Our Secrets

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Chapter Six: Off to Oz'

Today was the day, we are going to Australia. It was around eleven in the morning and we were all sat around the dining table, having brunch. Our flight didn't leave until ten o'clock this evening, so we were spending the day with our families.

Kyle and I had spent last night at his parents' house, and we were heading over to my brothers' house later on this afternoon, before meeting everyone at the airport to say our goodbyes.

"So do you have everything packed?" Clara asked us.

"Yes, I just need to put my bag in the car." Kyle answered.

"And I need to pick up my passport from my brothers' house this afternoon, but other than that, I'm all packed." I smiled.

"Good." Clara smiled, before she started to clear the table, with Mark's help.

Thirty minutes later, we were all lounging in the living room, Hawaii Five-O was on in the background as we discussed what we had planned for our trip, for the fifth time this week.

"So you'll just be on the east coast?" Mark asked us.

"Yes," Kyle answered, "There's loads to do, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, the zoo's and museums."

"It's going to be so much fun." I smiled. "Will you bring me back a present?" Marie asked, smiling widely at Kyle and I.

"Marie!" Clara scolded, while the rest of us laughed.

"No mum, it's fine," Kyle said to his mother, before turning to Marie, who looked a little bit upset, "Marie, of course we'll be getting you a present, a few actually, and we'll take loads of pictures to show you when we get back, we'll also call you every week, and you can call us when ever you want to, how does that sound?"

"Good, thanks Ky." Marie came over and hugged the two of us, before going to sit next to her father. We all quickly settled down and continued to chat about our trip.

Before we knew it, it was three o'clock and time to head over to my brother's house.

"So, we'll meet you at the airport at seven thirty?" Clara confirmed, as Kyle can down the stairs with his bag.

"Yes." I assured her, "Everyone will be there, so you'll find us easily."

"Good, drive safely." Mark said, as he gave us both hugs. We made our way down to the car, we were borrowing Mark's car, as we needed more space for our bags.

Kyle put his bag in the boot, I had put mine in there when we arrived last night, and after saying another quick goodbye to Kyle's family, we waved goodbye as Kyle headed towards my brother's house.

"Rose," Christopher said, as he hugged me, "It's been a while."

"It's been three weeks." I smiled, as I pulled away from him.

"Where's Karee?" I asked as we walked into the house. "She's working, said she'll meet us at the airport later."


We spent the next two hours chatting with my brother, pretty much just going over what we'd spoken about at the Blake's house, before the three of us headed out to the car, with my passport in hand.

Christopher was riding with us, as Karee was meeting us at the airport, so he would ride back with her.

We got to the airport just after seven, Karee, Miles, Katie and their families were already here, so I knew that the Blake's weren't going to be far behind.

"Rose!" Katie ran over and hugged me, "I'm so excited, I can hardly wait."

"Me neither, not long now."

We parted and then headed over to our families.

I quickly hugged and said 'Hello' to Kyle's parents, Mitchell and Marie, before heading over to Skylar and Jason, who are Katie's parents.

"Hey Sky," I said as I hugged her.

"Hi sweetie, are you excited?"

"Katie hasn't stopped talking about this trip since you first came up with the idea." Jason added in.

"Hey Jase," I hugged him before I spoke again, "Yeah, I'm excited, not sure if I'm as excited as Katie is though."

We all laughed, because Katie did have the tendency to get a bit over excited about things.

Over the next half an hour we spent saying our goodbyes, and reassuring everyone that we had everything. I managed to get a few words in with Sophie, Miles' twin sister, but she seemed to be constantly staring at Mitchell, not sure what was going on there, so after a few minutes I just left her to it.

Sophie had actually been invited on this trip, but she had told us that she didn't really want to be a fifth wheel, and that she'd done enough travelling for a life time. So we hadn't felt so bad about her not coming, it would have been fun.

It had just gone quarter past eight, so we new we had to check in soon. We started to say our final goodbyes to everyone.

"I'll make sure Kyle gets you a great present, and you can all us whenever you want to." I whispered to Marie as I hugged her, which caused her to smile, as she had tears in her eyes, I knew that it was hard for her to be apart from her brother, they are a really close family.

Right before we parted ways, John, Miles' father and Skylar spoke,

"Now girls, make sure you look after our boys, okay?"

"And boys, make sure you look after our girls, and bring them home safe and sound."

There were nods and murmurs of 'Yes sir's' and 'Yes ma'am's', as we all agreed, and then gave everyone another quick hug, before the four of us headed off to check in for our flight.

I flight was running on time, so less than to hours later we were being called to board the plane.

"I'm so excited." Katie said, excitedly as she bounced on the spot.

The people around us in the queue were giving us odd looks, they probably thought that she was on drugs or something.

"We know Katie, you've told us about a million times," I said, "Were starting to get some weird looks, you should probably calm down."

Katie looked around, before she finally bouncing, "Oh, sorry." as she frowned.

Miles just smiled at her, before wrapping his arm around her waist, as whispered something into her ear, which caused her to smile.

Just in time for us to be called up to board the plane.

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