Playing Deep

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Chapter 34



I watch as my blonde bombshell walks away, her back straight and her rounded ass swaying, making her skirt swish around her long legs. There’s no way she can know that the feel of her soft curves against me has caused a reaction that hasn’t occurred for months.

My dick went from zero to locked and loaded in two seconds flat and I couldn’t help myself. Kissing her in that moment seemed as natural as taking my next breath. Those full red lips were begging for my mouth and I wonder how they’d feel wrapped around my now throbbing cock. Just the thought robs me of breath and almost has me bent double.

The white dress did nothing to disguise her hourglass figure and magnificent tits. Dear God, I was so capable in that moment I could’ve lifted her dress, slid her panties aside and buried myself in her heat right there and then!

What’s even more surprising is she’s the exact opposite of my usual type of woman. I’ve always gone for blonde and tanned – or I did until my cock decided to go into early retirement six months ago. She may well be blonde under that wig, but her skin is pale, almost alabaster, and her lush curves are a contrast to my usual tastes, in the most delectable way.

I discreetly adjust the pants of my outfit, trying to hide my enormous hard-on, and wonder again at the physical reaction she’s just re-kindled. Who the fuck is this woman who’s given my body a new lease of life? The urgent need for an answer to that question diverts the blood from my dick back to my brain and I take off after her.

I push my way through all the bodies, heading out the door and down the path just in time to see a cab pulling away with my blonde bombshell in the back, her vivid green eyes looking back at me through the rear windscreen as she disappears into the night.


I go back inside, speaking to a few of the guests to see if anyone knows who she is, but no one remembers her. It’s like she’s a ghost – here one minute and gone the next. The only reminder of her is the twitch of my previously dormant cock when I remember her soft body against mine as we kissed.

Six months is a long time for a man to be dead from the waist down. In that time, I’ve gone from having an impressive one-eyed monster with a voracious appetite for pussy to a pathetic slow-worm with an inferiority complex.

I know it’s my punishment for my man-ho ways after Monica and I split. That woman has done a number on me and I’m not sure I’ll ever recover from her betrayal. I’ll certainly never trust another woman again. I loved her, was going to marry her, take care of her and our baby.

What a fucking gullible fool!

I fell for Monica the first time I saw her. She was a few years older than me, beautiful, blonde and confident – and I wanted her. She was my first lover and I fell hard for her.

The feeling seemed to be mutual because she was on top of me in my bed the very same day, giving me a thorough education in the ways of a woman’s body.

Things were good for a while, we got along well and seemed to have a similar outlook on life. We’d been together six months when she dropped the bombshell that she was pregnant. The news came as a complete shock because she told me she was on birth control.

Once the shock wore off I quickly came around to the idea of being a daddy and was even more excited when her belly started to grow with our baby. Asking her to marry me had seemed like the next step – call me old-fashioned but I wanted our baby to have my name.

Then it had all gone to shit.

I came home early from training one afternoon and found her fucking another man in our bed. Caught in the act. No way she could deny that one. There’s nothing like the pain of seeing your pregnant fiancée grinding away on another man’s cock.

Or being told that the child you thought was yours isn’t - that the real father is the man whose cock she was jumping up and down on. She took great pleasure in screaming that little nugget of information at me as I threw them both out.

She also told me in no uncertain terms that she’d never loved me, how I’d never satisfied her – in and out of bed, how she had to fake her orgasms. She just liked the attention that being with a pro football player had given her.

Her words had devastated me more than her actions, and how I kept my fists to myself I’ll never know. Part of me knew even then, my blood bubbling with fury, that if I let loose in that moment, I’d be the one in a jail cell, and she would have won.

So, instead, I smashed up the bed until it was nothing but firewood and found a new apartment the next day. I couldn’t stay there with the smell of their sex and deceit hanging in the air.

Then, I went on the biggest bender imaginable, trying to bury the pain at the bottom of a bottle and under a different blonde every other night. Always blonde, each one a punishing reminder of Monica’s betrayal, a reminder never to give my heart over to any woman again.

I was upfront – no strings and no promises of commitment. Just sex, plain and simple, with no emotions at risk. I made sure I always used protection – no burying the bone unless I was wearing a cock-sock. No chances of another woman telling me I’d gotten her pregnant.

That arrangement was working fine, my only priorities getting drunk and getting laid, until six months ago when Puff-the-One-Eyed-Dragon had stopped, well, puffing.

Despite the reputation I know I’ve earned over the last year, I haven’t been near a woman for the last six months of it. The only good thing I can say about having a defective dick is that it’s broken the self-destructive cycle I was on. I can admit now that I fucked up. I’m not proud of my six-month knee-jerk reaction, and the only person it fucked up in the long run was me.

My best friend, Tyler, has been there for me. He knew I was licking my wounds from Monica’s betrayal, but he didn’t push. He just waited in the background like a good friend until I was ready to spill my guts and was there for me the night I finally did after the better part of a bottle of whisky.

I’m glad things have worked out for him and his girl, Jenna. He deserves to be happy after the shit life has dealt him, and she seems like a genuinely sweet girl. It’s obvious they’re madly in love and it’s good to see my friend with the real deal.

But pleased as I am for them, love is for other people now. I have no need for it.

Tonight, though, a blonde bombshell has unexpectedly brought my body back to life. Something about her has unlocked a psychological block and I need to find her, see if it was just a fluke.

I just don’t know where to start.

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