Bad Things

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Chapter 24

My conversation with Carter didn’t go nearly as planned, everything with him seemed to go in a circle, there was no end and eventually I would just lose him all together. I want for us to be able to be friends without him expecting anything but even after years of telling him it wouldn’t happen, he’s still relentless.

When my conversation with Carter went North, I became hesitant to talk to Thea because if she had something on her mind, she would tell me. I can’t take more tension today, I’ve already been beating myself up about Cameron and how I’m going to tell him the truth.

At the end of the school day, I walk outside to the back parking lot and towards my car. As I approach close, I notice Roxy is standing there with er arms folded and before I even get a chance to ask her what she wants, she speaks.

“I knew this car looked familiar,” She says to me, taking a step closer as she f urrows her eyebrows together, “You were at my brother’s bar, weren’t you?”

“You’re going to have to be more specific,” I respond, trying my best to seem normal when on the inside I’m screaming.

Roxy shakes her head, rolling her eyes at my response, “Cut the crap, Olivia. Cameron is my brother. I went to talk to him the other day but when I cut through the back parking lot I spotted your car. Of course there are plenty of cars like yours, so I followed my gut instinct and wrote your license plate number down.”

Well, shit. I can’t avoid that or make up a lie, my license plate is right here. The keys are in my hands, and I’m caught by Cameron’s sister. I close my eyes momentarily and sigh in defeat, “Roxy, trust me when I tell you that there’s so much more to this than you know. If you just give me a chance to explain...”

“That’s why I’m here. I could assume a million things but I’d rather give you a chance to explain for yourself.”

I’m stunned by her words, not having expected her to be so willing to hear me out but I refuse to let the opportunity fall flat. The hardest part is going to be the fact that she’s Cameron’s sister and if anyone would run to him and tell him the truth, it would be Roxy.

“Lets go for a drive,” I say as I open the driver’s door and sit down.

Roxy sits in the passenger’s seat and as I turn the key in the ignition, she takes a deep breath, “I have a lot of questions, Olivia. I know it isn’t my business but I also know Cameron a lot more than you do and there’s things that you don’t know about him either.”


I know Cameron, the good and the bad. The very bad, actually. I know his obnoxious and rude, I know he slept with tons of girls just for the fun of it and even now he knows how to get on my last nerve, there’s nothing about him that could turn me away. What Roxy doesn’t know is that in this relationship, I’m the one that’s bad for Cameron and that may come as a surprise to her.

“I have a lot to own up to. There’s things I haven’t told him and it wasn’t supposed to go on as far as it had,” I tell her as I drive out of the school parking lot, “I didn’t think that I would like him so much, especially at the beginning when he was nothing but a jerk, but... I started to get feelings for him and now everything is a mess.”

Roxy stares at me as I speak and she seems stressed out by the situation but I’m not exactly sure why, “What things have you kept from him?”

“The biggest thing? My age... He thinks I’m 21.”

“That isn’t terrible. You’re eighteen, so you are an adult in most cases,” She adds.

I shake my head, tapping my fingers on the steering wheel as I mope my head in shame, “Not in the case of working in a bar.”

Roxy’s head turns and she raises an eyebrow in surprise, “Wait... You work there? Do you have any idea how this could damage his business?”

“I know that, Roxy. Which is why it’s been hard for me to come clean about this entire thing,” I stop at a red light and take a deep breath. I refuse to look at Roxy, fearing that she would be judging me, but I wouldn’t blame her if she is.

I hear her inhale and as I stare at the red light, begging for it to switch to green, Roxy speaks again, “I know we aren’t friends... We probably never will be, but as women I feel like we should protect each other. So please just listen to me when I say that Cameron isn’t always a great guy. To me, he’s the best brother I could ask for, but outside of that... He’s different.”

Shaking my head, I smile and quickly defend him, “I know he’s rough around the edges, it took a while for me to even tolerate him in the same room as me but under all of that bad attitude, he’s amazing. I wasn’t sure it would be possible to ever enjoy his company but now I live for the moment I’m with him again.”

Roxy falls silent and just as the red changes to green, she asks the inevitable question, “Are you seeing each other?”

“I mean, he doesn’t like labels but yeah, I guess you could say that.”


“Roxy, I appreciate you being so calm and listening to me, but please don’t lecture me on your brother. I promise that I’m telling him after prom... Whatever happens after that, I’ve earned it.” I say the words and I mean them, but deep down I don’t want bad things to happen. I want Cameron to forgive me and be okay with the mess I made. Although the chances of that happening as easily as I want them to are slim, I can only hope that Cameron feels enough for me to consider forgiveness as an option.

She doesn’t argue with me, she only ends the conversation simply and at a dead end, “Just be careful. He has hurt girls before.”



I set my purse on an empty table and look around the empty bar. After dropping Roxy off to her house, I decided to come straight to the bar and talk to Cameron. Not about my secrets, but I just needed to see him. Roxy’s words about him seemed to be misleading and I needed to remind myself of the Cameron Wilder that I’ve been falling for.

A set of hands grab my waist from behind and as Cameron whispers in my ear, I feel at ease, “Hey, baby...”

Ugh, baby. Just that word on his tongue could make me weak in the knees.

He pulls my back against his chest and lightly kisses the nape of my neck, “Want a drink?”

“I’m good,” I manage, lost in Cameron’s touch and voice, “I uh, I know the bar doesn’t open for a few hours but I was wanting to see you.”

Cameron suddenly turns me to face him, looking down at me with a grin on his lips, “You know you don’t need a reason to be here, right? You’re my girl, which means you come here any time, any day, no questions asked.”

“Your girl, huh?” I giggle without having control to stop myself, but I can’t help but become giddy due to the sweet remarks that he’s making.

“Mhm... All mine,” He leans down and presses his lips against mine, taking a moment to just brush our lips together before kissing me slowly and lightly.

This man will be the death of me. If death were a beautiful, whimsical thing. Since meeting Cameron my life had done a complete flip and there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s because of him. I’ve lied repeatedly to get close to him, to impress him and the affect that he has on me would only push me to lie more to be near him.

I’ve never been a liar but lately it seemed like that’s what I’m best at.

I moved my lips in sync with his, lost in his touch. The taste on his lips in alcohol and cigarette smoke, but as repulsing as that may sound it was euphoric; it’s Cameron and it’s his taste. The taste I long for since the first time he kissed me at the motel.

Cameron pulls away and leans his forehead against mine, “Fuck, you’re beautiful.”

That isn’t a word that Cameron uses often. Hot or sexy, maybe. But beautiful always seemed to be a more sentimental for for him, something that’s completely unlike him but that’s what made it all the better.

“You’re just saying that,” I blush, looking down at the ground to avoid his gaze.

“I don’t say things unless I mean them,” He lifts my chin and forces me to look at him, “I have never met a girl as effortlessly beautiful as you are. It amazes me.”

What can I say, I’m a girl that flatters easily but can you blame me? A charming, good looking man compliments you, how can you not be flattered? Cameron is extremely good with his words and it made me appreciate him more than ever. I’ve always been attracted to Cameron, but now it was far from only a physical attraction; it’s emotional.

He makes my heart leap in my chest, he causes me to smile when in the back of my mind I have so much going on. And then there’s his words. His charming little sentences that creep up on me and turn me to jello.

That’s why we ended up in his bedroom. Withing minutes we went from him flattering me, to him lifting my body to toss me back onto his bed.

As Cameron climbs on top of me, our lips reconnect in a more fierce manner. We’re both desperate to get more of each other, desperate to take this further and finally get this sexual chemistry out in the open. We can’t deny it, it has always been there and I won’t keep myself from giving myself to him just because I’m afraid of getting hurt.

Cameron isn’t Luke. I remind myself over and over, until finally I’m ready and confident to be with him.

As Cameron pulls away to pull his shirt off, I slide from under him and force him to sit so I can straddle his waist. He seems surprised but impressed to say the least. I tug at the hem of my shirt before pulling it over my head and once my head is free of the fabric I see Cameron staring at my body but it doesn’t make me nervous, I can see the look in his eyes and I know that he likes what he’s seeing.

“Christ...” He mumbles to himself, moving his hands up my sides slowly as he takes in as much of my skin as he possibly can. His hands reach around my back and like a pro, he unhooks my bra, allowing it to fall on my lap.

Cameron leans forward, placing hot kisses along my collarbone and carefully leading his way to my chest, gliding his tongue over my nipple slowly and sensually.

I moan without thought, tugging onto his dark hair and arching my back as the feeling of his breath warms my body. Cameron grips onto my free breast, looking back at me with lust clear in his eyes, “How do you do this to me?”

I have no idea what he means but I smile, placing my hands on his toned chest and reaching for his belt. He stops me and I raise an eyebrow, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong,” He answers quickly, “There’s just something I’ve been dying to do to you since the first day I saw you.”

I furrow my eyebrow and Cameron slowly lays me onto my back, unzipping my pants with ease. As he tugs them off, I’m left only in my underwear but I know that won’t last long and it’s as though Cameron reads my mind, looping his finger under the waistband and pulling them down to my ankles.

“These gotta go,” He chuckles when his eyes meet mine, “I want to make you feel good.”

“You do,” I tell him, but that’s not the answer he wanted because he knows that I’m unaware of what he means fully.

Cameron’s mouth meets my skin once again, this time between my breasts and he takes his time moving down to my stomach. While he kisses near my abdomen, Cameron uses his hand to separate my legs and then I know what he means by wanting to make me feel good.

He’s going to...

“Uhh...” I moan, leaning my head back as Cameron slides two fingers into me without warning.

I wasn’t expecting the action but holy mother of god, did it feel amazing. I can feel his fingers moving inside of me, poking in all the right places and causing me to become more wet than I had been minutes before.

When he removed his fingers he leaves my lady part vacant for only a split second before he buries his face between my legs, his tongue flicking my clit and his breath tickling my sensitive parts.

As Cameron continues to pleasure me with his tongue, he adds his fingers once again which is all too much for me to handle. As I grip onto the bed sheets, I struggle to keep my throat from releasing another moan but I fail. My moans fill the bedroom and I can feel Cameron smirk against me.

Just before I reach my climax, Cameron pulls away and reaches into his nightstand to grab a condom. As he takes the condom from the wrapper his eyes lock on mine and he comments, “Even better than I expected.”

I feel my cheeks burning, watching Cameron removing his pants and as he takes his boxers off swiftly, I gulp.

He’s... big. I know it’s insane to say, but I’ve been clear about my sexual history. I’ve been with one person and one person only, Cameron easily surpasses Luke in size.

He begins to slide on the condom and I stiffen my body slightly, “Wait! Should I...?”

I glance at his length, referring to giving him the same pleasure that he had previously given me. Never in my life had I given a blow job, nor have I been eaten out, but it only seems fair to give Cameron the kind of pleasure that he had just given me.

“Another time,” He answers me as he moves my legs apart again, positioning himself between them, “I don’t want to wait any longer to fuck you.”

His comment shakes me but before I can respond, he enters me suddenly and holds my hips tightly for support during his penetration. Cameron moves his hips at a speed that I never thought possible, I attempt to keep up with his pace but it’s next to impossible.

“Just lay back and enjoy, baby,” He takes my hand and pins it against my bed as he thrusts with such aggression and force that I can barely breathe, let alone speak.

The only sound coming from my lips are moans and gasps for air. He feels amazing. There’s no other word I could use to explain it other than that, I silently scolded myself for holding off as long as I have. I missed out on multiple opportunities to be with Cameron in such an intimate way and he was now making up for all lost time.

I grip onto his shoulders once my hands are freed, grasping at anything I can to release some of the urgency that is building up inside of me. My nails dig into his skin, leaning up and pressing my chest against his. I attempt to move my hips at his pace, feeling Cameron holding my right leg into position and going deeper with each thrust.

Our bodies glistened of sweat and although Cameron held back moans, I could hear him grunting in pleasure. He buries his face in my neck while breathing heavily, using his free hand to grip on my ass.

I try to contain myself, but it’s impossible. I reach my climax and close my eyes as a loud moan escapes my lips, feeling myself fall apart beneath him. It doesn’t take long for Cameron to climax after me and as he slows his thrusts, he slowly pulls out of me and fall on his back beside me.

My chest is heaving, struggling to catch my breath and I can’t help but smirk. I just had sex with Cameron Wilder and it was fucking amazing.

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