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Can a Turkish businessman claim a wealthy HOE for himself? Emir is addicted to coco diva Eva, and refuses to share her with anyone. Her past prevents her from trusting anyone. Emir falls for Eva and Brutally gang raped and left for dead, college graduate Evangeline Darcey Scott or Eva decides that life is not worth living. After several failed suicide attempts, Eva realizes she needs to take control of her life to prevent herself from ever being victimized again. She uses her knowledge of the streets and he college education to overcome the years of abuse she has suffered. Family told her she was fat, charcoal black, ugly, and would never amount to anything. Eva decides to prove them wrong and becomes a first class HOE worth more than half a million dollars!!! This dark chocolate big booty diva builds a lucrative internet business from the sells of sex. Everything goes according to plan until she meets a Turkish business man who refuses to share her sexy thick ass with anyone else. Emir Ibrahim Burakgazi is a man who epitomizes control. He built his empire through hardwork and discipline. The idea of not being in control has never crossed his mind and he asserts himself as a man to be feared and respected. Is Emir the billionaire boss who will put Eva in her place, or will he find himself locked in the hot chocolate sensual submission of one of the Baddest Bitches on th

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

“They need to miss me with that bullshit. Every time I try to do something to better my life, my so-called family always lookin for a handout.” Eva was just letting off steam. She was sick and tired of her folks. Ever since she got her new whip, they broke asses kept coming out the woodwork expecting her to give them something. Unfortunately for them, she did not expect a handout when she was down, and she didn’t give handouts to punk ass motherfuckers who only knew how to belittle a person until they thought they could get something from her.

“I know what you mean hun. When I went home, the same busted ass bastards who talked so much shit about me was beggin dey asses off. Why da fuck would dey think I would do anything for dem after dey kicked me to the curb when I was a little shorty. When I needed dem, dey showed me no love. Now, I don’t need dem and all I got for dey trifling asses is Nada.” Brea hated her folks with a real passion.

The only reason she went home was, so they could see her on her come up. She made sure those bastards saw that she was good after being tossed out in the streets when her mother died from AIDS. Her family members called her bad luck because of the life her mother lived. She was placed in foster care. She wanted those Puta Madres to suffer like she suffered when she was raped at the age of 15 and pimped out to the highest bidder. The only thing she wanted to do was make them bitches suffer.

They better be glad she met Eva. Eva was the only person who encouraged her to get her life together and go to school. Eva always said, “Just because you a hoe, that don’t make you a stupid hoe.” She even showed her how to save and invest her money, so she could retire from the game young and be on Bad Bitch status. Brea loved the hell out of Eva. Eva was like her big sister. She was the only person who cared about her and about what happened in her life. Eva encouraged her to go home every so often, so she would have motivation to stay on track. At the ripe old age of 20, Brea had been hoeing since she was a 15. She never thought she would be able to get out of the life style of a hoe until she met Eva.

The best thing Eva ever did was get her hooked up with a therapist, so she could work through her shit. She might be a hoe, but she wasn’t gonna be a hoe for the rest of her life. Her girl Eva was showing her how to turn her life around and she was so grateful for this real ass female that she met one day while out on the stroll. Fuck. This hard ass bitch even paid her Pimp Pablo, so she could take Brea off his hands. Brea had never in her life seen a woman do some gangsta ass shit like that. This bitch was a mothafucka, and she was the real mothafuckin deal. The only thing Eva required of Brea was to pay for her own security, so they didn’t have to fuck around with pimps for protection.

Brea hoped one day she would be like Eva. She was smart. Eva had a fuckin degree and everything. She used to wonder why Eva was even in the game in the first place. One day when she asked her, she just told her everything.

“Brea. I gonna to always keep it 100% with you. You know, that right?” Eva asked all serious and shit.

“Yeah girl, I know you a real ass female. You don’t lie, and you don’t try to handle people.” Her friend replied.

“You know I could’ve tried to get me a job and everything. After I graduated, I just knew I was going places and shit. I met this guy. He was a sexy ass white boy. He filled my head up telling me I was beautiful dark chocolate, I shouldn’t worry about my skin color, and that he wanted me to be his girl. I fell for that shit and one day after we had been fucking around a little bit, he took me to a party. Girl I didn’t know nothing. I was so green. So, he took me in this room and told me that he would be back in a minute. He said he had something important to tell me. I went in like a dum dum. I never thought my guy would fuck me over. This motherfucker set me up. I was in a room with six guys.” Eva stopped to pull herself together. Just thinking about it made her mad but it hurt more.

“E, dey didn’t?” Brea was crying like a baby. She knew the pain of what Eva was about to say. She had experienced it and her life changed for the worst because of what happened to her.

“Yeah girl, those sick bastards held me down and took turns raping me. The fucked-up part of all of this was that my so-called-dude only fucked me, so he could break me in. They paid him $2K just for the chance to fuck me. I was so messed up girl. They fucked me for hours. I swear they tried to inflict as much pain on my body as possible. They strangled me. They beat me. I thought I would die so many times. One guy was fucking my ass and choking me so hard until I passed out. When I woke up, I was covered in blood, cum, and piss. I was bleeding from everywhere. I couldn’t sit down for days. Since this happened at the very end of the school year, I didn’t know who I could tell. The only thing I had a chance to do was shower and change my clothes before I had to move out of my dorm. I left college with a degree and the victim of a brutal gang rape. I took the few things I had and walked around the city with my two bags. I became depressed and suicidal and nobody was there for me. I walked around begging God to please save me.” Eva stopped talking and hid her face for a while. She was so embarrassed to share this story with Brea, but she needed her to understand that she wasn’t alone. She wiped her face and continued her story. She grabbed some Kleenex from the coffee table. After she wiped her eyes and blew her nose, she continued her story.

“I thought I was going to die on the streets. Honestly, I wanted to die. I was still in pain six days after the rape. I hated everyone, and I mostly hated myself. I was told I was a tar baby that was gonna be a crackhead like my momma and not amount to anything. All of that shit hit me so hard after all this happened to me. I never did anything to deserve the life I was given. Even though I graduated from high school and went on to graduate from college, it didn’t change my life. I was still a nobody on the street with nothing and nobody on my side. I walked around until I found a church that had a shelter. After I got settled in, I started feeling strange. My pee was burning like fire. I went to a free clinic and found out one of those nasty stupid pieces of shit gave me Chlamydia. I took the meds they gave me. I was so down on myself that I tried to kill myself, but I was such a punk ass, I couldn’t cut my wrist. I wanted to die but I didn’t even have the balls to kill myself. My head was so fucked up,” Eva stopped again because the tears were pouring down so hard. Now after all this time, it still hurt to think about the lowest moments of her life. Brea was crying too. They both had similar experiences that still hurt them deep in their souls.

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