Our Secrets

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Chapter Seven: Couples Day

At this very moment we were all sat in the middle of the boy's hotel room, there was a door that lead to Katie and I's room next to the bathroom, which all four of us had to share. We were trying to figure out what to do next we had been here, in Australia, for six weeks now and we were had seen almost everything.

We were almost back to Queensland, which is where we started and we had two weeks left before our flight home leaves, we were in New South Wales, Wollongong and were heading to Sydney in two days but Katie wanted to spend a day or two relaxing instead of constantly sightseeing.

"Maybe we could just get some movies and spend the day in." Miles suggested, he was sat opposite me and Kyle with Katie in his lap and had his arms wrapped around her.

"How about we spend the day in our couples, we haven't really spent much time together, in couples, since we got here, not that it isn't bad that we do everything together I-"

"No, that makes sense Babe, I think we should have a date day, instead of date night, in our own couples, to have some private time together" I smiled at Kyle and kiss him on the jaw before turning around to face Katie and Miles, to see if they would agree with us.

"I think it's a good idea" Miles said, smiling down at Katie.

"Yeah okay, and we'll meet back here around 6 o'clock, and then have a movie night?"

"Sounds good" we all agreed and then Katie and I stood up and we started to head back to our room.

"So we'll meet you both in the reception area in twenty minutes" Katie told the boys and then pulled me into our room closing the door behind us as I quickly called out a 'see you in a bit' to Kyle.

"Okay, so we should were something formal yet casual, it's a good job we packed for everything" Katie spoke, as she headed towards our suitcases, and started digging through mine first.

"Sounds about right, what were you thinking?" I said to her as I knelt down next to her and looked at the options that she had chosen for me, there was two dress tops.

The first was lime green and would reach about mid-thigh, it had frills along the bottom and along the edge of the short sleeves, there was also a black belt to go with it.

The second one was aqua, which my brother used to say brought out my eyes, it was the same length as the green one but was more form fitting with no frills and the sleeves which would reach to just above my elbows, and also had a black belt around the waist.

"Okay, which one do you prefer?" Katie asked, holding up the two dress tops.

"The Aqua one"

"Okay" she handed me the dress top and a pair of black leggings before she turned to her bags, and put the green one back, "Go and get changed and then we'll talk make-up"

I headed to the bathroom silently, I was used to her going like this before going on dates, and she had always been like this.

I quickly changed and then brushed my hair, so that it was less wavy and clipped my fringe to the side of my head, before I headed back into the room to see that Katie had already changed into a light purple knee length dress and a silver cardigan over the top.

"Okay, so neither of us need that much make up, mainly because neither of us like wearing loads, but we want to keep it natural, so here's some mascara, blush and some lip balm, you can keep that one by the way"

She handed me the three pieces of make-up from her sparkly silver clutch bag, "Quickly, finish up, we have five minutes, I'll sort out the shoes and grab you a jacket and clutch to match while I wait for you"

"Okay" I quickly went into the bathroom and did my make up as fast as I could without making any of it smudging out of place, before heading back to Katie, to see her holding a pink cardigan, a pair of matching shoes and a purse.

I quickly handed her the make-up and she past me my cardigan, "Okay, that's everything, all of your essentials are in this clutch, and there is just enough room for the lip balm."

She handed me the clutch and I put the lip balm into it just as she past me my shoes and finished speaking and then she opened the door, "Come on then, we have two minutes to get down there"

She started leaving and I hurried to catch up with her as I slid the flats on.

We only had to go down two floors, so we decided to speed walk down the two flights of stairs.

We managed to make it down the two flights of stairs in just over a minute, and we spotted the boys straight away and headed for where they both stood side by side next to the main doors.

"Hi girls" The boys said at the same time as we reached them they reached for us, Kyle took my hand and kissed the top of my head, while Miles pulled Katie into his chest and kissed her head.

"Are you ready to go?" Kyle asked me.


"Okay, so we'll meet back in the boy's room just before six, whoever gets here first can pick the first two movies" Katie said as she pulled away from Miles.

"OK, we'll see you guys later then" I said as Kyle called out a 'bye' behind us as he pulled me out of the main doors and turned left.

"So where are we going?"

"It's a surprise"


"No buts', you'll love it"

"Okay, I'll trust your judgment for now"

"Hey!" He laughed, when he saw the smile on my face. "I love and trust you really, don't worry"

"You better" He grabbed me around my waist and lifted me up as he said that.

"I do, I do" I laughed with him, as he then set me back down on the ground, but kept one of his arms around my waist as his expression turned serious, and we continued to walk.

"I love you, you know"

"I know and I love you too" And then he leaned down and placed a sweet, gentle kiss to my lips. When he pulled back, he looked away from me and spoke, "We're here"

He turned back to me and smiled. I looked to where we were, and spotted the fun fair that was on the beach, and docks.

"Wow, this looks amazing"

"Well let's go and have some fun then" He moved his hand from my waist to take my hand and pulled me towards where all of the music, rides and food was.

We stopped first at the balloon stand, the fun fair was packed so we had to wait for the three groups of people in front of us to go before us, when it was finally our turn, Kyle took the three darts and somehow managed to pop four balloons.

I hugged him which caused him to bend down slightly and I could then reach his mouth to kiss, when I pulled back the man behind the stand was holding his prize which was a giant teddy bear with a teal ribbon around its neck.

As we walked away from the stand Kyle handed me the bear and said, "For you, milady"

I laughed and took the bear from him and placed a kiss on his jaw, Kyle's jaw not the bears. We spent the rest of the day going on all of the different rides and stands that were there, we did stop for lunch though, which was 2 hot dogs, for Kyle, chips for both of us, and candy floss to share.

Before either of us realised it was 5:30 and we started to head back to the hotel, which was a ten minute walk from the beach and docks.

We stopped for ice cream on the way back, even though the sky was starting to get darker, which meant that it was also getting colder, but it was still warm so I got vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and Kyle got mint choc chip ice cream with chocolate sauce.

We arrived back at the hotel around ten to six and quickly headed up to the rooms.

"I'm just going to drop these in my room, I'll be there in a minute"

"Okay" Kyle kissed me and then went to his room, as I opened my room door and headed in.

I placed the small toys, teddies and my clutch on my bed, placing the bear with the teal ribbon next to my pillow, before going through the door to the boys' room.

The TV was turned on, when I walked into the room, and a film had been chosen, Miles was sat on the sofa with his legs up with Katie in his lap, and Kyle had grabbed the pillows from the beds and both of the blankets and had lain them all out on the floor.

When he spotted me, he pulled the blanket that was on top of him back and I could see that there was also a blanket under him, so that we would both be more comfortable.

I quickly joined him, smiling and Katie and Miles as I went past and then he hit play with the remote that was on the table next to him.

There was also two bowls of popcorn and two bowls of chocolates, he picked up one of each and set them between us as he got comfy again and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer to him, so that his arm could go to my waist, as the opening credits of the film started playing.

We watch about three films before we all decided to get changed into our PJ's before watching a few more movies.

Once we were all changed and back in the boys' room, Katie said that she and Miles had some news to share with us, so we all sat around the small four seat table while we waited for Katie and Miles to tell us there news.

"Okay, so we just wanted to tell the two of you before we told anyone else," Miles started. "We're getting married" Katie finished.

There was silence for about two seconds before I jumped out of my seat and hugged Katie first, saying 'Congratulations' into her ear, while Kyle shook hands and hugged Miles, I then hugged Miles saying the same to him as I had just said to Katie, while Kyle did the same to Katie.

We all settled down after a few minutes of excitement and Katie showed me her ring which was a small 3 Karat silver with a circular diamond, which she told me, she had kept it hidden until now, because I would have noticed, and she's right I would have noticed straight away.

We settled back into watching the movies and by the time we had finished watching them, we headed back to our own room, not giving the boys a kissed and hug goodnight first though.

As soon as we got back into our room we both fell onto our beds and just before I fell asleep I managed to move my clutch from my bed to the night stand, I don't even remember if it landed on the night stand or not, I was already off in dreamland.

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