Our Secrets

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Today was Saturday 3rd August, which also meant that it was the day of Clara and Mark's big summer party, and Kyle didn't really want to meet Jake little sister, because what we had heard from Jake, she was in love with Kyle.

We had to be at Clara and Mark's at ten o'clock, so that we could help them finish setting everything up, which is what they had been doing for most of week. We needed to leave now, or we were going to be late, but Gabriel was being difficult, so Kyle was trying to sort him out while I sat in the car with the other three.

At ten minutes to ten, Kyle came out of the house carrying a grumpy Gabriel in his arms. He locked the door behind him, and then quickly strapped Gabriel in before getting into the car and pulling out of the driveway.

"I'm sorry we're late." I told Mark as we made our way into the house with the children.

"Gabriel was being difficult." Kyle added, and then told the children to go and play. Anthony stayed behind as he wanted to help with setting everything out.

"No I wasn't." Gabriel shouted at his father, before stomping off to find his cousins.

"Gabriel." I said in shock, he had never shouted at any of us before.

Gabriel ignored me and continued to stomp off.

"He'll come around, especially after he sees the water slide that is inflating as we speak," Clara said, "I want all of you boys to help me set up the tables, and Anthony why don't you bring the chairs." She signed the last bit for Anthony and then turned to me, "The girls are all outside if you want to help them. And Marie and Jake left about twenty minutes ago to have lunch at his parents' house before they come back here."

We all agreed and then headed out to the back garden where everything was resting against the wall, waiting to be set up by the boys. I headed over to the girls; Sophie was sat on the edge of the pool with Skylar, watching the children, while Katie and Sarah were waiting for the water slide to inflate about fifty feet away from them.

By the time four o'clock came around, the house was filled with people some I did know and even some that I didn't, including Jake's mum Claire and sister Anna, and Charlotte.

Kyle was walking around the garden, trying to get rid of Anna, who was literally clinging to his arm and Rowan, who was trying to hold one to his other one, but he was holding Gabriel who had apologised to him, and now wouldn't let Kyle put him down.

Rowan was frowning at Anna, who was staring up at her father with a, what I'm guessing she hoped to be, loving expression on her face. They had been like this since Anna had arrived and had gone in search of Kyle, who at the time was receiving the apology from Gabriel, as soon as she had arrived. When Rowan had spotted her, she had jumped out of the pool and had been trying to stay clung to his arm for the past two hours.

Everyone, apart from Kyle, thought it was funny, and every time he gave me that 'save me' look, I would just shake my head and laugh.

They were just walking past me when Kyle said, "I'll get you for this later."

I smiled, before turning back to the conversation that I was having with Charlotte.

"So you're really thinking about it now?"

"Yeah, it's just that I never really wanted children, and I haven't found the right guy for me yet, but after spending so much time with you and your family, I'm really considering adopting."

"Well that's great," I said, pulling her into a hug, "I hope it all works out."

"Thanks, me too."

"Auntie Rosie, come and play in the pool with us." Willow and Dawn called over to me at the exact same time, they both had sapphire blue eyes, light brown wavy hair and an off ivory skin tone. They were both wearing the same swimsuits, accept the willow's was yellow and Dawn's was pale pink.

"Ok, I'll be right there." I called back over to then, before saying a quick bye to Charlotte as I headed over to the swimming pool, where most of the children and a few adults are swimming.

The rest of the evening flew by, Charlotte was the first person to leave, after Skylar, Sarah, John, Jason, Sophie, Mitchell and Angel, who had all left at eight, saying that we had to meet up soon. Jake took his mum and, after having to drag her away from Kyle, his sister home, who were closely followed by Christopher, Karee and Ariel.

Katie and Miles left just before ten, carrying one of the sleeping twins each, and pulling a tired Tommy along in between them. Soon after them, all of Clara and Mark's friends started to leave.

It was almost eleven o'clock by the time everyone had gone, Marie headed up to her room as she didn't have to wait for Jake, because he planned on staying at his mum's house tonight, so that he didn't have to drive back during the night.

Looking over at our three sleeping children and one very tired one, Clara spoke quietly.

"Why don't you all stay here tonight?"

"Oh no, we couldn't." I said.

"And we haven't bought a change of clothes for them." Kyle added.

"Well I have plenty of clothes for them here, and three of them are already asleep anyway."

Kyle looked at me and shrugged, "Yeah Okay, thanks mum."

"It's not a problem dear."

Mark picked up Rowan while Kyle and I picked up Gabriel and Teagan and then carried them up the rooms that they had here, Anthony followed us and headed for his room. Once in the twins room, both Kyle and I stripped them down to their under wear so that they didn't get too hot during the night, before giving them each a kiss on the forehead and then going to say goodnight to Rowan and Anthony.

Fifteen minutes later, Kyle and I were in his childhood bedroom, and he was already pressing kisses from my jaw down to my chest.

"Kyle, I can't do this here." I whispered to him.

He moaned before pulling away, "I know, but I just want to kiss you for a while Okay? I've had a fifteen year old clung to me for most of the day, and I haven't been able to touch my wife."


We made out for another twenty minutes or so, before stopping because we knew that if we carried on, we wouldn't have been able to stop. I curled up into his chest and wrapped my arms around his waist as he did the same to me.

"Oh and by the way, I'm going to get you back for not saving me today."

I giggled tiredly, "I'm so scared." I yawned, as I cuddled even further into his chest and fell asleep, thinking about how perfect our life had been, even if there had been a rocky start.


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