Playing Deep

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Chapter 20


I break speed records as I point the Harley towards the hotel.

When Jenna uttered those two words, every fucking dream I ever had came true.

There’s no way I’m taking her home - the last thing we need right now is to be anywhere near either of our parents’ houses, but I’ll be damned if our first time together is going to be some rushed affair on the back of a motorbike.

Although, the idea of sinking into her soft body on the Harley has my cock harder than a steel pole, so I file that little fantasy away for another time.

Right now, I want her naked on soft sheets in the middle of my bed where I can fuck her senseless in every way that I’ve imagined for the last five years.

The feel of her soft body behind me is torture. I can feel every soft curve pressed against me, her tits against my back, her thighs squeezing my hips, and it takes every ounce of my concentration not to crash the damn bike.

It doesn’t take long to get to the hotel and I guide the Harley straight into the underground garage, pulling up in the parking spot allocated to my room.

I remove my helmet and turn to find that Jenna has already removed hers. She’s still wearing my jacket, her cheeks flushed, her hair tangling around her shoulders, and she’s never looked more beautiful. Our gazes tangle as I reach for her hand and lead her to the elevator which will take us up to the hotel lobby.

I’m on her as soon as the doors close, backing her up against the elevator wall as my mouth crashes against hers.

Grabbing her thighs, I lift her and pin her against the wall, squeezing her rounded ass as she wraps her legs around my waist. She moans, pushing her hips against mine and grinding her pussy against my throbbing cock.

The ping of the elevator reminds me where we are, and I tear my mouth from hers, lowering her slowly back to her feet, our breathing heavy as the doors open.

I lead her across the lobby and we take another elevator up to the fifth floor. Other guests file into in the cramped space, and it’s torture keeping my hands to myself until I’ve got her in my room.

“Are you sure about this?” I ask, closing and locking the door behind us, hoping like hell that she’s not about to change her mind.

She slips my jacket from her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor, her t-shirt following, all the while keeping her eyes locked on mine as she stands there, her perfect tits cupped in a lacy little bra. I can see her nipples poking against the thin material and my cock swells to monumental proportions as I remember the taste of her on my tongue.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” I rasp, already moving towards her.

My eyes fall to the delicate silver chain with its locket nestled between her breasts. “You kept it,” I breathe, lifting the locket away from her warm skin.

“Of course. You gave it to me,” she replies, her soft eyes full of emotion.

In an instant, my mouth is on hers, our tongues tangling and I back her up until her knees hit the end of the bed. She tumbles backwards onto the mattress with a giggle, her hair splayed around her. She’s every fucking fantasy I’ve ever had, right there in my bed, and the sight of her nearly brings me to my knees.

I slide my hands up the outside of her thighs and across her waist, unbuttoning her jeans and peeling them down her legs. Starting at her ankle, I lick and nibble my way up the inside of her leg, almost reaching her moist center, before lavishing the same torturous treatment on the other leg.

“Ty, please!” she moans.

“Anything you want, baby, anything at all,” I promise.

I unhook her bra, tossing it aside, and bend to suckle one nipple, pinching the other between my thumb and finger. She gasps, arching up off the bed, the sound of her husky moans driving me insane with desire, and it’s all I can do not to spill my load right then and there.

My mouth teases across her stomach, kissing and nibbling my way down until I reach her soft pussy, her sweet scent surrounding me, the damp patch on her panties telling me just how turned on she is.

I yank the scrap of material down her legs, tossing it aside before gently pressing her legs apart, opening her up to my lips and tongue as I slides it between her folds to find her clit, giving it a firm lick.

“Oh, God, Ty!” she chokes, jerking against my mouth.

Fuck, I love hearing my name on her lips like that. It’s taking everything I have not to strip off my clothes and plunge deep inside her, but I don’t want to rush, I want to give her as much pleasure as I can first. My cock will have to wait a little longer.

I keep up the pressure and friction with my tongue, and her hands reach down to tangle in my hair, holding me to her as I pleasure her.

I feel the spasms that start to grip her body as I swirl and plunge my tongue against her sensitive nub, and then she’s crying out as her orgasm hits her, arching her back off the bed and releasing her sweet juices into my mouth.

I keep up the pressure of my tongue a little longer, milking the last of her orgasm from her, and the sounds she’s making cause my cock to leak a little cum in my boxers.

I stand, quickly stripping off my clothes and Jenna’s eyes widen as she takes in the full, engorged length of me.

“Wow!” she breathes, and my cock swells even more under her rapt attention.

I kneel on the bed and pull her to her knees in front of me, dipping my head to her mouth, the juices from her orgasm still coating my tongue.

Her hands feather across the muscles of my chest, and I clench my jaw as she pauses to stroke my nipples before moving down my stomach and grasping my swollen cock.

“Holy fuck!” I groan, stilling her hands.

“Did I do something wrong?” she asks uncertainly, pulling her hands away.

“No, baby. There’s nothing that you could do wrong,” I reassure her. “But, I’m right on the edge here, and if you carry on touching me like that I’m gonna shoot my load all over you. “

“Oh,” she says, understanding dawning. “Is that a bad thing?”

“No, but we’ll save that for another time,” I grin, wrapping one arm around her waist and tipping her backwards so that she’s under me as settle my weight on top of her.

My shaft slides between her still slick thighs and the friction is so exquisite I know I’m not going to be able to last much longer. Reaching down, I squeeze the base of my cock, trying to buy a little more time and delay the inevitable.

“Are you on the pill?” I rasp, nuzzling my mouth into her neck.

She shakes her head. “Never had any reason to be.”

My head pops up as I look at her. Shit! Is she saying what I think she is?

“Why?” I ask, holding my breath.

“Because I’ve never been with anyone like this except for you,” she says, and a blush stains the skin from her magnificent tits all the way up to her beautiful face.

My inner caveman is roaring and beating his chest as I gaze down at her in awe. “Not in five years?”

“Not in the last five or the next sixty-five,” she says. “Not with anyone else. It’s always been you for me, Ty.”

I close my eyes to hide their sudden sheen. This woman is surely going to be the death of me because I’m going to make love to her until my body gives out or I pop an artery.

I smooth her hair back from her flushed face, kissing her softly, reverently, teasing my tongue across her lips so that she opens up for me. The kiss starts out gently, but quickly becomes heated when she draws my lower lip into her mouth, sucking it gently.

“Where did you learn that?” I ask, a tiny spark of jealousy flickering to life in my chest.

“Just now, on you,” she replies, and the spark is doused as quickly as it ignited.

“You like?” she asks, with a grin.

“Oh, I like it!” I growl. “I like everything you do to me.”

“Really?” she waggles her eyebrows mischievously as she runs her hands down my back, opening her legs and wrapping them around my waist so that I’m pressed against her opening, and I know I can’t fight the urge to bury myself inside her any longer.

I reach into the bedside cabinet, pulling out a condom and tearing it open with my teeth before sheathing myself and settling back between her thighs.

“One day, I’ll have you bareback, with nothing between us,” I promise.

She obviously likes that thought because she moans and moves under me.

I kiss her neck, moving down to her tits, sucking her nipples into my mouth and flicking them with my tongue.

“You taste and feel as amazing as I knew you would,” I murmur, dipping my hand between us and spreading her open to find her clit with my thumb.

“Ty!” she moans, and I increase the pressure and friction, her hands grabbing fistfuls of the sheets as she moves her hips instinctively.

I press the tip of my cock to the entrance of her tight, hot pussy and slide in just a little way. She’s so fucking tight and I wonder if she’ll be able to take all my length. Who am I kidding? I’ve wanted her for so fucking long I’ll only need one pump with my dick half-way in to shoot my load.

She tenses and jerks underneath me, biting her lip as I push in a little further and my cock meets resistance. Shit! Her hymen is thick, and I grit my teeth, knowing this is going to be uncomfortable for her.

“I’m sorry baby, this is gonna hurt for a minute, but then I’ll make it up to you, okay?”

“I don’t care,” she moans, “I just want you inside me, Ty! I’ve waited so long…I Iove you!”

Her confession splinters the last of my control and with one hard thrust, I bury myself in her warm tightness, clenching my jaw and forcing myself to stay still as her eyes close and she lets out a soft whimper.

I kiss the wetness from her eyes, her cheeks, her mouth, trying to soothe her as she breathes through the discomfort, and after a minute I feel her muscles relax, her body opening up to accept me.

Jenna releases a shaky breath and opens her eyes to look at me. “It’s ok now.”

It’s all the encouragement I need, and I begin to move my hips slowly, letting her adjust to my size as I slide in and out of her until I’m buried so deep I don’t know where I end and she begins.

I grasp her hips, lifting her thighs around me, adjusting her so that I hit her clit with just the right friction each time I thrust against her, and her little mewls of pleasure tell me she’s getting close again.

I feel the pressure beginning to build in my balls, and electric shocks shoot up and down my spine as Jenna pants below me, pain forgotten as she seeks her own climax with each thrust of my hips.

It’s the most amazing thing, hearing her cry out and seeing her face contort, feeling the contractions deep inside her as she comes.

Knowing that I’ve given her that pleasure, that I’m her first, is enough to send me over the edge, and I roar as I succumb to my own orgasm, my release so intense that I think I may pass out. I rivet my hips to hers, my cock deep inside her as the last tendrils of pleasure slowly ebb away.

Breathing heavily, I collapse on top of her, careful not to crush her as I roll us onto our sides, our bodies still intimately joined as we give in to sleep.


I wake with a start, breathing heavily in the grip of my nightmare, my body bathed in sweat, the smell of whiskey almost choking me.

Soft hands reach for me, soothing me and the terror fades a little with her touch.

I remember where I am, who those soft hands belong to as she pulls me to her, wrapping herself around me as if she’s trying to absorb my pain.

For the first time ever following my nightmare, I’m able to go back to sleep again.

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