The Dividing Line: Taboos & Temptations

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Chapter 13

“Where are you going?” He asked in a deep languid voice. Her body was so sore she could barely move. Angel slid to the side of the bed, but Cole pulled her back.

“Where are you going?” He demanded.

“I have to start my work,” she giggled.

“No, stay in bed with me. I want to feel your body next to me,” he insisted softly.

Angel allowed him to pull her under the blanket. His skin was warm and soothing. She knew there was no way they could just lay in bed and do nothing. She felt the beast pressing against her back physically shouting inaudible commands. She smiled.

“Are you ok?” He asked with gentle attention. No, she could hear her mind screaming at her. She was still aching from the attack that was waged against her body last night and this morning.

As if he read her mind, Cole turned her to face him and gently kissed her lips. Angel looked into his sky-blue eyes, but the man looking at her was not the same man she labored to rescue. That man was long gone. She was amazed at just how blue his eyes were. Before, he always looked so dangerous and unapproachable. Now, his smile was light and focused on her.

Even though the tattoos were still there, she couldn’t see them past his smile, and the loving attention he lavished on her.

When she met him, his head was completely bald, but now it was covered in shaggy curly light blond hair. He looked like an angel. Her hand found a curly golden lock. She always wondered if his hair was as soft and silky as it appeared. Stroking his hair was like playing with fine silk. Her fingers played in his hair as he chuckled at her. She looked him in the eyes and they kissed as if it were their first.

They kissed softly like two young lovers trying to figure each other out. Their sweet innocent foreplay was slowly replaced by hungry deep breathing, licking, sucking, and kissing as if they would never get the chance to kiss again.

They both spent a long time without the affections of a lover. It seemed as if they were determined to make up for lost time. He pulled her under his body. He took her hair down, so it flowed on her shoulders, and nudged her legs apart with his knee. His body fit between her thick thighs as if her thighs were made just for him.

Passion began to swell between them and slowly he entered her. He watched his pink shaft slide deeply between her brown lips. Cole had never seen anything so sexy and sensual in his whole life. Watching himself slide in and out of her was like looking at a skillful work of art.

His gentle probing created a tsunami of pleasure. She melted into his body as he drove himself deeply and stretched her lips to the edge. He could not bring himself to stop pushing beyond her resistance. Her tight lips clung to him with every stroke. Pain began to creep in. The fullness she felt was beyond anything she ever experienced. He pushed to the wall and tried to push further.

“Oh, baby please. I can’t take any more. Ohhhhh god. You are so freaking big. Uhhhhmmm,” she appealed to him.

Angel teetered on the edge with every movement of his body. He was huge. Cole’s manhood felt like it was trying to knock her back out of place.

He stopped briefly and looked at her beautiful brown skin, her plump coffee colored lips, her hazelnut brown eyes, and he realized just how much she meant to him. His heart and his very being was hit by the fact that he knew she cared for him more than anyone ever had. As Angel looked at his face, she saw something in his eyes that was unexpected. There were tears. Without a thought, she kissed his eyes and his cheeks as the tears rolled down. He knew he could never allow anything to come between them. He was hers and she was his.

Cole caused a tsunami to turn into an earthquake as he pounded her pussy harder and harder. The sound of skin smacking against skin could be heard throughout the house. He held her close to him. With everything he had, he drove deep into her cave. There was no way to resist the force of the cataclysmic earthquake that rocked them inside and out.

The alarm clock showed 10:00 am. Oh my word. Angel jumped up and ran to the kitchen. She grabbed her robe on the way. When she walked into the kitchen, Cole was standing in front of the stove. He was preparing breakfast while standing there smiling. A chair was next to him, so he could lean against it or sit down if needed.

“There’s my sweet little angel. Good morning,” he greeted her with all the affection of a truly happy man.

“Good morning,” she smiled modestly. “Is there anything I can do to help you?” Angel asked as she watched him move around the kitchen as if he had done so every day. There was still a little limp but other than that, he was doing really well.

“I’m good. I want you to go take a shower and then come back so we can sit down and enjoy our breakfast together,” he said with a smile.

For a moment she thought this was a dream. This gorgeous man was standing in her kitchen with her apron on. He looked so adorable. She walked up to him and was amazed as she realized just how tall he stood over her. He leaned down and placed his lips on hers. Strong hands pulled her closer. He slid his hand under her shirt and began to fondle her right nipple. Every fiber of her being told her that she was playing a dangerous game. He turned everything off on the stove and pulled her close to him to kiss her again. The first kiss was sweet and sincere. This kiss was dangerous.

“I want you to go take a shower or nothing will get done today. If you keep trying to district me, I am going to fuck you until you can’t sit down on that phat little ass of yours,” Cole’s eyes were a dangerous blue-green color. He looked at her with a smile that made her instantly moist. The thought of being fucked like that was enticing, but she had a feeling that it wasn’t a good idea to test him.

“Are we good?” He asked with a quirky grin on his face. She shook her head in compliance.

Angel walked into the bathroom, braided her hair back into a ponytail, and took a long hot shower. She got dressed and met Cole at the dinner table.

The kitchen smelled amazing. The food looked absolutely delicious.

Not once had she considered that he could cook or that he wanted to cook. He prepared bacon, a veggie omelet, and toast. There was coffee and orange juice on the table as well. This man was truly charming. Not one of the tattoos she saw on his body represented the person sitting before her today.

“I am totally surprised to see you in the kitchen cooking,” came her sheepish confession.

“I’ve been cooking since I was about seven or eight years old. I used to always cook for my little brother. My mom passed away when I was six, so I had to learn to fend for myself,” Cole heard himself opening up to Angel.

“I’m sorry to hear about your mother” she said with remorse.

“She died a long time ago. I’m fine now.”

“What happened to your father?” It wasn’t possible for her to understand how much these questions burned his soul. He looked down and then looked up at her.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to pry,” was her response to his noticeable discomfort. He wanted to know her, and he wanted her to know him. Cole knew there would be some pain and suffering but he was prepared to do anything to keep her close to him.

“My father died in prison. Someone stabbed him to death,” came the sad heart-breaking history of his father.

Cole stopped eating. He didn’t feel too good. His head was resting in his hands, so he was unaware when Angel came to his side to comfort him. She grabbed his face in both of her sweet little hands and kissed his forehead, his cheeks, and then his lips. She wrapped her arms around him.

“Everything will be okay now. Just wait and see,” she promised.

His head found the most relaxing resting place. He felt her breast and all of his anger and frustration disappeared. Her body held the kind of magic that was just what he needed. She had the same effect on him as an elixir.

He reached over and brought her plate, beverages, and her seat next to him. He grabbed her hand and insisted that she sit down to eat.

“Finish your breakfast, please. I appreciate you for being so sweet to me but every time you touch me, I want to take you back in that room,” he laughed.

Cole’s mood was so light and airy. She loved seeing him like this. They sat and enjoyed their breakfast together. Laughing and talking about what needed to be done for the day, they finished their meal and went outside together to catch up the day’s work.

There days were spent working side by side during the day and exploring one another’s intimate desires at night.

Neither of them realized that the past would catch up to them sooner than they could imagine.

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