The Dividing Line: Taboos & Temptations

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Chapter 10

Cole reminisced over the events that led him here. Angel had truly been his savior. She found him, tended his wounds, and nursed him back to health. He felt like he was back to 85% of his previous strength. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he was able to do everything for himself without a hint of pain. The more he thought about his recuperation, the more he considered staying here with her.

Angel’s house was 10 miles from town and approximately 3 miles from her nearest neighbor. There was no need to worry about anyone coming out here to look for him. He knew that she only went into town occasionally to pick up supplies. He could live out here in peace for the rest of his life.

Every day he reminded himself that when his “Brothers” abandoned him to die, she spared his life. The more he thought about it, she could have left him out there to die. Most people don’t like to get involved, but she was different. She spared his life.

For three months he had been treated as if he were a member of Angel’s family. She showed him care, concern, and courtesy. He knew that she had seen all his tattoos. She was well aware that before they met, he had lived his life as a lifelong member of the Aryan Brotherhood, and yet she treated him with care and respect.

Cole knew this lady was the picture of kindness. He on the other hand was a hardened criminal and a cold-blooded killer. She didn’t know that he took multiple people’s lives. She didn’t know the number of men and women he harassed and the number of people he assaulted. No matter how nice and sweet everything was, he was a demon and he knew it.

Sharing her room with him would be a huge mistake. There was no way he would be able to sleep lying next to her. Just thinking about her body, he could feel his dick getting hard. The last time he fucked was four months ago and five years before that. Something would definitely happen. Angel stood up and went into the kitchen. As she walked by, his eyes followed the sway of her hips.

She had the most beautiful round ass. He knew himself better than anyone. If she touched him at all, he would not be able to stop himself from fucking the breaks off her. He knew she lived out here alone for five years. That meant her little twat was extra tight. There was no way he could sleep next to her without fucking her until she begged for mercy. He knew he couldn’t do it.

Sleeping on the sofa wasn’t unpleasant. He had slept on the sofa every night for nearly three months. There was no reason to change that now. She was genuinely concerned about the heat in the house. He was worried that he may not be able to control what he had been thinking about for weeks.

Angel had a body that called him. Whenever she bent over or stooped down, that ass begged him to take it. It was impossible to reveal to her the number of times he fantasized about kissing her tits and sucking on those nipples. He couldn’t stop thinking about her and now she was suggesting they share a bed. Cole felt like he was going to be sick. His dick was so hard it was starting to cause him physical pain.

Angel hit a brick wall. She was dog tired. All she could think about was taking a quick shower and getting in her warm soft bed. She looked at her satellite radio and it was 15 degrees outside. Sleeping on her love seat was over. She wanted to fully stretch out in her bed. Now that Cole’s health was much better, she had to focus on herself.

Pretty soon she would take a trip to town and stock up on supplies. She needed all her strength for that. Her supplies normally lasted a lot longer, but some items were running low. For now, she wanted to get a good night’s sleep, so she could wakeup ready to do inventory in the morning.

“I’ll go fix the bed. It’s getting kind of late and I am so done. I can barely keep my eyes open.” She stated as she got up and walked into the room.

He could hear her humming as she prepared the bed. During the brief separation, Cole gained control of his better part. He didn’t want to shock or surprise her. Angel came out of the room and offered him a helping hand. Once he was safely tucked under the covers, Angel went into the bathroom and took a stress relieving hot shower. As soon as she saw her bed, she jumped right in.

Cole lay next to her in the bed. The walls were a creamy yellow color. There were pictures of wild flowers and different landscapes on each wall. Anyone could tell this was her room because it was as chipper as she was. Blankets were piled on the bed and the room was nice and cozy. She turned on her right side and turned off the little lamp on the night stand. He could not stop staring at her back. Lying next to this soft voluptuous body would torment him all night.

When he closed his eyes, he could see the curve of her hip. Much of his time here was spent watching her. The lines and curves of her body kept him on hard most of the time during the past few weeks. He just wanted to feel himself inside of her. Opening his eyes, he touched her neck and found that she had fallen asleep. Damn, he thought to himself. I just want to feel her under me.

Cole lay there for hours just thinking about what he wanted to do to Angel. The room was nice and warm with the heater turned down low. Her body was soft. Her skin was silky smooth. As always, her sweet scent was so intoxicating. Skin touching skin felt so good. Closing his eyes and focusing on sleep was the best way for him to get through this night.

Cole was finally able to drift off to sleep. The bed was incredibly soft, and the blankets made him feel safe and warm. She turned over and her arm settled on his chest. His eyes shot open. Oh no. He lay there still for a moment and the small hand darted down to his abdomen. How she managed this under the covers had him stunned.

“I miss you so much,” she mumbled under her sleepy breath. She held onto him in a loving embrace. Before he had a chance to move her hand, her tiny hand was wrapped around his engorged cock. Cole looked at her face. She was completely knocked out. Her hand did not move from that spot. He lay there with her hand on his dick.

He knew it was the wrong thing to do but he could no longer deal with this. She crossed the line first and he was going to teach her a lesson she would never forget.

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