Bad Things

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Chapter 27

I’m sitting in front of the police chief, my head buried in my hands as he explains to me how drastic this situation is and how important it is for me to be one hundred percent honest when explaining what happened.

Cameron and my dad are both currently in a holding cell - separate ones, might I add. After my dad punched Cameron all hell broke lose. Cameron isn’t the type to just stand by and allow someone to lay a hand on him, within seconds it was a full on fist fight between the two of them.

But why did I end up here? Well, Eddie is someone I have known my whole life. He’s been chief ever since my dad became a cop and since I’m the only person who witnessed what happened, my dad’s job is in my hands. I need to tell Eddie who threw the first punch. I know it was my dad but my dad was on duty, if the police report stated that he threw the first punch, he could potentially lose his job.

Of course Cameron was going with the story of my dad harassing him and showing up at his bar for no reason, which in some way is true, but the pressure was on for me. I could be honest and cost my dad his job, or I could lie which I’ve become really good at.

“Olivia, I’ve known you your whole life and I’m just trying to understand what happened here...” Eddie leans back in his chair, not moving his eyes from me. He’s good at reading people and I feel like I don’t even need to say anything.

“I’m just trying to process everything...”

“Look, this is hard. I don’t like putting you in this position but it’s my job, and if something happened that’s your dad’s job to handle it in the appropriate manner,” As he explains everything I already know I simply nod my head. That’s just the problem, by law, my dad didn’t handle it appropriately.

I decide to bargain, “Let me speak to my dad.”

“You know I can’t let you do that, not until you give your statement.”

“I’m not just anyone, Eddie. And my dad isn’t either... I know it would be bending the rules but I can’t do this on my own. There’s so much more to the story than you know,” I sigh softly, knowing that Eddie wouldn’t be able to bend the rules, even for people who are practically family to him, “You know my dad is a good person... Cameron pushed his buttons, he went too far and my dad... He was defending me.”

Eddie arches an eyebrow, leaning forward with concern on his face, “Did Cameron hurt you?”

“Physically, no...” I shake my head, tucking a strand of my brunette hair behind my ear, “He uh... Things happened between us. But it was all a ploy to get back at my dad for whatever drama has been happening between the force and Cameron’s bar.”

“I’m sorry, Olivia. You’re gonna have to give me more than that... Someone hurts your feelings and your dad jumps to your defense, I get that if this is his little girl getting bullied on the playground, but it isn’t... With the little information you’re giving me, I don’t understand your dad’s motives. So just tell me, who started the physical aspect of the fight?”

“My dad did... But he had a reason.”

“Your friend could press charges, you know. I can handle it privately as of right now but if charges are pressed it would be a big deal in the media because your father is a cop. Cops are being watched carefully these past few years, with the assumption that they use their power to hurt civilians, the media will eat this right up.”

Eddie’s words make sense, but he did say that is only if Cameron presses charges. Would he really? Nothing surprises me with him anymore but I would hope he has inflicted enough pain on my dad.

“I want to see him,” I say.

Eddie nods his head, “You dad is in holding cell number six.”

“No... I want to see Cameron.”

It was a request that I don’t think Eddie fully understood, but neither did I at first. However, I have to do what I can to keep my dad and his job safe, if that meant talking to Cameron then that’s what I would do.

He led me down a hallway that I had seen millions of times when coming to the station with my dad, but instead of passing it by I was stopped in front of a door. Eddie explained the usual rules, there were cameras and whatnot, blah blah blah. But Cameron is in a cell anyway, so it isn’t like anything could happen. Even if he weren’t in a cell, he isn’t a dangerous person. Not to me, at least.

When Eddie opens the door, I walk inside and see Cameron behind bar, leaning against the brick wall with his arms folded over his chest. The door closes behind me which catches Cameron’s attention.

He looks at me, his dark brows raised in amusement, “Fancy seeing you here.”

“Cut the crap, Cameron,” I roll my eyes, taking a few steps towards the cell and brainstorming my approach to this situation, “I’m not here to make nice. I don’t want to talk about what happened between us, I want to talk about my dad...”

“Oh you mean how he attacked me in my own business and home? Yeah, about that, did he think you were a virgin or something?” I’m not sure if his question is serious or not but I feel my stomach turn, “Because if so, I apologize for spilling the secret of you getting pounded.”

“Who are you?” I ask him, feeling something inside of me becoming sad. He isn’t the same person I grew to know, the person I learned about and cared for. The Cameron I know had a rough exterior but was kind to me.

Cameron shrugs his shoulders, “A fuck up. That’s who I am.”

I shake my head, refusing to let him try and make himself sound like a sad, damaged boy who screws up all the time, “Don’t be smart with me... You made your decision, okay? You knew that what you were doing to me was fucked up when you decided to.”

“I apologized. I explained that my feelings had changed.”

“And yet you still slapped it in my dad’s face,” I remind him. A soft laugh of disbelief escapes my lips as I continue, “For a split second I felt like your apology was maybe sincere until you did that.”

Cameron stands from the bench and walks slowly towards the bars, when he reaches them he holds onto the with both hands and stares at me, “What do you want me to say, Olivia? You had already made your mind up about me so I might as well have followed through with my plan from the start, right?”

“Wrong. Even if I had decided how I felt about your motives, if you cared about me at all you wouldn’t have humiliated me in front of my dad, it’s wrong in so many ways and I thought you were mature enough to know that.”

My attempt to get through to Cameron falls short as he continues to be as stubborn as he always is. It’s hard for me standing in front of him, seeing a guy who I cared about so much but hurt me in ways I never thought possible. Everything is still too fresh and being here is putting me through hell.

“Don’t talk to me about who’s mature.”

“Are you going to bring up my age?” I ask him, irritated that he began to use it against me in the cruelest way, “I may be young and I may have lied, but I’m a good person... What can you say about yourself? You lied and you still turned out to be an asshole in the end.”

He doesn’t respond to me and I know that in some way my words are actually being heard, if it’ll change anything is a mystery to me, but at least he’s listening.

Finally, he moves and extends his hand through the bars and towards my hand, “Take my hand and look at me.”

“No,” I shake my head refusing to let him touch me, “I can’t believe you even expect me to touch you after what you did to me.”

“I stand by what I said at the bar, okay? I had an idea and the further I go into pursuing you I did develop feelings for you. I care about you and I may not have proven that but it’s just the facts,” Cameron stares attentively at me and I feel like he can see through me and everything that I feel towards him at this moment, “I know by telling your dad everything threw my apology out the window, but I’m an even bigger idiot when I’m angry. You were clearly upset with me so I retaliated against you by hurting you more.”

His logic is so stupid but I know that he’s honest about that. He is a bigger idiot when he’s angry, that I won’t object to. Does it change anything? Absolutely not.

“Olivia, I know I can be immature and I took it to a whole other level today by getting upset with you for not forgiving me. I admit that, okay? I don’t know what you need from me to believe that I really do care about you, but right now all I have are words.”

And that’s just what I needed to hear. Not for me to forgive him, but I would tell him how he can proves that he cares to me and his answer will verify everything that I’m wondering.

“There is one thing you can do.”

“Which is what?” Cameron asks.

I take a deep breath before confidently telling him, “Don’t press charges against my father.”

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