The Mafia's Secret

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Chapter Two - Club Mayhem

After work, I gladly slammed the door to my small home, scaring my grandmother. I visibly saw my grandmother jump from the sudden sound committing me to instantly regret slamming the beige door. I didn’t mean to frighten her. She didn’t need to have more things to worry about.

“Eleanor, please be careful with the door. I don’t want to explain to the office that you broke the door again,” she scolded me as she poured herself a cup of water.

“I’m sorry, grandma,” I apologized as I rubbed the back of my head in embarrassment, “I had a bad day at work.”

Today was horrible day for me. Rarely would Kat leave the shop in my care for the day and I didn’t mind doing so, but today was the worst day to leave the shop to me. We had too many customers to handle and I had to deal with them myself while Kat had to run a few errands she was supposed to a couple of days ago. It was supposed to last around ten minutes, but it ended up being over thirty minutes. By the time she came back, all the customers were taken care of and she came back to an angry employee. She’s lucky that I’m able to deal with situation like these and her.

“Don’t think about it too much, darling. The next day could be better,” my grandmother’s voice soft voice distracted me from my thoughts, “Now cheer up, I made your favorite desert.”

My once terrible mood lightened at the mention of my favorite desert: grandma’s homemade sweet rice. Whenever it’s a special occasion or whenever I’m down, my grandmother would always make sweet rice for us. Sweet rice always makes the day better and my grandmother makes the best.

Instead of going out like I usually did on the weekends, I decided to stay home. I wanted to spend quality time with my only family member alive.

The next day, I laid my things out before me so I could check off what I had and what I didn’t. After work, we were going to the club, so I needed to be prepared.

- I.D. = Check

- Dress = Check

- Money = Check

- Gun = Triple check

I gathered all my things and placed most of them in my purse that my grandmother bought me when I was younger. My dress I had it hanging on a hanger with a plastic cover to protect it. My extra pair of shoes I had it stuffed in my bag hanging out. It didn’t matter how I treated my things since I wasn’t trying to impress anyone. Well, except for Kat’s approval.

Kat decided that she’d pick me up today, so I waited beside my phone for it to alert me that she was here. After work, we were going to change and then head straight to the club. Apparently, the club is owned by some hotshot that owns most of the clubs in Florida. It just so happens that the new club was owned by the same person, so when Kat heard about it, she couldn’t stop herself. I don’t think anyone could. Its opening was yesterday, but Kat refrained from going then since even herself didn’t want to be entangled in that mess.

After Martial Law was set up, clubs were supposed to be shut down. However, some owners were brave enough to keep their open and it just so happened that a lot of people liked going to clubs. When people started to gain their courage back, the clubs became more popular and the police just gave up on them. After all, taking hundreds of people to jail was too much considering they wouldn’t have the room.

Once I heard my phone vibrate, I dashed out of the apartment and immediately caught sight of Kat’s Volvo sitting in the street. Once I hopped into the car, she drove off like maniac. The ride towards the shop was silent, but it was easy to tell that Kat was happy. She was practically jumping in her seat.

While business seemed like it was running smoothly and nicely, it was going slowly for Kat. However, I swore that time was going by quicker than it originally was. I’d look at the clock once and when I’d look back it’s already five minutes after. I was dreading the thought of going to my first club. Even though I had Kat by my side, I wasn’t too sure that made the situation any better considering I’d have to be her designated driver.

Once the last customer left, Kat turned to me with a smile that challenged the Cheshire Cat’s from Alice in Wonderland. She squealed as she jumped up and down, but I couldn’t help but laugh at her childish antics. After she turned the “OPEN” sign off, she dragged me to the storage room we had in the back that held more flowers. With our dresses in Kat’s arms, I couldn’t help but be nervous at her actions.

She tossed my dressed and ordered me to change before she went off to the bathroom to change herself. By the time I changed into the white dress, I felt as if I didn’t bring the appropriate dress for a club. Even though it revealed a bit of skin, it happened to feel a bit too formal for a club, especially the black flats that accommodated the outfit.

“Shit, you look nice.”

I looked towards Kat with a worried frown when she entered the storage.

“I’m a bit worried that this is too much. Maybe I should just go in my work -”

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence, Eleanor Maedric!” Kat interrupted me in a huge fit, “You look perfectly fine. Look: you don’t even need makeup. Now, let’s fix that boring hair of yours and leave. It’s about ten ’till nine.”

“My hair’s not boring...” I mumbled as I was sat down.

Kat brought a brush that she usually kept in the shop in case for emergencies and worked on my hair. As she tried to pick what would be best for me, I paid attention to her own attire. Her hourglass figure went perfectly well with the strapless, scarlet-red dress that hugged her body. Her curly, blonde hair flowed graciously to the ends of her breasts and her makeup was lightly caked on her face. But I was more concerned with the heels that looked like a death contraption strapped to her feet. The black heels looked like a trap waiting for disaster to happen.

Once Kat pulled away from my hair, I gasped at the sight before me. My hair was pulled into a bun with bits of hair sticking out here and there to frame my rounded face. My mother used to make the same hairdo for herself and I. I could still remember her telling me once again that I was a true princess and that I was too good for my prince; I was always too good for my prince.

After we noticed that it was already past nine, we quickly grabbed the rest of our things with us before we left in Kat’s car. We threw our clothes and items in the back and only had our purses with us. Kat had the music blasting, but she was also going over things that I should and shouldn’t be cautious of. However, considering that I was mostly just going to hang at the bar, it didn’t matter much to me.

I was looking out the window to see if I could catch any signs of the hiding police who did abide by the laws. Most of the cops were laid back with the curfew situation ever since more people started going against them, but there were some cops that wanted to protect and bring us back home. And because they were laid back with the curfew, it didn’t mean that they were laid back with speeding...

I noticed the familiar buildings passing by as we headed towards the inner part of the city. This was where most of our news come from. Either it be about the two enemies or a crime committed by a regular citizen, it wasn’t the safest place to be. I knew the club would be in the city, but not in the I was suspecting.

“Kat, I didn’t know the club would be in this part of the city,” I murmured nervously, but loud enough for her to hear over the blasting music.

“Silly, where else did you suspect it would be,” Kat laughed, but she stopped once she noticed how nervous I actually was, “Look, we’ll be fine. We’ll have fun and we won’t be kidnapped or killed by the Russians or the Irish. Besides, Alice told me that the guy who owns the clubs hire the best security.”

“Kat, you know the enemies come in large groups when they attack. None of this reassures me,” I complained.

“I know.”

We came upon a familiar large building that I remember seeing two nights ago. It was the same large, white building that had colorful lights. The place was still immensely crowded like from before, but that was only the cars that were parked along the streets and the surrounding area. Thankfully, there wasn’t much people in the line.

Once Kat parked the car, we left the safety of the Volvo and made our way towards the large building that was shining lights everywhere and music was blasting louder than ever. I hesitated taking my first steps towards the place and I was tempted to go back inside the small safety of the car, but Kat grabbed me by the wrist, and dragged us all the way to the front of the line. I saw some people looking displeased.

“Names,” the guards stated as he looked down at us from his height.

He stared down at us like anyone would at rodents, but when his green eyes met Kat’s, I swore I thought I saw them soften. But that look disappeared quicker than it appeared. I felt intimidated by his stare as it was met with his slicked back dirty blonde hair that I could tell was dyed. And his emerald eyes that hardened every second that passed. Kat’s same eyes smiled upon the guard, while I directed my hazel eyes anywhere but him.

“Katherine Sanchez and free guest,” Kat responded with a glowing smile.

The way how he swallowed slowly and almost sensually didn’t go unnoticed by me and I’m 100% sure it didn’t fly pass Kat. His lustful and hard gaze didn’t travel far from her.

He finally looked down at the list quickly before he finally stopped on the third page.


We held up our authentic I.D.s that told our age of being twenty-four, before he handed them back to us and we were let in.

If I thought the music was loud outside, then it was deafening inside. The music hit us like a cold breeze in the winter nights. Kat’s smile never faltered as she gazed her shining eyes at the massive size inside the building. The same lights that shined outside, shined inside and it felt as though they were three times brighter. The white and baby blue lights reflected off the places that was mostly made of glass. The dance floor was colorful as most of the people danced to the beat of the music. Every table was made of glass and so was the top of the counter at the bar. Even the stairs that led to the second floor was made of glass. The only thing that seemed to not be made of glass was the tile floors that reflected the lights, blinding you if you stare for too long.

I kept myself attached to Kat as we made our way towards the bar. I didn’t trust any single person here, so my hand was pressed securely against the side of my handbag that held my pistol. The law stated if we were being threatened by the either of the enemies, then we had every permission to shoot them. However, it is recommended that we restrain ourselves from doing so unless necessary since revenge has been known to take place by either enemy.

We found two free spots at the almost empty bar and Kat ordered herself a martini, while I ordered myself water. Score for me since it was free. The bartender was a young fellow. He looked to be younger than us, but that didn’t stop him from trying to flirt with Kat. Poor fellow...

“Is this all we’re going to be doing? Drinking and watching others grind on each other?” I shouted above the music.

“Fuck no! I’m planning on getting drunk to no end and finding myself a good fuck!” Kat shouted back at me, while she handed me the keys to the car. Knew it...

I rolled my eyes at her plans and stuck the keys in my purse. Kat ordered shot after shot before she had enough and could barely stand on her own two feet. Once she gave me a huge hug with a laugh, she wobbled herself to the dance floor and did what every other person did on the dance floor. I shook my head at her as she danced the night away and all the worries that she had before was long gone. She was the wildest friend I ever had and the most reckless. I was always the one to get her out of stressful situations because she never did know how to properly take care of herself.

I went back to drinking my water as I stared longingly at every person. I’m an introvert, meaning I’m secluded and love to read books and would spend hours at the library if I could. I was the type that stayed home when my guardian told me once. I was the type that made sure they didn’t get themselves into too much trouble if possible. I was that type of person. Experiencing something new, like going to a club, made me wonder how life would be like living like all these people. What was it like living like all these people who lived freely with no care?

But it also made me wonder: was I boring in Kat’s eyes? Did she get annoyed by my goody-two-shoes personality as much as I was annoyed by her childish personality? Was she happy being my friend? Was she tired of how secure I always am?

I never understood as to why she became my friend. All we did was work together, just the two of us. She needed an employee and I needed a job. She was the one who started the conversations at work early in the mornings. She was the one who would continually ask me questions. She was the one who asked if my family was okay. She was the one that started this friendship, not me. But why?

I sighed at the continual questions that coursed widely through my now throbbing head, but I shook myself at the thought of them. I never liked doubting myself and it would be wiser if I stopped doubting my only friend.

“Instead of staring, how about joining your friend?” an unfamiliar voice appeared beside me.

To my left sat the most handsome man I’ve ever laid eyes on. His face looked as if God himself sculpted him into what He imagined what beauty truly looked like. From the bottom of his slightly squared jaw and to the top of his neck was a shadow of his stubble beard. It made him look mature. The gel in his chocolate brown hair reflected the lights brightly. His hair was tossed in whatever way they could, making it look messy, as if he didn’t care. He wore a pitch-black suit that held a matching loose tie around the white collar of his shirt. From how he dressed, he looked like a business man.

But what threw that idea out the window was the scar that ran from the top of his right eyebrow and down to the top of his cheekbones. Looking at the aftermath, the wound looked deep, but I was surprised when his shining blue eye wasn’t glazed over from becoming blind. I didn’t think anyone would be able to see correctly out that eye from that type of injury.

“I don’t dance,” I said nervously as I tried to move the extra hair out of my face with shaky hands, “Actually, being here isn’t what I’m used to.”

The mysterious man gave a knee shaking smirk before he opened his mouth to speak, but before he could even utter one word out of those luscious lips, Kat decided to make herself known.

“Oh my God, Elena!” Kat shouted as she hung herself around my shoulders, “You have got to join me! That guy that was guarding the line found a replacement and now I think I’m going to get myself a good fuck!”

When Kat untangled herself from around my shoulders, she wobbled herself towards the familiar man that was leaning against a table that was close by with his arms crossed. His eyes never wavered when he stared at Kat’s figure and when she was close enough he swept her off her feet and gave her bottom a tap that made her giggle.

I could only stare at them as if he was already undressing them, but I was distracted from my disturbed thoughts when I heard a gruff laugh emitting heavenly from the man beside me. I caught him mumbling a few things under his breath in a different language, but because of the music, I couldn’t quite hear what foreign tongue it was.

“Do you like the place?” he asked as he leaned back and observed me. His stares were almost unbearable, but something within me was loving the attention he was giving me.

“The place looked magnificent, but such a place I feel as if I don’t belong,” I responded as I looked around me to admire the beauty.

“Then make yourself belong,” he stated as he leaned towards me.

“How do I do that?” I asked as I could only stare at the beauty before with such wanting. I wanted to know what his play was.

“Well, what’s your style?”

Right as I opened my mouth to speak, I was interrupted with the sound of a phone going off loudly. I didn’t recognize the ringtone, so I knew it wasn’t mine, but I relaxed when the stranger pulled out his phone. He put the phone to his ear, but he turned away from me when he looked focused and a bit angered. He was mumbling into the phone words I couldn’t comprehend, but by his tone of voice, he was not pleased. When the call ended, he placed the phone back in his pocket and faced me with a small smile.

“Sorry flower, but I have matters to attend to,” he said as he took my small hand in his, “Welcome to the Inferno.”

He lifted my hand to his lips where he pressed them lightly, yet firmly against my knuckles. His lips were soft and I could only imagine how they could feel against mine.

“I hope to see you again.”

I watched him as he left my side and strode his way towards the back of the club where I could no longer see him as he disappeared through closed doors that a guard was blocking. I happened to notice the few bodyguards trailing beside him and I knew for sure he wasn’t some business man. He was obviously connected to the club.

I turned back towards the bar with a long sigh and took a whole chug out of my water, but flinched when something shiny reflected the lights into my eyes. I guarded my eyes from the blinding object, but I managed to grab the small figure. It was a silver ring that held an engraving of a crest. It held a vine of thorns wrapped around a hand that was reaching towards the sky. It looked depressing, but breathtaking as well. I knew it had to be the man’s ring to whom I was talking to since it was laid in the area he was sitting at.

I tried my best to make my way towards the door the man disappeared through, but before I could reach the door, a guard stood in my way and glared down at me. I looked up at the man that was screaming danger, but I looked back down when I noticed that he was the type of person that could crush anyone with just his thumb.

“Access from the public is not allowed at this point,” the guard spoke in a tone of voice that made a shiver run down my spine.

“There was man who passed by here and he left his ring at the bar,” I informed him as I held the object up to see, “I just wanted to return it to him.”

His eyes slightly widened in shock for a second before it disappeared in a curtain of darkness.

“Thank you for finding this,” the guard said as he ripped the object from my fingers, “He will be pleased to know that it was found.”

Trusting that he would return the object, I turned away from him and went back towards the bar and stayed there. About an hour later, the guard that was screwing my best friend came back with her by his side and the two seemed to be enjoying themselves. They stood some ways away from where I sat and the guard held her chin in his hand before he said something. Kat seemed entranced by what he was saying, but whatever she was thinking dissipated when he enraptured her lips. I looked away, feeling as though I was looking at something I wasn’t supposed to and went back to drinking my fifth cup of water. I could tell the bartender was almost tempted by now to charge me for the water.

Kat made her way back to me, wobbling like the world was tilting, but I grabbed her before she could fall. I quickly led us away from the crowding club and drove us back home.

I drove to my place where Kat would be staying the night. I laid her in my room and placed a small trashcan that I had in my room beside the bed so she could throw up in it when needed, and I decided to sleep on the couch. But sleep evaded me because there was only one thing on my mind, and one thing only.

I could still feel the tingling sensation on my knuckles from where the mysterious man kissed me.

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