Kyle, I love it," I stood up and leaned around the table to give him a hard kiss, "Thank you."

"It's not a problem." He said, standing up and taking the ring box, which held the ring with the birthstones of the three most important people in my life. Anthony's Garnet birthstone was in the centre and Rowan's and Kyle's Yellow Topaz birthstone's were on either side of it. Kyle then took the ring from the box and placed the beautiful ring on my right index finger.

Saturday 25th April 2020

We were spending today at the beach as the weather was starting to heat up. We had both gotten our casts off last week and all we both needed was a little bit of physiotherapy to help the ligaments strengthen.

Anthony, Miles and Kyle, who had Rowan in his lap as she had just started to sit up on her own, they were trying to build a sandcastle, which Rowan was just hitting it with her spade.

I was laying on my front on my beach towel as the sun shone down on my back, and I watched my husband and children play in the sand with a smile on my face.

Kyle must have sensed me looking at him, because he looked over at me and smiled.

"I love you Rosie."

"I love you too Ky." I smiled back at him, before turning back to listen to Katie, who was in the middle of telling me about her honeymoon in Rome, which she had gotten back from but we hadn't really had the chance to have a proper catch up until now.

"So, after lunch at this lovely little café, we went to the Colosseum..." I listened as Katie continued to tell me about their Honeymoon, thinking about how happy we have been over the past few weeks, and hoping that that it will last.

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