Bad Things

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Chapter 13

“When I spoke to you twenty minutes ago, you assured me there was a room with two double beds available,” Cameron began to argue with the girl at the front desk of a crumby motel he found on his phone.

After arriving only a few minutes ago, we were made aware that the only room left was a single double bed and things had become extremely awkward since. Cameron had made sure there were rooms with two beds available before the tow truck dropped us off here, and now it seemed like we were left with one bed only.

“Yes, sir. That is true, however, we have a first come, first serve policy and someone requested the room ten minutes ago,” The girl attempted to explain but it was no good, Cameron was already irritated.

“Fucking ridiculous,” Cameron muttered under his breath before tossing his debit card on the counter, “How about an extra cot, at least?”

The girl began to type on her computer and nodded her head in response, “Absolutely, sir. That will be an additional twenty dollars, plus tax on your bill.”


I looked at Cameron as he leaned his back against the desk while the girl began to charge his card, “You can take half from my pay cheque.”

“No. It’s fine, I’m just irritated about the bed situation,” He admitted.

“I’ll take the cot,” I offered.

His eyebrow arched in amusement, “Princess gone rogue, huh?”

“I’m not a--”

“I’m taking the cot, so don’t waste your breath,” Cameron cut the conversation short before taking his card back from the receptionist and accepting the room key.

The receptionist smiled at him, “Someone will bring the cot within the next hour.”

Cameron chuckled dryly, allowing his frustrations to be taken out on the girl, “Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t plan on sleeping now, huh?”

Without another word, he turned to the stairs and began to walk towards them. There was no elevator and our room was on the second floor but luckily it wasn’t like we had any luggage dragging us down. The only thing dragging us down was Cameron’s mood.

I often wondered if there was a time in his life when he smiled on a regular basis, but then I realized that I was kidding myself.

I followed Cameron to the motel room door and he unlocked it, pushing it open and flicking on the light switch as he walked inside. The room was small, a double bed in the middle and a door on the left hand side of the room that led to an even smaller bathroom.

“It isn’t anything fancy, but it’s just for the night,” Cameron explained.

I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly in response, “Who needs fancy?”

He only smirked at me before closing the door and pulling his white t-shirt over his head, “You can sleep in that, your outfit isn’t something that looks comfortable to sleep in.”

His t-shirt? It was like a moment from the movies when the hot guy gives his shirt for the girl to use as a night gown. But usually there’s chemistry between those two people, or some kind of relationship - it would be weird if I wore Cameron’s shirt, right? I had already done it once and if I hadn’t been so emotional and tired, I probably would have found it odd that time also.

“Thanks...” I offered a smile and accepted his shirt, “How about we see what’s on TV and watch a movie?”

Cameron arched an eyebrow in amusement and took a seat at the edge of the bed, “You’re really going for this whole ‘sleepover’ idea, huh?”

“I wouldn’t call it a sleepover if it’s forced,” I objected, turning on the tv and searching for the remote. When the TV turned on it was only black and white snow, causing a loud disconnected sound to echo in the room. I quickly grabbed the remote and changed channels but there was still nothing on tv. After trying six different channels I had come to the conclusion that there was no cable in this room which defeated the entire purpose of having a TV in here.

I turned my head to look at Cameron as he leaned back on his elbows, exaggerating his smile, “Oh goody. Does this mean when get to talk about our feelings and paint each other’s nails?”

I rolled my eyes, “This isn’t a sleepover. Plus, if I ever did have a sleep over I wouldn’t invite you anyway because you’re such a downer.”

“Ouch,” He groaned.

My eyes fell on the alarm clock beside the bed, it was getting later and I had to make a call to my parent’s. I had already managed a quick two minute conversation with Thea to explain briefly, but my parent’s would be the much harder task. A cop can see through lies, especially their daughter’s.

“I’m going to freshen up for bed,” I told Cameron before taking the shirt he offered to me and heading to the bathroom. There was no way I would be able to have a conversation with my mom or dad in here without Cameron hearing me. I’d have to settle for a text, then hope for the best possible outcome.

The moment I stepped into the bathroom I closed the door behind me and took my phone from my back pocket. There was no lie in the world that could make this situation seem okay for my parents, I had no idea what bullshit story I could come up with that would make my parents not question the fact that I would not be home tonight.

Slowly, I began to type, taking breaks in between to try and come up with any kind of material that could help my case. Eventually, I managed to come up with a brief but well written text to my dad that seemed like a decent excuse.

Hey, dad. Is it okay if I stay at Thea’s tonight? We have a big test in the morning and I feel like I understand the material more when we go over it together. I’ll be home right after school. Please? xo

I closed my eyes, praying internally that this simple text would be enough. My dad was never one to reply right away, especially when he was on duty so all I could do now was wait.

I took my time freshening up. I washed my face and changed into the shirt Cameron had given me, but I could only procrastinate for so long. My dad still hadn’t replied after nearly ten minutes and I had no choice but to head back to the room.

Slowly, I turned towards the bathroom door and opened it, almost colliding with Cameron’s bare chest.

“Hey,” he said casually, his voice deep and bone chilling.

I looked up at him, only being able to give him one syllable, “Hi.”

He glanced over my shoulder and furrowed his eyebrows, “I was worried you got stuck in the toilet or something.”

Clearly, he was joking. I only rolled my eyes and walked past him, “You’re funny, Cameron. But I don’t think you should quit you job to become a comedian or something.”

Before I knew it, Cameron was near me again. He stood close behind me and chuckled lightly, “Why are you so mean to me?”

“Don’t act so butt hurt, Cameron. I’m sure there are many other girls who can help boost your ego.”

He didn’t respond right away, instead, he walked around to stand in front of me. His eyes were playful as they flickered towards my lips, “Maybe I don’t want anyone else to boost my ego... Maybe I want you to admit that you’re hot for me.”

How dare assume that I’m ‘hot for him.’ Whatever that even means, but his ego was large enough for the both of us. This, however, was a large and insane assumption.

I countered his comment by giving him a careless shrug, “That’s a shame. I guess you’ll be waiting a while.”

Camerom didn’t seem take my response seriously, he tucked my hair behind my ear and continued with his smooth words, “Why won’t you just admit that you’re attracted to me? I told you that I think you’re hot... actually, sexy when you’re wearing my clothes.”

“What good would that do, Cameron?” I asked him. Of course denying would have been my best option but I needed to know why he was being so reckless with the flirting.

Not one good thing would come out of Cameron’s flirting and I knew that for a fact. He seemed to ignore the fact that he was still my boss and it was anything but appropriate. Aside from the obvious, Cameron wasnt serious about anything. It was about looks, which was enough to give me red flags.

“It would do plenty of good,” He replied without the slightest bit of hesitation, “Hiding feelings isn’t healthy, Olivia. And if you would just admit it already, your work breaks could become a lot more interesting.”

“Exactly. My work - the job in which I work for you,” I ignored everything that was wrong with his statement, focusing on the key factor.

This time Cameron had a reaction, he seemed confused more than anything, “What does having sex with me have to do with work? It’s harmless fun, two consenting adul--”

“Whoa, I’m sorry. What? This has nothing to do with sex...” I took a step back, laughing softly at his words, “I don’t just have sex with someone for fun, Cameron. I don’t know where you got this idea, but you’re wrong.”

“I wouldn’t say that I’m wrong or that this idea I have is crazy,” He didn’t seem to mind me rejecting him and he continued to hold his head high, “Jesus, Olivia. You act like I’m an idiot or something, I’ve been with enough girls to know when someone is interested in me.”

“Wow!” I started laughing, his ego once again getting the best of him, “Lets talk about your list of trophies - the list of girls you have been with and then we will jump into bed. Lets just make me another notch in your belt, huh?”

He was beginning to irritate me, this wasn’t a joke or a regular conversation anymore. This was Cameron expressing interest in me solely for the purpose of sex, I knew better than to think he wanted anything more and it’s a shame because I knew in my heart of hearts that I could fall for him if I allowed myself to, but I couldn’t. You can’t just fall for Cameron Wilder and expect something in return, I learned that long ago and I wouldn’t break under his gaze. Not now, not ever.

“A notch in my belt... Okay, Olivia.” It amazed me how he remained so calm and careless when I was growing more frantic by the moment, “I’m sorry that I clearly came on too strong. I had the wrong idea and that’s on me, an obvious miscommunication. I can admit my wrongs.”

I blinked a few extra times, trying to make sense of what he was saying to me. An apology was the last thing I expected from him, and even now I wasn’t sure that I heard it correctly.

“You are a really attractive girl, I said that and I meant it...” Cameron continued on, his voice deep and hypnotizing but I remained focused. As focused as I could be, at least. “Lets call it a night, okay? Let bygones be bygones.”

I nodded my head slowly, “Okay.”

“I would never do anything to cross a line, please know that,” He added as he leaned closer to me, he was closer than he had ever been and I knew that it wasn’t a closeness in a friend way, “A kiss, now there’s nothing wrong with that, right?”

“I mean, no... I guess not.”

“If you don’t want me to kiss you, then just say so...”

But I didn’t say anything. Not a word. I didn’t tell him not to kiss me, I didn’t push him away. Instead, I found myself barely breathing as I thought of his lips on mine. The thought heated my cheeks and caused goosebumps to appear in my skin. My mind was far from saying no to him, if anything, I was more likely to ask him to kiss me. I wanted him to.

My breath was taken from my lungs as his lips finally met mine, allowing my eyes to close and take in the surprising softness of his lips. It wasn’t what I imagined it to be, I had imagined a rougher touch but Cameron was gentle and sensual. Instinctively, my lips moved with his and I felt the need to have more of him. I wanted more of his lips, more of his closeness and my heart began to race just before Cameron pulled away from me.

A smirk played on his lips and he whispered softly, “Goodnight, Olivia.”

I furrowed my eyebrows, wondering what the hell was going through his mind. He kissed me and then said goodnight? What was the point? Everything hit me at once, the realization of what Cameron was doing to me and the moment I knew that I had given him exactly what he wanted.

Cameron wanted to prove that I wanted him, he wanted me to know what it felt like to have his lips connected to mine because he thought that it would make me want him more. The unfortunate part was that he was right, I wanted him more now than I ever have.

But I wouldn’t let him know that.

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