The Dividing Line: Taboos & Temptations

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Chapter 11

Uhmmmmm. No other dream felt so real. Her body was swept up in the most sensual sexual experience she had dreamt of in a long time. Lips were everywhere on her body. Her skin was consumed by flames and she could not stop what was happening.

This dream was so real. The more she enjoyed the sensation of being pleased, Angel thought to herself that she was in bed with Cole. What if she woke him up with her sex sounds?

She quickly tried to bring herself out of the dream. No matter what she thought about, she could not wake up. She felt a moan escape her lips and felt her legs being spread wide apart. She realized this was no dream.

Angel opened her eyes. Her clothes were gone. The blankets were gone, and her body was consumed by molten lava. It wasn’t until she realized there was a head between her legs that she understood the nature of what was happening.

Cole’s tongue was exploring every part of her flower. One finger slid inside her petals. His tongue licked and sucked on the swollen bud. The urge to resist him came over her. She had no way of knowing anything about his previous sex life. Angel scooted herself further back on the bed and closed her legs. The look in his eyes turned into icy cold daggers.

He stood up and walked to her side of the bed and turned on the lamp. The sight of him was terrifying. Every mean, hateful and vulgar tattoo glared at her. The thing that was standing straight up in her faces was as long as her fore arm, and it looked to be about two or more inches thick. Angel looked at his face. She was totally and completely frightened.

“You started this. I was asleep when you woke him up,” he said as he grabbed his cock.

“What are you talking about?” She asked in sheer terror.

“I woke up and your hand was on my dick,” he said as he just stood there with a swollen cock looking like it was ready to burst.

“I don’t remember doing that. That wasn’t my intention.” Angel said as she realized she was naked. She grabbed a blanket to cover herself, but Cole reached over and blocked her from grabbing it. He pulled her close to him. There was no logic or reasoning in him. Eyes filled with raw need stared down at her. His lips took hers as a prisoner. She tried to resist him, but his strong hands easily overcame hers.

He grabbed both of her arms and held them up above her head. He started to lick on her nipples and sucked the right one until she was moaning, and willing to lay back on the bed. The left nipple stood up to greet him. It was like looking at a small chocolate gum drop. Cole covered her left nipple. His tongue flicked as his lips and mouth sucked hoping chocolate milk would come out. Angel’s response was all the permission he needed.

“Oh my god,” she whispered out loud.

Angel tried to resist his tactics. She didn’t want to have sex with him. Not like this. She tried to get away from him, but he quickly neutralized her. His lips, mouth, and tongue took her by surprise. It wasn’t long before every muscle in her body submitted to his will. When she cried out, it was over. He gave her all of him. She sucked in her breath and braced herself against the monster that was trying to gain access to her cave. Cole waited until he knew she wanted him and he didn’t hold back.

Her voice was horse from moaning and screaming. When he tried to enter her the first time, the resistance was comparative to that of a virgin. Cole tried to use the head of his cock to convince her pussy to relax and open up for him.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck girl you are so fucking tight. Oh my god. I never expected you to be this good,” he was straining to talk as he pushed his fat cock inside her.

He could feel that no one had been in her for a long time. She grabbed his ass and screamed as he tried to force her juicy little kitty to accept his monstrous cock. Her breathing became erratic. She pulled him closer and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Cole, fuck me please.” He could resist a lot, but he would never resist this request. Hearing her beg him to fuck her in the sexiest fucking husky voice he had ever heard, stripped away any resistance that he harbored.

Cole kissed her deeply and passionately as he pushed her knees up to her chest and locked her lips with his kiss. He grabbed the beast and drove it deep inside her tight little pussy. Angel screamed as if he were trying to kill her. There was a searing pain that was followed by an overwhelming feeling of pleasure.

“Cole, oh, oh, uhhhhhhhhhhm. Yes, yes, yes. Uhmmmmm. Please don’t stop. Oh please. Oh, oh oh.” She was groaned, begged and pleaded as her hips rose to meet his thrust. He fucked her deep and hard. Her body was like a vacuum as her pussy lips sucked and clung tightly to his pole.

The pleasure transcended time and space. Angel had no idea he was capable of this. She held on tight and rode him as he rode her. She enjoyed every stroke. She could feel him trying to dominate her and he was winning. Each stroke said that he wasn’t satisfied with anything less than total domination.

His dick forced its way deeper and deeper until he could go no further. She rode the bull bucking her hips like a mad woman. Cole put his hands under her ass and grabbed her cheeks. Since she was prepared to meet his thrust, he would help her accept the full force of it. With every invasion, he grabbed her ass cheeks to make sure she accepted all of him. She had to learn a lesson and he was going to teach her thoroughly.

For a brief moment, Cole stopped and turned Angel over onto her knees.

“No. I can’t. I can’t take you like that,” she begged as she tried to crawl away from him. His response was to wrap his arm around her waist and pull her body back in a kneeling position.

“Cole please, no.” He pushed her down on the bed and placed his full weight on top of her. His lips took their time kissing a soft sweet trail from her neck to her ass.

Cole helped her up on her knees and spent some time adoring the deliciously sweet brown and pink orchid between her thighs. She felt an explosion building up beneath his tongue and mouth. No matter how she tried to escape, he refused to let go. Her cave was dripping wet from his exploration and she was shivering with sexual frustration.

“Oh, baby. Yes, yes, uhhmm yes!” Her voice issued the command and he was ready to answer it.

Cole placed one hand on her hip to steady her and with the other one he guided his thick shaft between those juicy pink petals. Angel planted her face in a pillow. She tried to move forward to escape the beast that was gunning for her, but there was no escaping the brutal hands that held her hips. He rewarded her attempt to flee by digging deep and fucking her so hard that she began to have orgasmic convulsions.

He could not understand his need to punish her, but he brutally punished her pussy until he felt her cum repeatedly. She was locked in a violent climax as he shoved his dick in her in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, like a jackhammer.

“Oh Fuck. Yeah. Baby, you have the best fucking pussy ever,” he grunted.

He fucked her deeper and harder as his dick jerked with the force of a volcano.

Angel woke up to find that he was still lying on her back. The force of his final orgasm was so strong, it released them to a plain of nirvana where they drifted away into sleep. It had been a long time since she felt that kind of Tantric pleasure. Even though he was heavy, and she could still feel him inside her, the weight of his body felt good. She lay there thinking about what happened. She could never imagine him wanting her. She dozed off with thoughts of him on her mind.

Cole felt light as a feather. He would've never imagined that a sexual experience could be this mind blowing. Everything in him tried to resist her.

Her body, her cooking, her smile, and her voice were all powerful aphrodisiacs. In the end, her body left him speechless. There was no way he could resist her body.

When she touched his wood, she sealed the deal. He opened his eyes and she was still lying under him. He shifted his weight. She turned to the side facing him. Man, she was really beautiful. He crawled over to the opposite side of her, so he could feel her phat ass. All he wanted to do was wrap his arm around her waist and snuggle up next to her beautiful full body. The feel and smell of her skin was perfect. With his scent and her scent mixed together, she had no idea how much danger she was in. His dick was hard instantly. He knew it was crazy, but he marked that pussy and now she was all his.

They had changed positions. Angel felt him behind her. His heavy arm was wrapped around her waist. It was wonderful to wake up and feel a strong sexy man holding her close. There was a little nip in the air and the blankets were down by their feet. She grabbed the blanket with her toes and pulled her leg forward. As she bent over to reach the blanket, she tried one too many times to grab it. Her bottom kept bouncing on Cole and she woke up the beast.

As soon as she felt it rising, she knew she was in trouble. Cole shifted his body weight and hers. His lips kissed her neck and he nibbled on her ear lobe.

"You know I want you, right?" The deep animal growl whispered in her ear sent a seductive shiver down her spine.

It was pressing against her ass. The position she was in left her no room to escape him. As she tried to straighten her body, he anticipated her actions and grabbed the leg she was using to retrieve the blanket. He placed his hand behind her knee, pulled it up, and slid his cock inside her ripe little peach.

This time she knew exactly what to expect. He knew how to get exactly what he wanted. She had no desire to resist him. His hand came around to rub her plump little clit while he rode her from behind. Angel moved in rhythm with each stroke. Every time he slammed his cock in her, she bounced back on it.

“Uhhhmmm yes, give it to me please.” She begged for more and more of his massive cock.

Cole stopped long enough to get on his knees and dine on her sweet peach juices. He licked and sucked on her fat little clit until she was writhing in pleasure and encouraging the assault. He slid his tongue deep inside and feasted on her nectar. He sucked and slurped her sweet juicy goodness. At this moment, he wanted nothing more than to suck on her succulent sweet little pussy all day.

Angel moaned and wriggled. She enjoyed the way he tapped into her being with his tongue. Never had she experienced anything like this.

Once again, he hungered for her kiss. He made sure she could taste her own honey suckle juices on his lips. Cole bent his head and his lips devoured her nipples. The intoxication of her body made him so delirious that he wanted to feast on all of her at once. He couldn't decide what he wanted as he sucked her left nipple and then the right one.

“Uhmmm, my chocolate Aphrodite,” came his raspy approval as he continued reveling in his plunder.

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