Our Secrets

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Chapter Five: The Phone Call

The four of us spent the next two weeks spending time with all of our families because we were all going back packing across Australia for two months.

It was during those two weeks, when we were over at Kyle's parents' house, that the phone call came for Kyle.

We arrived at their house in the evening on the Sunday before the second week would start, just as tea was being served, and knowing Kyle's mum, Clara, she had made enough to feed an army, so she quickly filled three extra plates of her roast dinner for me, Kyle and Miles as we all piled into her kitchen as soon as arrived.

We all quickly settled down, Kyle sat down next to his older brother, Mitchell, Miles sat next to their dad, Mark and then I took the last place next to Clara, and then dug into our meals as we all kept light conversation about what we had been up to for the past few weeks, and Clara asked Kyle about his audition.

"How was your audition, darling?" She asked, as she served us our dessert, which was ice cream.

"It was good; they said that I should hear from them within three weeks, so I still have a week left"

"Well, good luck dear."

"Thanks mum" He blushed slightly, and when he noticed me looking at him, he blushed even brighter and smiled shyly at me.

I smiled back at him, as I took the last bite of my dessert, and then Mitchell helped Clara collect the dishes and took them over to the sink, where he started the washing up.

"Why don't you all go and settle in the living room and watch a film," Clara started, but then she saw the looks on each of the men's faces and gave them each a stern look, "That is child appropriate, and me and Mitchell will join you all once we finish in here and then you can tell me about your trip."

Everyone mumbled their agreements, we were all tired from the car ride and the food, so we all silently made our way into the light blue living room and Kyle pulled me down onto his lap, even though there was room on the floor with Marie.

She had left spaces on the two sofas for her mother and brother, and I blushed bright red as Miles sat down next to us, wiggling his eyebrows at us, I turned my face into Kyle's neck while he glared at Miles for his childish behaviour.

Mark quickly chose a film, 'Rise of the Guardians', and soon enough we were all watching the film, somehow engrossed with the tales of Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, The Sand Man, Jack Frost and Pitch, trying to protect the hopes and dreams of the children all over the world.

We were at the part where Pitch traps Jack Frost and Baby Tooth with Jacks memories, when the house phone rang.

"I'll get it." Clara said quietly, jumping up to get the phone from the hallway, Clara and Mitchell had come into the living room about fifteen minutes after the film had started, bringing chocolate, popcorn and juice along with some coke cola.

Clara walked back into the room a few seconds later looking at Kyle,

"Kyle honey, it's for you." she whispered into the room.

We all instantly knew who was on the other end of the phone line, and I kissed his cheek as he stood up and placed me down onto the seat that he had just been sat in.

"Okay, thanks"

He took the phone from her and then made his way into the hall.

Clara smiled over at me as she sat back down in between Mark and Mitchell; I gave her a tight smile back, worried about the reason of the call.

I tried to listen to see if I could hear anything, but with the TV playing in the background, all I could hear was a low murmur of Kyle's voice as he replied to whatever the person on the other end of the phone was saying to him.

So I tried to concentrate on the film, it was close to the end, Pitch was battling the Guardians, when Kyle walked back into the room and pulled me up from where I was sitting and sat down, pulling me back into his lap, wrapping his arms around me, all the while being completely silent.

I looked up at him, and sensing my gaze on him, he looked back down at me with a slight smile.

"Well?" I whispered expectantly at him.

"We'll talk when there is no one around."

"Okay." I kissed his jaw, it was the highest place on his face I could reach, without moving from my spot on his lap, and then rested my head against his shoulder as we watch the last few minutes of the film.

It was around 8:30 when the film finished, so Marie said goodnight to all of us and then headed up to bed.

"I'm going to go to head up to bed too, I'm tired from the journey." I told everyone, standing up from Kyle's lap.

"Okay sweetie, see you in the morning." Clara said smiling at me.

"I'll be up in a bit." Kyle told me, kissing me on the forehead while hugging me.


Clara and Mark were letting me share a room with Marie, instead of letting me sleep on the sofa, she was excited when she first heard, but I was going to be talking to Kyle in a bit. So I was sitting on his bed, already having changed into my shorts and a top of Kyle's that I had stolen the night of his audition, with a book in my hand reading as I leant against the head board of his bed.

I had only been reading for about twenty minutes before Kyle came in, and taking off his top in the process, not even noticing that I was in the room with him, until I coughed, just as he started to undo his jeans.

"Whoa," Kyle said, jumping around to see me sat on his bed. "How long have you been there?" he quickly made his way over to the bed, and sat down beside me while taking the book out of my hands and placing it on his bed side table, not seeming to notice that he didn't have a top on.

"Long enough," I smirked at him, trying not to glance down at his bare chest. "So are you going to tell me how the phone call went or not?" I said, trying to change the subject.

"It was okay."


He smirked, knowing that I knew that there was a 'But' in his explanation.

"But I didn't get the part I wanted,"

I gasped, "Oh ba-"

He cut me off, "Wait for me to finish,"

"Okay, sorry"

"Don't worry, I love you."

"I love you too."

"Okay, so I didn't get the part I wanted, but I was offered a different part, one that isn't a main character but still has quite a few lines, they said that I had potential but that if I want to get anywhere I had to start somewhere."

As soon as he finished talking I jumped on him, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck, as he wrapped his arms around my waist, supporting me as I covered his face and jaw in kissing at the same time as congratulating him and telling him how proud I was of him.

We quickly fell back onto the bed as I stopped talking and continued to kiss him and I ran my hands up his chest, tracing his muscles, all the while he was slowly pushed his hands inside my top and pushed his hands up my back as we continued to kiss, laying on his bed.

In no time at all, my top was half way up my body, when suddenly there was a bright stream of light hitting us.

"Sorry." Miles said, as he closed the door, just as quickly as he had opened it, but it was enough time to break me and Kyle from the bubble that we had been in.

We both quickly sat up and pulled my shirt back down, and we just sat there staring at each other for a few seconds before we burst out laughing.

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