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Topaz Lee is a thick chocolate diva who meets Jae-hyun and Jin-jae Choi. A sexy one night stand is against the traditions of the Korean Elitist who shun mixing with outsiders, Especially BLACKS? Topaz Lee is a hardworking accounts manager for an online retail company. She is the sexy thick chocolate diva who causes brothers Jae-hyun Choi and Jin-jae Choi to be at odds over a one night stand that is completely against the traditions of the Korean Elitist. The Royal families DO NOT condone mixing with outsiders, Especially BLACKS?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Uhmmmm. One more hour and I am out of here.

Topaz was completely and totally exhausted.

After two months of building a team from scratch, meetings with the client, training, and more meetings with the client, they finally finished launching the Wicked Colors make-up campaign and she was so thankful.

Topaz loved the thrill and the rush to meet deadlines and launch a new campaign or product. She had to admit that all of the excitement was intoxicating. She would often get the chance to meet with gorgeous and powerful men.

The only thing she hated about them being clients was the company’s no “hanky panky” policy.

Many of them adored curvaceous women. Topaz met one marketing VP who promised that he had something big and fat that she could ride on all night. He was good looking, blond haired, blue eyed, and a real stud. DAMN!!! If she wasn’t a professional woman, she would’ve taken him to the nearest hotel and fucked him until they both walked funny. Since he was a client, he was off limits.

Now that she was headed home, there was no way she would answer her cell phone for any reason during her three-week vacation. Topaz was done. She felt like she only got one full week of sleep over the past six months. Even though she was tired, there was one thing she needed desperately.

Topaz needed a real good tune-up, and she was damn sure not talking about her SUV. The last time she had sex was more than six months ago. Her little friend couldn’t understand that missing work to hang out with him, was not an option. She couldn’t get that fool to understand that she didn’t rise to middle management by not showing up for work.

Isn’t that just like a sorry ass man to try and stop a real woman from making her paper? I mean, there’s no sense in lying, the man was good at laying it down. When he was feeling really nasty, he loved to tie a sista down in different positions and try to break a bitch back. That man was blessed with a staff that would put you in line every time. Just thinking about getting that kitty beat up had Topaz shivering, but she never let anyone come between her and her job. She had her own house, vehicle and whatever she wanted because she worked hard. No one would stop her from getting whatever she wanted.

She took the expressway, not wanting to deal with rush-hour traffic and saw a few new advertisements. Topaz always found herself looking at the marketing work other companies did for their clients. Eventually she wanted to move up and transfer to the marketing department. With a sharp mind and a quick eye for what people like, Topaz was able to convince most people of anything.

It was a 30-minute drive home. She listened to music and tried to decide what she would do during her vacation. Topaz looked up and saw a picture of a sexy ass Asian dude. It looked like he had an art exhibit in Dallas, TX in a week. He would also be teaching a pottery class for five days. The class and the show seemed interesting, so she made a mental note to check it out.

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