Bad Things

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Olivia Brookes is in her senior year of high school, she has ambitions and a quiet life until she meets Cameron Wilder, a rebellious bad boy with tattoos who owns a bar and is intrigued by Olivia's innocent personality. Cameron's trouble and Olivia knows that, but when one thing leads to another and Olivia lies about her age during their first encounter, her lie builds up and it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

When people took a first look at me, they would see a young girl who had everything she could possibly need. It’s true, of course. But in my life I lacked the one thing I desperately wanted - freedom.

My family had always been average, a middle class family with a decent amount of money, therefore when I asked for something I usually got it. But it wasn’t necessarily the best situation. If I asked for money I would have to explain why I needed it and sometimes a girl just needs privacy.

Perhaps I’m spoiled or not grateful enough, but just like any other teenager I wanted my own money. Not my mom’s money, not my dad’s money, but my money that I earned and could do whatever the hell I wanted with it.

I stared at my phone, constantly refreshing my emails and constantly being disappointed when I hadn’t received anything. No emails, no calls, nothing. It was sad, really. Eighteen years old, in my senior year of high school and I can’t even get a part time job.

“No luck?” I heard my friend Thea ask me.

I looked up from my phone and across the lunch table at her, “Nothing. No one will hire me because I’m either too young or have little qualifications.”

It wasn’t like I was going without. I lived in a nice house with my parents, I was given an allowance and I got to use the family car when it was available, but I wanted my own money. I wanted to have my own car and drive to the movies with my friends. But I needed a job for that.

“Why are you looking for a job?” Carter, my other friend chimed in.

Both Thea and I looked at him as though he should already know the answer, “Are you kidding me? You have a job. You technically don’t need one but you have one because every teenager needs their own money.”

“Fair enough,” He took a large gulp of his soda before continuing, “I can put a good word in for you at the sub shop.”

The sub shop was where Carter was working, he was lucky enough to get employed and had the same qualifications as me. I nodded my head in agreement, “That would be great, thank you.”

“How about we go to the mall later and you can put a resume in at every outlet?” Thea suggested eagerly.

That wasn’t exactly what her plan was, I knew from experience that her intentions were to go and shop. I wanted to shop, but what I needed was a job.

“Thanks for the offer, but I have other places that I need to bring resumes today.” I nodded, hoping that I would have more luck after school today.

After my last two classes, Thea and I had went directly from school and down town so I could put out some resumes. I had brought around thirty copies and luckily Thea was kind enough to take the journey with me to each place as I introduced myself before passing a resume.

Between food chains, clothing stores, coffee shops, and diners - no one seemed the slightest bit interested but accepted my resume anyway. In other words I assumed they took it to be polite but just threw it away as soon as I left.

The weather was decent, but the later it became the air grew slightly cooler which made me begin to regret wearing a black romper today instead of something that would keep my legs warm.

“I have to be heading home now, Liv,” Thea said as she slid her phone into her pocket, “My mom has dinner ready and I have a Chemistry test I need to study for.”

I glanced down at the resumes in my hands. There wasn’t many left, we actually managed to get a lot passed out, “That’s fine. Thanks for coming with me. I’m just going to pass out a few more and I’ll head home in a bit also.”

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I smiled as Thea turned away and as she disappeared into the distance, I sighed heavily, “Come on. I really need some luck...”

I then entered into a corner store, causing the door to ding as I entered. The middle aged lady at the front looked over at me and smiled politely.

“Hi, I was just wondering if I would be able to place a resume here?” I asked her as I approached the checkout area.

The lady nodded her head slowly, “Of course. We’re not hiring at the moment, but I can take one for future reference.”

Of course.

“Great, thank you.”

As I walked out of the corner store, the thought crossed my mind that maybe I should stop putting out resumes for the day. It seemed hopeless and walking around for any longer would just hurt my feet, I wasn’t benefiting from this. All I was getting was rejection.

My eyes wandered around the area, making sure I had put a resume in all of the surrounding stores. As my eyes landed on a little bar, I considered checking it out but it would be a ridiculous idea considering I’m only eighteen and not even legal age to drink, let alone work at a bar.

Stupid idea, Olivia. My subconscious reminded me, It would just be a waste of time.

“It isn’t like I haven’t already wasted time,” I muttered to myself, “A few more minutes couldn’t hurt.”

After a few cars passed by me, I hurried across the road and towards the bar that read “Cam’s” on the sign above the door. The outside was brick and the door was black metal, the open sign wasn’t lit up but as I turned the knob the door opened which left me to believe that someone was there.

I walked into the bar slowly, the strong smell of alcohol filling the air of the dimly lit room. The area was empty which made sense considering it wasn’t operating hours, but if the door was unlocked I assumed someone would be around.

The staff door opened and a tall guy with black hair walked out. His eyes instantly set on me, brows knitting together as he set the box of beer that was in his hands on the counter, “We’re closed. Did you not see the sign?”

His voice was deep and very harsh sounding, if he planned on having customers I assume he would have to talk to them better than this.

“I did, I’m sorry. I actually...” I took a deep breath and glanced around the bar, then back at the extremely intimidating man in front of me. With a plain white t-shirt and tattoos covering his arms, his demeanor was terrifying almost.

I began to think about how ridiculous this entire idea was, applying to work at a bar being seventeen years old was one thing but actually expecting to get something out of it was another. This was a stupid idea, I wouldn’t get hired. It was literally illegal for me to work here.

The dark haired, tattooed guy let out an annoyed sigh, “Look, we open in less than two hours. You’re wasting my time.”

“I’d like to apply,” I blurted out amongst his ignorance. I wasn’t sure if I regretted it after or if I was surprised by my forwardness, but I proceeded with confidence, “For a job.”

The guy chuckled, seeming amused, “I don’t recall placing an ad.”

I shook my head, “You didn’t. But I’m looking for a job and--”

“How old are you?” As he stepped forward he snatched a resume from my hand, “Olivia...”

“Well, funny story...”

“I don’t want to hear a funny story,” He snapped, rolling his eyes, “Let’s see your qualifications.”

As his dark eyes moved down the page of my resume I cringed to myself, imagining what he was thinking on the inside. I don’t even have a high school diploma.

I watched him take his lip piercing in his mouth to hold back his amused smirk, “You have little to no experience.”

“I know. I’ve been having trouble finding work...” I admitted.

He put the resume on the bar table and looked at me, “Have you ever worked at a bar? Do you know anything about alcohol or dealing with drunk people?”


He shook his head, his dark hair moving across his forehead, “Obviously not. How old are you, Olivia?”

I bit my lip gently and took a deep breath, “I’m... twenty-one.”

I’m eighteen. My subconscious reminded me - again. Why did I lie? I wanted to disappear in this very moment but I was too far into this to run away and the tattooed bar-guy made me nervous, causing me to ramble on about complete nonsense that wasn’t necessarily true.

He didn’t say anything, instead he leaned back against the bar with his arms folded over his chest and his eyes on me. I stood awkwardly in place under his gaze and clearing my throat.

Was he actually considering me? He wasn’t even hiring but he had the look of consideration on his stern face.

“Let me see your ID and you can start tomorrow at 6:30,” He finally spoke up.

“My ID?” I asked him.

“That’s what I said. This is a bar, I need to see an ID.”

“Of course,” I smiled hesitantly, trying my best to come up with some sort of quick answer, “I don’t have any ID on me, but I can bring it tomorrow?”

He waved me off, not seeming to care all that much, “Okay, 6:30. Don’t be late or don’t come at all.”

I nodded slowly. Very slowly. “Gotcha, I’ll see you tomorrow then...”

He didn’t respond, instead he walked behind the bar and began to set up some bottles on the wall.

As I walked towards the door of the bar, I found myself stopping again and turning to look at the guy behind the bar, “You didn’t introduce yourself. I’d like to have a better name for you other than the guy with the tattoos and face piercings.”

“I know your name, yet I still find myself thinking of you as the really annoying girl that I instantly regret hiring.” He responded dryly without looking at me, his back to me as he adjusted some whiskey bottles on the shelves.


Just as I touched the doorknob, the door swung open and a group of people walked in, seeming to be around the same age as the guy I’ve been speaking to. However old he is. Which is obviously old enough to own or manage a bar.

“Cam, what fuck? You said no one else was here,” A guy said instantly, his intimidating tone making me uncomfortable.

I quickly slid past them, “Sorry, I’m just leaving.”

I scurried out of the bar before I had a chance to hear them say anything else but I was on two minds about going back there tomorrow. I knew that going there to begin with was a really stupid idea and he would find out anyway that I was underage, so why waste any more of this guy’s time?

Because I needed money was an obvious answer but just how badly did I need money and was I willing to work at a bar when I legally wasn’t allowed to? It was the closest I’ve gotten to actually getting a job, though.

Don’t be late or don’t come at all,′ Cam’s husky voice reminded me in the back of my head.

I had twenty-four hours to think about this. Twenty-four hours to change my mind and back out of this crazy idea if I wanted to.

Maybe I would show up, maybe I wouldn’t.

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