Bad Things

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Chapter 5

After working at Cam’s for a few weeks, things began to come more naturally to me. I was still completely out of my comfort zone, but aside from that for the first time since I started working here, I felt like I knew what I was doing.

I refrained from dressing like a complete hooker, sticking with jean shorts and nice fitting tank tops. No one said that I couldn’t look good without tearing my clothes apart. I couldn’t be like Zoey even if I wanted to be, there was only one Zoey Harrison in this town, she was one of a kind. Zoey and I had become fast friends, aside from our completely different personalities we clicked.

She was right when she mentioned that standing behind the bar gave her an insight on things that other didn’t notice. I’ve noticed a few things, like how the same group of teenage boys try sneaking in every night, or that a regular customer with red hair buys drinks only to later throw them in someone else’s face. It’s an interesting weapon of choice. Then there’s Cameron, I’ve noticed that not many night pass where he doesn’t bring a girl into his room. Although I may not know him well, it doesn’t take a genius to know what’s going on behind closed doors.

Cameron had yet to show me any hint that he was an actual human being, but he wasn’t a chatter. He seemed to have little to no interest in communicating with me, which I was fine with but it also made me wonder why he could talk to Zoey or any other person who walked through the door but not me?

I had reached the point where I had little to no respect for the man who wrote my paycheck. He had no respect for himself or the multiple women he toyed with, so why should I? It wasn’t anything personal, but I had experienced first hand a fuckboy who couldn’t keep it in his pants for one girl, therefore I cannot stand men like that.

“What’s his deal?” I rhetorically asked Zoey who was standing next to me.

She looked at me with a brow raised, “Who? Cam?”

“I just don’t understand why anyone would carelessly hook up with people...” I shrugged my shoulders and took my eyes off of Cam and his newest hookup, turning to face Zoey, “Isn’t he afraid of getting herpes or something?”

Perhaps I was a little too sheltered, the only guy I had slept with was Luke, my boyfriend of two years. Even then we never had sex until we had been dating for nearly a year. Once Luke realized he was young and could sleep with other girls, he decided not to waste his pretty little penis on only me, but the entire school.

“Safe sex?” Zoey suggested, she didn’t seem nearly as disgusted with the thought as I did but she did engage in conversation, “It isn’t all that bad. Sometimes you just gotta have some fun, and truthfully, no strings are easier to handle than serious relationships.”

Maybe Zoey wasn’t the girl who would side with me in this type of conversation, she seemed completely okay with reckless hookups.

I nodded my head to let her know that I understood her reasoning, “But these girls have to know that he just plays... Why would anyone let themselves up for that kind of disappointment? And who knows where that dick has been.”

“Jeez, Liv. I didn’t know you were so judgy,” Zoey laughed, poking fun at me before leaning against the counter, “Don’t judge a girl based on the guy she sleeps with. When you have a reputation like Cam does, a girl is bound to get curious.”

“You sound like you’re speaking from experience,” I laughed softly but when Zoey didn’t deny anything, my eyes widened. Holy shit. “You and him? He’s your boss! Isn’t that weird? Are you like a thing?”

My inner high school girl was coming out but this was the kind of drama high schoolers lived for. I thought these kind of things only happened in the movies but apparently Cam’s Bar is a living film.

“No! We’re not a thing.” Zoey gently hit my arm, continuing to giggle as she explained herself, “It was like two times... Nothing serious. And Cam is barely a boss, he’s more like a buddy than anything. It isn’t like I work for some kind of cooperate business or the president.”

“Wow.” I was still stunned by this newfound information but it’s like Zoey said, Cam is more like a buddy to her which obviously helped the situation be non work related. “Good for you, Zoe.”

She shot me a playful wink and reached for the hand towels under the bar to wipe the counter off, “Can you grab an extra roll from the storage room? This one is almost out.”

“Sure thing,” I nodded before stepping out around the bar and moving through the crowd of people.

The storage room was past the bathroom, I had only seen it once when Zoey was showing me around last week but the place wasn’t big enough to get lost or forget what each door was. The room was filled with boxes, most of them didn’t even have labels on them which would make my job more difficult.

Finding hand towels in the storage room would be like looking for a needle in a haystack - next to impossible.

I leaned on my toes to look on the higher shelves, reaching for one that seemed to have potential in my eyes. Another reason to hate being 5′4, maybe it was average but it wasn’t nearly as essential as a taller height would be in this world.

The sound of the doorknob twisting caught my attention and as I stood behind a shelf, I looked through a crack to see Cameron ushering his new lady friend inside.

How cliché, hooking up in a storage room. God forbid the guy bring a girl to his room.

“Cam...” The girl placed her hands on Cameron’s chest as he pressed her back against the wall, “Are you sure no one will come in?”

Cameron smirked at her, lowering his head to her height, “Positive. The door is locked, Jules.”

She seemed pleased with his answer, immediately bringing her lips back to his and kissing him like an animal in the wild that pounced on their prey. I get the whole passion thing during sex, but this kissing was so aggressive that it seemed like they would die if they didn’t get it in soon. Urgency and impatience was clear.

I broke away from my thoughts, suddenly realizing that Cameron was about to have sex with a girl and I was hiding behind the storage shelf. I would witness it and I didn’t want to. It wasn’t only wrong to spy on people but also very disturbing.

“Stop, stop, stop...” The girl’s voice pulled my eyes back to see what was going on. She and Cameron were now apart and looking at each other but this time she seemed more stressed, “What if Garrett finds out?”

In response, Cameron shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, “He won’t... Not from me, at least.”

“I just... I can’t do this right now. Not again,” The red head looked down at her feet, “I’m sorry... I want to, I just feel guilty. Do you have some stuff to, you know, ease my anxiety?”

Stuff? I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at her choice of words. Was she asking for nitrous oxide? Anytime I went to the dentist I requested nitrous to ease my anxiety but I had no idea why Cameron would have that at his bar.

“Not right now,” Cameron sighed in defeat, stepping away from the girl and allowing her to walk past him, “Vinny’s suppose to bring some tomorrow, ’ll let you know if it doesn’t fall through.”

The girl gave him a small but barely genuine smile as she held onto the doorknob, “I’m really sorry Cam... Maybe once I break up with Garrett.”

He didn’t respond but as the girl left the room, closing the door behind her, I noticed Cameron roll his eyes, clearly annoyed, “Unbelievable.”

I waited a few moments until I realized that Cameron wasn’t leaving just yet, he stayed leaned against the wall with his head tilted upwards and eyes closed. Clearly he was trying to relax himself but it was a matter of time before he realized I was in here which would lead to a weird conversation that I didn’t want to have.

Cameron reached for the doorknob and attempted to open it but the door stood still. He shook a little harder, putting presser on the door with his body but it still didn’t budge.

Oh god. He was definitely going to find out that I’m in here.

“Fuck sakes,” He muttered, giving the door a large kick which did absolutely nothing to solve his problem.

I decided that now was the best time to surrender myself before getting caught at a later time and making things even more weird - if that were possible.

“I should let you know that I’m in here and I had no intentions on watching you have sex,” I started, stepping out from behind the shelves with my hands raised as though I were surrendering myself to the police.

Cameron turned to face me, his expression telling me absolutely nothing about how he was feeling since he always had the same stupid expression on his face, “So the moment I took my pants off is when you would have decided it was a good time to step out from behind there?”

He had a point. I didn’t know what my plan was but I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have just sat there while people were having sex.

“Can I plead the fifth?”

Cameron shook his head, “You do a terrible job at making yourself look good, you know that?”

“That’s a rude thing to say,” I huffed, taken off guard for his sudden insult towards me.

“I mean, come on - You show up on your first day in sweat pants, last week you wasted fifty dollars worth of beer on the floor and now your hiding in the storage room? You’re a piece of work Olivia.”

Maybe I’ve had some bad moments but until now I thought that I was doing a great job of making myself look good at this job. I’ve tried and according to Cameron I was failing terribly. It was definitely a punch in the ego and I had no response that could defend myself at this point in time.

“If you have such an issue with me I don’t know why you’re allowing me to work here,” I folded my arms over my chest and looked away from the egotistic asshole. He thought he was so great but he wasn’t.

I could hear Cameron chuckle, he wasn’t laughing or anything, it was an obnoxious and arrogant chuckle. I was so annoyed by him that I refused to look in his direction and the next thing I know he was next to me, leaning down so his lips were directly to my ear.

I could feel his hot breath against my skin and my entire body froze, having no idea what he was trying, “I’m waiting to see you crack.”

Why was he so sure that I would crack? I never gave the impression that I didn’t try. I always tried my best to make sure he knew that I was serious about working here. It would be impossible to impress someone with such impossible standards; I was kidding myself.

“If I were going to crack I would have already,” I pushed him away from me and shot him a glare, “You underestimate me and it’s completely unfair.”

With a smug smile on his face, Cameron watched me from his new position against the wall, “Boo who... Not everything is fair in the world, you’re going to learn the hard way if you don’t deal with it now.”

I refused to give Cameron any more of my attention. Pushing my brunette hair away from my face, I walked to the door and tried opening it, forgetting why I was hanging around here in the first place. The door was still stuck and Cameron was still an obnoxious ass.

I stood far from Cameron as he took out his phone and attempted to make a call, “Jesus Christ, Zoe. Pick up the damn phone...”

He must have fallen short with luck because a moment later he pushed his phone back into his pocket and settled with sitting on the floor. I wanted badly to do the same but the inner child in me refused to copy his actions so I stubbornly decided to continue standing.

“How in the world did the door get stuck out of no where?” I complained, not understanding how Cameron’s lady friend got out but we can’t.

It was a rhetorical question, but Cameron answered me, “The hinges are off, sometimes they get stuck and other times it’s fine.”

“Well, you should really get that fixed.”

For a while Cameron and I waited in silence, both too stubborn to talk to the other. It just made the situation all the more unbearable. It was bad enough being stuck in a storage room, but in awkward silence, the situation felt worse.

It was Cameron who took the chance to speak first, his eyes on me from across the dungy room, “Why here? Of all places a girl like you could work, why did you choose a bar?”

A girl like me? I don’t know what he meant by that, but I had full intentions on finding out.

“I applied everywhere, thank you. Not just your bar.”

“So you were desperate and had no standards for yourself?” He questioned me.

He made it sound like such a bad thing, but the reason was simple, “I needed money and I wasn’t about to be picky with the opportunities that I was given.”

“Fair,” Cameron responded.

“What about you? Why was your goal in life to own a bar that is also your home?” I asked him in return. If he wanted to question me then I would question him back.

“Who said it was a goal? Sometimes it’s just the hand that you’re dealt in life and you gotta deal,” His eyes stared directly in mine, making the conversation feel all the more intense, “My parents kicked me out the moment I turned eighteen so I busted my ass to afford a bedroom in a shared apartment. Once I earned enough I purchased something that I could live in and where I could make money. It’s as simple as that.”

I felt like a bitch for asking what turned out to be a highly personal question but I also didn’t ask for so much detail. I never knew Cameron’s life was as dark as he made it seem but overall his choice was smart. Instead of leasing and paying rent, he just leased and lived here.

“When you were eighteen? So that was like, what? 5 years ago?” I was fishing for information, curious about how old Cameron is.

“Seven years ago,” He answered.

If he was eighteen seven years ago, that means he’s twenty-five now. I was surprised that he was answering my questions so easily, so I did what anyone would do who had a case of curiosity. I continued asking more questions.

“When did you open the bar?”

“Three years ago,” He answered but began to get irritated with my pestering, “Are you done with the questions?”

I only nodded my head, looking down at my feet as the awkward silence began to fill the room again. It was hard being stuck in a room with someone who refused to communicate and made it clear that he didn’t like me, I felt like every move I made he would constantly be judging me.

The sound of shuffling outside the door caught both mine and Cameron’s attention, someone was trying to get in. After a loud thud, the door swung open and Zoey stepped in with her brows furrowed together in confusion.

“I was wondering where the hell you were with those hand towels,” She explained before looking at Cameron who was standing from the floor, “You really need to get this thing fixed, Cam.”

“Noted,” He responded before walking past Zoey and out of the storage room.

I turned my attention to Zoey and managed a small smile, “You saved me from the silence, thank you.”

She giggled softly and grabbed a box from the top shelf which had hand towels piled in them, “I could feel the tension from the bar, maybe I’m just psychic.”

It was a relief to be out but at the same time I felt worse about myself and working here. Knowing that Cameron looked at me like a mess waiting to happen was completely defeating and hurtful, I was beginning to wonder if I was better off not knowing at all.

If it weren’t for Zoey being here daily would be completely worthless, but she somehow made it better with her friendship.

Cameron, on the other hand, was a completely different story.

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