Our Secrets

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Chapter Nine: Truth

It was the 23rd of August and we had been back from Australia for just over a week, when we arrived at the airport, after flying for 18 hours, all of our families had met us at the airport, including my brother Christopher, his fiancée Karee and Miles' Twin sister Sophie, who had gotten back from Australia a few days before we left so we hadn't had much time to catch up, until we got back last week.

Sophie, Katie and I had all gone shopping yesterday to buy some new stuff, and clothes for college and, med school, for Miles, he had decided that he wanted to be a doctor more than a comic book designer, and Law school, which started in about two weeks.

It was just as we were leaving the town shopping centre, when Katie started acting weird, she said that she needed the toilet so she was going to run back to a shop and meet us at the car in five minutes, we agreed and she did arrive at the car five minutes later.

But she was acting nervous and fidgeting as she sat in the back of the car, I didn't think much of it, I thought that if something was wrong she would tell me later, but it wasn't until the 28th August that she said anything.

"Rose, can we meet up later, I have to talk to you and Sophie about something?" she said to me on the phone around lunch time.

I was at Kyle's house, they were having a family meal, because we were all going back to uni, college, school and Kyle would be starting filming, but I agreed to meet her, because we weren't staying to late anyway.

"OK, how about around four ish? Are you going to call Sophie or should I?"

"Yeah, four sounds fine, I'll call her now, can we meet at our apartment?"

"Yeah that's fine, see you later"

"Alright, bye" I hung up and then joined everyone back at the table.

"Sorry" I said to everyone.

"It's fine" Clara said.

"Is everything okay?" Kyle asked me.

"I'm not sure, that was Katie, she wants to meet up and tell me and Sophie something later, I have no idea what though"

"Well, I hope everything's alright" Mitchell said.

"Me too, Miles text me earlier and wants to meet up with me as well, I guess we'll find out then"

Kyle and I left the house at the same time, because he had brought me to his parents' house on his bike, so he was going to take me to Katie and I's apartment before going to meet Miles at there's.

We arrived at the apartment at about ten to four and, after taking off our helmets, I gave him a kiss goodbye and told him to call me later, he agreed and then put his helmet back on before driving away.

I headed up to the apartment and both of the girls were already there, sat on the sofa in front of the TV.

"Hey girls, Katie is everything okay?" I said as soon as I walked into the room and sat on the other end of the sofa, so that Katie was sat in the middle of me and Sophie.

"Well, it depends which way you see things"

"That doesn't make sense" Sophie said.

"OK, there are two things I want to tell you; first of all, Miles and I are buying a house together"

"Oh, really? That's great" I said, and Sophie said her agreements to.

"I know, we want to find a place before the wedding, and before the baby comes"

There was silence for a few seconds before Sophie and I both smiled widely and at the same time we said, "We're going to be aunties'?"

"Yes, I'm about three months along, due end of January beginning of February" We both leaned towards her, and wrapped our arms around her at the same time.

"This is great" I said, and then we both pulled back from her as she smiled at us both.

"Really? Neither of you are going to freak out"

"No, like Rose said this is great," Sophie said, "Wait, how did Miles react?"

"He was shocked, we both wanted to wait to have children until we were married, but he's happy, we both are"

My phone suddenly went off, so I pulled if from my pocket, it was Kyle.

'Did you hear the news?'

'Yes, this is great,'

'A baby it's going to be hard for them, but they'll handle it'

'I know, but they'll have our help too right?'

'Definitely, I'll see you tomorrow?'

'Yeah, Love u'

'Love u 2 :P'

I put my phone away and turned back to the girls, "That was Kyle, Miles just told him too"

"What did he say?" Katie asked me.

"That the both of you have all of our support in this"

"And you do" Sophie added.

"Thanks guys, it really means a lot to me"

"No problem, have you told our parents yet?" Sophie asked her.

"Yes, a few days ago"

"How did my parents react?"

"They were upset that we are so young, but understood that we are getting married anyway"

"Sounds like them; they are really kind and understanding about everything, if you have a really good excuse anyway" The three of us laughed and then I spoke.

"How did you're parents react though?"

Katie's parents were very protective of her, not only because she is their only child, but because they were both told that there was a high possibility that they would never have children, but they had her.

"Weirdly they were thrilled, my dad lectured Miles about sticking to my side with my pregnancy and when the baby gets here, and he promised him that he would, but they were really happy, and both sets of parents said that they would help us find a nice place to live, and help us with supplies and everything else."

The three of us laughed at how their parents reacted out them getting pregnant at nineteen, Katie had turned nineteen while we were in Australia, on June 11th.

We finally managed to settle down, and the three of us spend the next few hours watching chick flicks, and eating junk food, fizzy drinks and ice cream, before we all fell asleep around ten o'clock, only to be woken up around six thirty the next morning to Katie being sick, the baby obviously didn't like all of the junk that we had eaten the night before, even though Katie was craving most of it.

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