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“When it comes to falling in love…never say never.”

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Falling in love for the first time should be the most amazing feeling in the world. For me, it was the exact opposite.


See, the guy I fell in love with turned out to be a cheat. The best part, the real doozy? He cheated on me with my very own twin sister.


The entire debacle left me with enough wounds, and knives in my back to last me a lifetime. I was convinced I’d never fall in love again. Ever.


Until I ran into my past.


Orlando was my first crush. My friend. But he’s not the Orlando I remember. He’s changed. Now he’s the silent, brooding type. The type I should avoid while nursing a broken heart.

I know I shouldn’t risk it. I know I should keep my distance.


But here’s the thing…I can’t.



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