Our Secrets

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Chapter Thirty-Six: Marie

Friday 12th July 2030

"Are you ready?" Kyle asked me, as we came to a stop at the end of the red carpet.

"This never gets any easier," I smiled at him, "And It's been nine years since I started coming to your première's."

"I know, you get used to it though." Kyle smiled at me, just as the limo door was opened.

Even though it had been ten years since the world had found out about me, the constant flashes of light and screams that now followed us around in our daily lives, still shocked me and made me feel like I should hide.

Kyle stepped out of the limo, before reaching in for my hand. The screams just seemed to get even louder once I was out of the limo and had Kyle's arm around my waist.

"I love you Rosie." Kyle almost shouted into my ear as the crowd started to shout our names, and pulled me closer to him, as we stepped onto the red carpet.

"I love you too Ky." I mouthed back to him, before we both turned to answer the questions that were already being screamed at us by the press and by fans.

The première was amazing. Charlotte Swann was there as well, over the years we had been back on her show, even taking Anthony and Rowan on once they were old enough. The world knew that Anthony was deaf; we had told everyone the first time we took Anthony onto the show. He was nine at the time, and even though there were rumours about him being deaf, we thought that it would be better if the three of us confirmed those rumours on her show, as she was now a good friend of ours and she had known about Anthony for a few years before that date.

Rowan had only been to one interview, which was only a few weeks ago actually, as she was almost ten. She had told us that she would like to try it out, but that she didn't want to be a big part of the famous lifestyle, she was so smart for being so young, we all knew that she had a lot of potential.

We didn't stay long at the after party, maybe just over an hour, before we made our way home around midnight. Clara and Mark were watching the children for the night, so we didn't have to rush home. We were planning on going over around lunchtime tomorrow, because Marie was bringing home her first boyfriend from uni, over to meet the family. But if you asked Mark, Mitchell or Kyle, they would just tell you that Marie was bringing a friend over who just happened to be a boy. I mean she was twenty four years old next week, but the boys still treated her like she was four.

"Hey Kyle, Rose." Charlotte said, as she reached us, "How are you guys?" We had been at the after party for about twenty minutes, talking to some of Kyle's cast mates when Charlotte made her way over to us.

"Hey Char, we're good thanks, you?" I answered.

"I'm fine thanks, how are the children?"

"Their fine, as cheeky as usual though." Kyle said.

"I bet." Charlotte laughed.

We spoke for a few more minutes, before one of the producers came over to speak to Kyle.

"Will we see you at the summer party, next week?" Kyle asked, just before she left.

"Of course, I haven't seen those children of yours in a while."

We quickly said our goodbyes then, and turned to the producer.

"Hi," Kyle started, reaching out to shake his hand.

The next morning I woke up at around nine forty five. Kyle was still asleep, but I knew that I had to wake him up if we wanted to have breakfast and make sure that everyone had showers before heading to his parents' house.

I carefully moved so that I was straddling Kyle's waist and started to place kisses on his jaw and then down his chest. I smirked as I reached his bellybutton, which caused him to moan. I sat up and watched as he slowly started to open his eyes.

"Rosie." He mumbled tiredly.

"You need to wake up, we need to be ready in just over an hour to make it to your parents in time." I kissed his chest again.

"Can't we stay in bed for a bit longer?" He said, lifting his hips up to meet mine, causing me to moan.

"No," I spoke, shakily, "I miss the children, and Marie is bringing her boyfriend over."

"He's not her boyfriend, he's just a friend."

"Whatever," I rolled my eyes, "I can't wait to see how you react when Rowan or Teagan bring home their first boyfriends."

"Neither of them are dating until they are thirty, and have moved out."

"And Marie is twenty four next week, and has moved out of your parents' house," I laughed as I shook my head at him, before climbing off him, "Come on, we need to get ready."

Kyle groaned before climbing out of bed slowly, taking my hand and then leading me downstairs to have breakfast.

After convincing Kyle that we didn't need to take a shower together, as we had a bathroom in our bedroom, and one down the hall that the children use, we were both dressed and heading out to the dark silver Volvo XC90, that we had bought when I found out that I was pregnant six years ago.

We reached Kyle's parents' house at just after eleven. Neither Kyle nor I had even closed the door behind us properly before three bodies came crashing into us.

"Mummy! Daddy!" They each called out, as they wrapped their small arms around us.

I bent down and picked up our youngest child, as Kyle did the same with our other youngest, as well as wrapping his free arm around Rowan.

"Hey Sweetie, have you all been good for Grandma and Grandpa?" I asked, after I placed a kiss onto each of their heads.

"Of course, Mummy." Teagan, our second youngest smiled at me from my arms as she wrapped her arms around me as tightly as she could, which means she was probably trouble, and knew that we were about to find out.

"I bet," I said, placing a kiss on her head again before asking the three of them, "Where's Anthony?"

"He's in the kitchen with Grandma, Mum." Rowan told me, giving me a hug, before going back to take her father's hand, she was such a daddy's girl.

"Well, why don't we go and say hello." I said, placing Teagan back on the floor, taking her hand and walking into the kitchen.

Anthony was stood at the kitchen table next to Mark, cutting up some vegetables while Clara stood over the oven making her famous spaghetti bolognese.

The girls quickly settled themselves at the table, where I could see that they had colouring books out in front of them. Mark looked up when he heard us walk into the kitchen and said 'hello' to both of us. Anthony noticed that his granddad had stopped working, he looked up and spotted us walking into the room.

Kyle walked up to his mother and placed a kiss on her cheek, and placing Gabriel on the ground to go and play with some toys that the children all had here. While Kyle spoke with his mother Anthony walked over to me and gave me a hug, before pulling back so that I could sign to him, as well as say "How have you all been?"


I gave him a look that said that I knew something from the way that Teagan had looked at me earlier. "How about the twins?"

He laughed slightly before answering, "They were their usual selves." Which meant that they had been causing trouble, as usual.

I shook my head and gave him another hug and kiss on the cheek, before he went back over to the table to finish chopping the vegetables.

Anthony had grown so much over the past ten years; he was now really good at lip reading and was a pro at sign language now. At thirteen, he was really smart for his age, and took after his father in his gentlemanly behaviour. He was also really grown up, and he loved to help out with the twins when they were younger, but now he just helps when his father is away filming, even though sometimes he does go away with Kyle if he was filming something that wasn't too bad for Anthony to see.

Anthony was also so grown up for his age because of his gift. We had found out that Anthony had the same gift as me when he was eight. The twins had just been born and it was New Year's Eve. I was upstairs trying to get them down for their mid-day nap, while Rowan played in her room. Anthony had been downstairs with Kyle and had told him that the boy outside looked cold, and then asked him if he

could come in. At this, Kyle had looked outside in alarm as it was snowing pretty heavily, but when he had seen that no one was out there, he had turned back to tell Anthony that, before he realised that maybe there really was someone out there. Kyle had called up to me and as I was already heading down the stairs, I just sped up my walking so that I was with them in the kitchen. Kyle had explained to me what Anthony had just said to him, so I had asked Anthony to show me where. He did and there really was a little boy in our back garden, he was around four years old and had blonde hair and blue eyes. Anthony and I had helped that little boy, and though the years we had both helped a few more ghosts, unless I thought that they were too dangerous for him.

"Mitchell should be here soon," Clara told us all as she made Kyle watch over the oven so that she could give me a hug and ask, "How are you dear?"

"I'm great thanks, how are you? How were the children?"

"I'm fine and the children were as good as always"

"So the twins were terrors?" I laugh.

"No, they were just slightly hyper." She laughed with me.

"I see you've managed to calm them down."

"Well I-"she started, but was cut off by the sound of the front door opening, followed by a sound of, "Angel Grace Blake, freeze." Just as my three year old niece skidded to a stop in the kitchen doorway with her eyes wide open, before she slowly turning to face her father.

Mitchell picked up his little angel as he scolded her, "Angel, you know not to run off like that, anything could have happened."

"I sorry, daddy." She said, looking up at him with her big blue eyes.

"Just wait for me to help mummy from the car first, OK?"

"Okay, daddy."

"Good, now go and say hello to everyone." Mitchell said, as he placed Angel down on the ground, as his fiancé rounded the corner.

Mitchell went over to give his parents and brother a hug, while Sophie came over to say hi to me.

We were talking about how her pregnancy was progressing as she was now seven months gone, and she was ready for the baby to come already, she was so tired lately.

"You should sit down, love," Mitchell said, wrapping his arm around her waist, and around my shoulder to give me a hug, "Hey Rose, how are you?"

"I'm fine thanks, you?"

"Yeah, just excited for Melody to finally get here." That was the name that they had chosen for the baby.

Sophie went and sat at the table with the children, so that she could rest before Marie came with her boyfriend. Anthony and Mark had finished chopping the vegetables and were now placing them in the pan on the oven.

"Marie should be here any minute now, why don't you boys go and set the table." Clara told the boys, at which they all grumbled, but still did as she said. Including Anthony, who Kyle had signed at to go and help them.

"So, what's Marie's boyfriend called?" I asked, I had spoken with Marie earlier on this week, but she hadn't mentioned his name.

"Jake Mastorson."

The three of us women spoke about what we had missed in each other's lives the past few weeks, when the boys came back into the kitchen, saying that the table was set, as well as a knock at the door.

"I'll get it." Clara said, taking off her apron, as she headed out to answer the front door.

Gabriel, Teagan and Angel came running through the kitchen, and Me, Kyle, Sophie and Mitchell all shouted at them to slow down, at which response we got was shouts of 'sorrys' as they continued to run back out of the kitchen and into the living room.

Not even a minute later, Clara came into the kitchen leading Marie and a sandy blonde hair man, with tan skin, who looked to be about the same age as Marie, or a year or two older, who I am guessing is Jake.

"Everyone this is Jake, my boyfriend," Marie introduced, smiling up at him, as he stood at least a foot taller than her. "Jake, this is my family..." Marie then went on to introduce all of us, including the children, Anthony was stood next to Kyle, so he could see when Marie was introducing him, and waved at Jake shyly.

The three boys, I couldn't even call them men because they were acting like children, were all stood with there, with their arms folded over their chests, as they stared over at Jake. When Marie introduced each of them, all they did was nod.

Clara, Sophie and I all looked at each other, and shook our heads at the boys.

There was a moment of silence, while the three boys stared over at Jake and he looked back at them nervously, before Clara broke it.

"Well, why don't you all go and sit at the table? Mark, Mitchell and Kyle can help me bring the food out." She said, looking over at them, as if daring them to protest.

"Is there anything that you would like me to do?" Jake asked Clara.

"Thank you, but no you're our guest, go and sit at the table."

"Gabriel, Teagan, Angel," I called into the living room, "Come and wash your hands, before coming to the table."

They both replied with a 'yes, mummy' and a 'yes, Auntie Rosie', before they came running into the kitchen, where Rowan helped the three of them to wash their hands, As Jake and Marie headed into the dining room.

I took the twins hands, once they were dry, and led them into the dining room, with Rowan, Sophie who was holding Angels hand and Anthony right behind me.

We quickly settled around the table, leaving each end of the table free for Mark and Mitchell.

I helped Gabriel into the seat to the left of Marks, and then left a space for Kyle before helping Teagan take her seat. I was sat next to Teagan and then Anthony and Rowan were next to me, before Mitchell at the other end, Angel was going to be sat in between him and Sophie, who was sat opposite me, with Jake to her right, then Marie next to him and then Clara.

Once everyone was settled, the boys and Clara started bringing out the food, which was already on the plates, it just had to be given to the right people. The three younger children all had theirs in bowls, whereas the rest of us had plates.

Lunch went really well. We spoke about how Jake had met Marie, they a class together, and had gotten talking one day, and Jake had later asked her to be his girlfriend. We also spoke about what we had been up too lately, and how the children were getting on in school and nursery.

We were all sat in the living room, about half an hour after we had all finished our food. The children were off playing, Rowan was resting against the coffee table drawing and Anthony had a cup of hot chocolate while he watched a show on TV. We were all talking, so the TV was low, but Anthony didn't need the volume any louder anyway, and Jake didn't ask any questions about it, which I was grateful about, not that we were ashamed of Anthony's disability, but we just didn't like talking about how he became deaf. Marie must have explained it to him, before they came here.

"So Jake," Mark started, as the conversation died down, "What are your intentions with my only daughter?"

"Dad!" Marie exclaimed, while Jake just looked at him in shock.

"Um, Well I like Marie a lot and I hope that one day we will have future together..." Jake spoke for a few more seconds about how much he cares for Marie and about how he never wanted to hurt her, before he smiled at Marie as he finished speaking.

Marie responded with placing a kiss on his cheek, which caused all of the women, including me, to smile and caused all of the boys to frown and stare at him.

The rest of the afternoon went by really well, Jake turned out to be a really nice boy, and Marie seemed really happy with him. It was nearing five o'clock, so we decided that we should head home for tea, before the children fell asleep. We said our goodbyes to everyone and promised to see them next week for Marie's twenty-fourth birthday party.

The children were all in bed by half past eight, apart from Anthony, who was watching a film in the living room.

"Hey Anthony," Kyle said, walking back into the living room, after he hung up the phone, and then patted Anthony's shoulder, "Do you want to come to the set with me in two weeks for the new film that I am about to start filming." Kyle spoke as he signed.

"Yes, please." Anthony had shown an interest in the filming industry, just like Kyle, who had directed a few films over the past few years. Sometimes Kyle even took Anthony with him, just so that he would have that experience, and he seemed to love it.

"On the 28th July, so you'll be out of school by then." Kyle told him. The children only had a week left in school, so Anthony didn't have to miss any days, which he sometimes had to because he still goes to a speech therapist every week as well as going to some classes to help him with lip reading, which he was getting really good at.

The boys spoke about the type of film that Kyle was working on now, it sounded like it was going to be a romantic-comedy, so I was Okay with him going. I decided to leave them to it, and went to take a shower.

I was heading back the mine and Kyle's bedroom about twenty minutes later, when Anthony stopped me on his way to bed, to say goodnight to me and tell me that dad was on his way up too. I gave him a hug and a kiss and then headed to bed myself.

Kyle joined me no more than five minutes later, and wrapped his arms around me as I snuggled into his chest.

"I love you Rose." Kyle whispered as he kissed my head.

"I love you too, Ky." I kissed his chest tiredly, as it was the only place that I could reach, without having to move from his arms. A few seconds later, I fell into a peaceful sleep in the arms of the man that I love.

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