Our Secrets

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Chapter Thirty-Four: Interview

"Hey." Clara said cheerfully as she opened the door, and gestured for us to come in. "How are you Rose?"

"I'm Okay, just nervous about tonight." I smiled nervously at her, as I helped Anthony with his jacket.

"Aww, you'll do just fine." We hugged as I thanked her, before taking Rowan from Kyle, so that he could hug his mum.

I carried Rowan into the living room, where Mark was sat playing a game with both of the children.

"Hey Mark." I spoke as I placed Rowan's car seat on the floor next to him, and took her out.

"Hi Rose, how are you?"

"I'm good, thank you."

We spent the rest of the afternoon with Kyle's family, before Kyle told me that it was time to go at around six o'clock.

"Thank you for looking after the children tonight." I said to Clara as she walked us to the door. We had already said goodbye to Anthony and told him to be good, and Rowan was down for the night and shouldn't be awake for at least five hours.

"It's not a problem at all."

"We love spending time with our grandchildren." Mark added, coming up to stand behind Clara.

"I know." I smiled hugging them both.

"Bye mum, dad." Kyle said, hugging both of his parents.

"So we'll be here around ten tomorrow." I told them.

"You don't have to hurry to get them, have a nice evening and then come and get them just after lunch."

I hesitated, still not comfortable leaving the children for long periods of time.

"They'll be fine," Kyle reassured me before turning back to his parents, "We'll come over for lunch tomorrow." He told them.

We quickly said our goodbyes and then made our way to the car, and towards the TV studio.

9:28 pm

I nervously smoothed down the teal, knee length dress, as Kyle and I waited to be called.

"It'll be Okay." Kyle reassured me, taking my hand and kissing it.

"I've just never done anything like this before, what if I say something wrong?"

"You won't, I'll do most of the talking and if she asks you a question, just answer it as honestly as you can, Okay?" He gently pressed a kiss to my lips, just as we were called.


"Are you ready?" Kyle asked, just before we stepped onto the stage.

"As I'll ever be." I smiled nervously at him as we were signalled that it was almost time to go on.

"And now, for the guests that you have all been waiting for, Kyle Blake and his wife, Rosetta Blake."

We stepped out onto the stage, it was just like what you see on TV, a beige sofa and matching chair and a TV, with 'The Charlotte Swann Show' in purple, in between them.

"Hi." Charlotte Swann said to the both of us as she shook even of our hands and then gestured for both of us to take a seat on the sofa as she took a seat in the chair opposite us.

Charlotte smiled at the two of us and then started speaking once the audience had stopped cheering.

"Welcome to the show."

"Thank you." We both spoke as we smiled back at her, trying to ignore that there was even an audience here.

"So I'm just going to get straight into it and ask you, the rumours are obviously true, you're married?"

"Yes." Kyle answered, smiling at me.

"How long have you been married for?"

"Just over four years now."

"Wow, how have you managed to keep it a secret for so long."

"With great difficulty." Kyle laughed softly.

We continued talking about what our lives have been like and about how and where we met, all the while trying not to give away to many details, including the children. Charlotte's next question shocked me, so I didn't really know how to answer.

"So, you have children?" She asked use, "You've been spotted with two, I think it is, children, so are they yours, or just relatives?"

"Um," Kyle started, before quickly looking at me. I nodded, letting know that it was okay to tell everyone now, it's not like we would have been able to keep them a secret for much longer anyway.

"Yes, they're ours."

"So, how old are they? What are their names?" Charlotte smiled at us.

"Well, Anthony is three," I told her, "And Rowan is six months old."

It was around one thirty by the time we got home. Charlotte had asked that we stay so she could talk to us after, which we had. She was nice and the three of us got on well, I knew that we were going to stay friends.

I woke up the next morning to kiss being pressed to my face and neck.

"Kyle," I said tiredly, trying to push him away from me, "I want to sleep."

"I know Honey, but we've got to leave to get the children in an hour, and I made you breakfast."

I opened my eyes to look up at him, "Really?"

"Yes, well it's brunch really, because it's nearly eleven o'clock." Kyle moved off me and picked up the tray of food on the bed side table.

I sat up and let Kyle give me the tray that he had made of toast, some mixed fruit and orange juice.

"Thank you," I gave him a kiss, "Have you eaten?"

"I had a piece of toast while I was making yours."

I shook my head at him and then fed him a few pieces of fruit, while I ate my toast.

"So how did it go?" Clara asked when we got to their house at around twenty past twelve.

"It was good." I told her, as I helped her make sandwiches for everyone.

"So there wasn't any need to be nervous?"

"No, Charlotte was actually really nice."

"Good, I'm glad it worked out."

"So when is it being aired?" Mitchell asked, he had heard the end of the conversation as he brought Anthony into the kitchen.

"Um, tonight at nine."

Mitchell nodded, "Okay, he wanted you." He passed Anthony to me and took over making the sandwiches from me.

I sat Anthony down on the counter and stood in front of him, "Are you okay, sweetie?" I signed.

He nodded before signing, "I just missed you."

"I missed you too." I signed back to him, pulling him into my arms.

We spent the whole afternoon with the Blake's, just playing games and watching TV, before headed home just after tea at around six, with a sleeping Rowan and a tired Anthony.

"Do you want to come to bed?" Kyle asked from the doorway of Anthony's bedroom, I had just been signing him a story that he wanted but he had fallen asleep about five minutes ago.

I slowly moved Anthony and tucked him under his blanket, before taking Kyle's hand and walking to our bedroom.

"It's only seven o'clock, I'm not that tired." I told him, sitting down on the bed.

"Who said anything about sleeping?" Kyle smirked at me, coming to stand in front of me.

I giggled and reached for the hem of his shirt.

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