The Dividing Line: Taboos & Temptations

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Chapter 2

That motherfucker was dead. He would fuck the hell out of her first. She might be stupid, but that fat ass and pussy was phenomenal. He would ass fuck her and then kill her. Nobody stole from him and got away with that shit. No one could stop him from killing her. She did the worst thing anyone could do to him. She betrayed him!

Standing in the cold waiting for Bruce, he could see himself choking the life out of anyone who came across his path. He felt like he needed to kill somebody tonight.

Cole saw a black cargo van pull up. He knew it had to be Bruce because no one else knew he was here. Bruce gave him an address to meet him in fucking Arkansas. When questioned about it, Bruce said he wasn’t in town, but this is where he could be reached. Once he made it to the location, Cole noticed it was a fucking warehouse.

What the fuck was this asshole up to? Three big guys exited the van and then he saw Bruce. Man, Bruce moved up. He had some enforcers. Nice.

They headed in his direction and Cole stood there with a smile on his face while waiting for his old friend.

“Hey buddy, I see you made it,” said Bruce’s easily with a smile.

“Yeah, man. I did my bid and now I am back home with my fam,” Cole responded with a sense of relief.

They shook hands and hugged each other as a sign of respect.

“Dude, you know a lot has changed since you went inside. I tried to keep everything copasetic. You know me man.” His friend laughed and joked around but something was off. Cole looked around and everyone else looked like they were uneasy. Something was definitely off. He didn’t have a gun. The only thing he had was his switch blade. As soon as he thought about the blade, they jumped him!

Cole was in a fight for his life. That slimy weasel faced son of a bitch had betrayed him. He knew he had to stay on his feet because if he went done, it was over. He had no idea why his friend was trying to kill him, but he knew he could possibly die tonight. With every swing of his fist, he tried to make those big dump sons of bitches work for whatever they were getting paid to be here.

Cole was 6′3" and he weighed about 200 pounds. He was nothing but muscle. After spending five years in the joint, he was well aware of what it took to fight off more than one asshole. He would try to kill these fuckers no matter what. Blood and teeth were flying everywhere. With every swing, he connected. One after another they got a taste of what it was like to fight one of the deadliest members of the Brotherhood. He broke one guys jaw. He broke another guy’s arm. They weren’t gonna take him out without a fight to the death.

Cole was about to get the better of the last big motherfucker standing, when he felt a pain sink deep inside his back. Before he had time to process what was happening, he felt another ripping pain in his right thigh. He went down to his knees. Cole looked up to see his buddy, no, his brother standing in front of him.

“Look man, I took over your shit when you went on your little vacation, and I ain’t ready to give it up. I got your girl and I fuck that ass day and night. I got your money. I even set you up with those stupid pig motherfuckers that took you down. Too bad you won’t live to tell nobody. So, fuck you, you arrogant piece of shit,” was the confession of a man Cole thought of as his little brother.

Even though he had fucked them up, the big bastards started stomping the shit out of him. The last thing he saw was the boot of his so-called little brother coming down on his face. It was lights out from there.

Snow was piling up and the road was becoming treacherous. Angel pulled her black Equinox up to what looked like a person in the road. Her eye darted around the landscape to see if anyone else was out there. There didn’t appear to be anyone as she jumped out of the vehicle with her taser flashlight and continued to scan the field. She looked on all sides and walked up to the body. Using her foot, she checked to see if there was any movement.

She realized that it was a man. He didn’t appear to be in the best shape either.

Holding the taser in an offensive posture, she kept a lookout in all directions. His face was beaten badly. The taser was charged up and ready to be used. She hoped no one was trying to pull a fast one on her. Angel surveyed her surroundings and saw a faint trail of blood running into the ditch on the opposite side of the road. It was nearly concealed by the snow.

She knew this was trouble. A split second was all it would take to jump back in her SUV and drive off like she didn’t see anything or anyone. No one would know. As easy as that action would have been, Angel could not leave him in the elements. She knew that if she chose to do so, it would surely be a death sentence.

It was 4:15 PM on the last Friday in November. Days were shorter, and nighttime came quickly. Sunset was between 4:50 PM and 5:00 PM. Snow was falling fast and the field of vision on the road was diminishing.

Angel knew she would have to make a move soon. If she were going to help him, she had to do it right now. The cold was brutal, and the last time she looked it was 25 degrees. In a split second, she decided to help him.

She ran to the back of her vehicle and opened the lift gate to grab the sleeping bag she always carried with her. There were loops on the outside of it. She never knew why there were loops, but she knew she could use them to pull him after she zipped him in the bag. She prayed he wasn’t a psychopath or a serial killer. Right now, she had no time for fear. Each second that passed made her more frantic. It was getting darker and she had to act fast.

“Hey mister, are you okay? How did you get out here? I am going help you so don’t be alarmed. What the heck are you doing way out here?” She shook him and talked to him to get a response. He mumbled a little and then nothing.

She moved him over to his side and saw that the white snow beneath his body was soaked bright red. A sinking sensation spread all over her body. They were not safe out here like this. Whoever did this could be out there. That person could also come back. She got him in the sleeping bag, zipped him up, grabbed the loops and used them to pull him to the passenger side of the SUV. Quickly, she opened the door and let down the seat. She propped him by the door and climbed inside. After grabbing the loops, she used them to pull his body in the vehicle. Angel closed the passenger door and crawled over to the driver’s side.

What was going on? Why was he out here in the middle of nowhere? Who left him out here like this? She was worried that someone may be out there and that they might try to follow her. Angel hoped she would not get caught up in somebody else’s mess. As she drove by the spot where she found him, the blood was quickly being covered up by the snow.

The stranger was unconscious. Several times he cried out in immense pain. His eyes were lethargic, and his skin was turning blue. God please don’t let this man die on me. She heard herself whisper as she drove the rest of the way to her house.

There was no way to clearly identify the source of the blood. Nothing she ever experienced made her feel as helpless as the idea that someone would die in her presence. She knew the perpetrator could be out there looking to finish what was started. Not to mention, the cold would take him out if his aggressor did not. The same determination that helped her get him into the vehicle, also gave her the fortitude to focus on the short drive home. Her body was not happy with her right now. Dragging this heavy man took a lot out of her. She was so glad when she turned into her private drive. In one and a half miles, she would be home.

Prior to this incident, Angel could not see herself undressing anyone she didn’t know. Her inability to get close to a stranger was chunked out the door the moment she saw his condition. She was able to get his coat off and now she was faced with her toughest challenge.

Angel pulled two pairs of latex gloves on and grabbed the scissors from her knitting table. There was no other way to get him out of the clothes quick enough to tend to his wounds, clean him up, and get him dressed. Cutting off his clothes would make it easier for her to take care of him. She proceeded to cut through the wet blood-soaked button-up shirt and the black jeans.

The clothes were left in tatters. She knew it was possible that he might be angry with her for destroying his clothes, but she was sure he would be consoled with the fact that she was trying to save his life. She thought she had the most horrific experience years ago, but she quickly realized that it was by no means the only tragedy that would occur in her life.

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