The Dividing Line: Taboos & Temptations

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Chapter 12

How could she have imagined that he would touch the inside of her soul like this? Sex with him never even crossed her mind. Angel thought he hated black people. This was the second time in less than six hours that he pillaged her body. All she could think of was the way he was making her body beg for release. Anticipation and excitement could be heard in the moan that escaped her throat.

“Ahhhhhhhh, uhhhhmmm yessss,” she crooned as ecstasy consumed her.

Cole wasted no time and accepted her response as a request for more of his special weapon. Their lips found each other’s in the dark. They forgot to breath. His body was not completely healed but his strength was undeniable. He was a beast in bed. Cole slid his cock in half way and withdrew it.

“Oh baby, please. Don’t tease me. Give me all of it. Fuck me hard baby please,” she begged.

He was more than happy to oblige her. His cock did not stop until it hit her wall. He drove it to that point repeatedly. Her pussy held onto him so tight. Her resistance was legendary. No matter how hard he fucked her or how much her stretched her, that pussy was super tight. Cole enjoyed digging her out. Her fucked her like she owed a debt and he was taking it out of her tight little twat.

“Uhmmm, baby. This pussy is all yours. You are such a fucking beast,” she moaned as he continued to put her in her place.

Angel held on as long as she could but under the force of him, she gave in to his power. Cole fucked her until she was shaking in fits. The orgasm was not normal. She had orgasm on top of orgasm. She felt herself cum so many times she could not believe it. This man had a magic dick. He found her sweet spot and he exploited it over and over again.

For the past five years, she was determined to slip away into quiet obscurity. She wanted nothing from the world and that included sex. It was her choice to live a celibate life. She chose to stay away from all men. She had no way of knowing what would happen. The last time she gave herself to someone, the end of the relationship nearly destroyed her.

Now she found herself trapped beneath a man who she knew was a racist. This man nearly died in her arms. Courage, strength, and willpower brought him back from the brink of death. She watched him get stronger and stronger every day. After seeing him blank out, she was genuinely concerned that he might be experiencing a setback. Inviting him into her room was done to make sure that he would not get sick.

Now, she realized to him it meant a lot more than what she was thinking. Even though she started this, she did not regret it. His love making was so powerful. The things he did to her body made her feel a range of emotions and pleasures she never even knew existed. With every touch, she wanted more of him.

Cole was so hungry for Angel’s body, he could not stop. After a brief intermission, he was drawn to those thick thighs again. The fact that she was thicker gave him something to hold onto when he wanted to go really deep. She gladly accepted him and encouraged him to do more. He loved the way her soft body felt as he was riding her or lying with her. The thought and feel of her body was like a strong drug. He wanted more and more. He was addicted to her.

The most exquisite pain tore through her as he built up his pace. His massive hard cock was training her pussy to accept and enjoy its size. He took his time and slid his manhood in and out slowly, so she could learn to take him without feeling so much pain. He kissed the back of her neck and her shoulders. As they were lying on their sides, he smacked her clit while he fucked her pussy.

“Baby please stop teasing me and fuck me hard,” she insisted.

“Uhmm. I know you want it, but I want to enjoy you. Be patient sweetie ’s it’s coming.” His husky voice caressed her mind as he took his time enjoying each slow and deep stroke.

He kissed her neck softly as he built up his speed. She bounced her juicy round ass back and shifted forward to take all of his dick.

He stopped and pulled out allowing her a chance to finally breath. She didn’t even realize that she was holding her breath. Before she could ready herself, he couldn’t resist the urge to use the full power of his manhood. He forced himself ever so deep inside her exotic flower. The scream that she let out was an exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure. Tears streamed down her face, she sucked in her breath and reached behind herself to grab his ass. She pulled him closer as she enjoyed the way he punished her.

He thought he hurt her, but she was bucking her hips. Just feeling this motion forced him to tame her and exercise control by reaching under her arms and holding her shoulders tight as he brutally punished her pussy.

He had no desire to hurt Angel, but brutality was a part of his nature. She deserved more respect from him. So, he made a commitment in his mind to try and learn how to be gentle with her. He wanted her to enjoy his love making. He had already marked her and claimed her. Now, he only wanted to reward her for being his angel.

His strokes changed from brutal to loving. Every sound she made encouraged him to give her more. Even though he didn’t want to hurt her, he couldn’t stop himself from digging deeper and deeper. He was lost in her body and she was lost in him. Nothing existed outside of their union. Cole wanted her. He needed to be with her.

With every stroke, the realization that she was the only woman who ever really cared for him overtook him mind, body, and soul. No one ever did anything to make his life better or easier. She was the only one who put him before her own health and safety. Nothing else mattered to him except this beautiful celestial woman. His entire family would see him as a traitor and he didn’t give a damn. Cole saw his life changing for the better because of Angel.

The union between them was beyond comprehension. He gently stroked her face and slowed down his pace. He had no desire to ever hurt her again. He wanted to take his time and make love to her. He wanted to feel her and know her inside and out. He wanted to build a life with her.

Neither of them slept much that night. At first, he punished her. Why he hurt her he couldn't understand. As time passed, he slowed down and showered her with the softest kisses and slow deep strokes that made her beg for more. He showered her with tenderness. He took his time to thoroughly atone for the brutality he had shown her. All he wanted to do was to make her cum until she had nothing left. Night turned into day and they passed out after a powerful soul shaking climax.

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