Our Secrets

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Chapter Four: ILY's

Today was Kyle, Miles and Katie's last day of college and we were all going out tonight to celebrate. Kyle also had an audition later tonight and I was going with him for support.

We all left the college at 4:30 and headed straight to the restaurant in town. We arrived quickly and were placed at a table for the four of us after a few minutes.

"You're still coming with me, right?" Kyle asked me nervously, just after we had ordered our food.

"Of course I am, I wouldn't miss it for anything" I reassured him and then kissed him on the cheek so that he didn't have any doubts that I wasn't being honest.

He smiled back at me and then as he took my hand under the table, he mouthed 'Thank you' to me.

I was asking Katie and Miles what they were thinking about doing now that they had left college, Miles was going to be working at a comic book company and Katie was going to go to law school.

Our food arrived about 40 minutes later and we ate in a comfortable silence, apart from the light chatter here and there.

We had finished the food within 30 minutes, including the ice cream that we all had for dessert, and then we all headed out again, leaving the money on the table for the waitress to come

and get, and she would know it was there because she had been watching us for the whole time that we were there.

As soon as we were outside, we split off into our couples, Kyle and I headed over to his motorbike and Katie and Miles headed over to his Jeep.

Kyle helped me onto his bike and then we waved at the two of them before we pulled out onto the main road.

We arrived at the studio, where the auditions would be held, about thirty five minutes later and we quickly made our way into the building.

There was signs along the walls with arrows that directed us to wear the auditions were when we arrived in the waiting area, we were met with a tall dark haired man wearing a Bluetooth headpiece and holding a clip board and a pen.

When he spotted us walking in him walked over to us, just as we sat down,

"Can I have your names please?"

"I'm Kyle Blake" The dark haired guy looked through his list and then ticked something off.

"And you?" He asked me.

"Oh, I'm not auditioning, but my name is Rose Kane"

"Okay then, you are going to have to stay out here when he goes in then okay?"

I looked at Kyle nervously, and then turned back to the dark haired guy,

"Okay, that's fine,"

The guy nodded and then walked off to a room with a sign on it that said 'Auditions Here'. I looked at Kyle and smiled,

"You're going to be great."

He smiled slightly before responding, "Thank you for being here Honey"

"I wouldn't want to be anywhere other than here, and do you know why?"

"No, why?" his smiled almost reached his eyes as he waited for me to answer.

I took a deep breath, suddenly nervous, "Because..." I looked at him straight in his eyes as I finished speaking, "I love you."

He gasped and then suddenly he was kissing me like his life depended on it, and wrapped his arms tightly around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

I don't know how long we sat there kissing, but suddenly his name was being called and he was pulling away from me,

"Well," he started, "That's me." He then stood up and walked over to the auditioning room.

I was really upset that he hadn't replied to me saying that I loved him, but I still called out a 'Good Luck' as he reached the door, he turned and smiled at me before stepping into the room.

I looked down at my lap as he disappeared from me sight, trying to hold the tears in, but then I heard him saying my name, which caused me, and the other three people in the waiting room to look as well,

"Oh Rosetta," I looked at his smiling face, that he had poked out from the room, "Just so you know, I love you too." and then he disappeared from my sight again as he started his audition, and I had the biggest smile on my face as everyone in the room smiled at me.

I waited for about five more minutes before Kyle came back out, and I quickly jumped up to meet him as he left the room.

"Hey," I hugged him, and then we started making our way back out to his bike, "How did it go?"

"As good as it could go I guess, they said that they will contact me in a few days with an answer."

"Well, let's hope for the best."


We reached his bike and he passed me my helmet as he put his on and then hopped onto the bike, and waited until I securely had my arms wrapped around his waist before starting the engine and driving off in the direction of my apartment.

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