The Dividing Line: Taboos & Temptations

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Chapter 7

Every time she walked by him, he saw those hips and immediately his dick would get hard. Cole always followed what he was taught. He didn’t try to be attracted to Angel, he was just so damned attracted to her. Her body was shaped just the way he liked his women to be shaped. Big boobs, big booty, thick thighs, wide hips, and a waist that was just the right size. He could see her legs were close together when she walked. That was a sign that no one had been there for some time.

“Look here son, no matter what you do, don’t interact with niggers or touch nigger women. They will put their nigger voodoo on you and make you lose your mind. They will poison you and kill you. They are demons and you are a white knight. You need to stay away from them or kill them at all cost. The only good nigger is a dead nigger.”

Uncle Jedidiah was a very devout man. He believed that the white men were the salt of the Earth. He always taught younger brothers to stay away from blacks. He didn’t trust any of those bastards not even one single man, woman, or child. Everybody listened to him as the authoritative word.

Cole remembered breaking some tweeker’s jaw because he was running is mouth spewing some bullshit about his uncle.

“Hey man, guess what I heard,” said the tweeker.

“What man?” Said some random dude.

“Man, I heard Jedidiah once had a colored girl when he moved up North and he got that nigger bitch pregnant,” said the tweeker.

“Dude, no shit,” replied the random dude.

“I heard some big black motherfuckers fucked him up and nearly killed him because he was fucking their 17 or 18-year-old baby sister. Even though most men would’ve done the same thing, Jedidiah believed it was a sign from God not to touch or interact with blacks, and a punishment for going against the beliefs of the Brotherhood,” When Cole heard the guy saying that shit about his uncle, he tried to kill him.

He could remember the look on his uncle’s face when he told him about what was said and what happened. Uncle Jedidiah paused for a moment and stormed out of the room. They never discussed it again.

“If you ever come across men pretending to be a girl or letting other men fuck’m in the ass, you make sure you stay away from those motherfuckers. They are lower and worse than niggers. No real man would let another man fuck him in his ass.”

“You are an Aryan. You put that cock of yours in a white woman. You make full blooded Aryan babies and prepare your army for the end of this miserable fucking world.”

“Make sure you kill as many niggers, chinks, Jews, and queers as you can. Purge that filth from the Earth by any means necessary. And don’t you never forget your loyalty to the Brotherhood.”

These were the messages shared with him and many other young men as they were baptized into the Brotherhood on their 13th birthday.

“Cole,” hearing his name pulled him out of his mind. He didn’t realize when she sat next to him.

“Are you ok?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’m good.” He looked down at his hands.

“You’ve been here for two months now and I’ve never once asked you what you like or what you don’t like to eat. I’ve become so accustomed to my schedule and being alone. I never meant to be a bad host. Is there anything special I can cook for you?”

He just stared at her because he didn’t know what to say. No one ever cared about what he wanted. No one ever cooked for him unless he ate fast food. He had to fight for everything. Only in this place was he able to sit back and relax without fighting or worrying about anything. Only in this place was he waited on hand and foot.

As he looked at Angel, the brightest most sincere smile graced her face. There was no doubt that he was drawn to her. She never nagged or complained. She was always smiling. She took care of him with a smile on her face and she was always considerate of his needs. This was the first time he met a woman like her. Every day she looked and smelled better than the day before. Cole was starting to believe that because he had been without sex for such a long time, his resolve was wearing down. He knew he wanted to fuck her. No matter what he was told about black women, he could not close or open his eyes without thinking of pulling her legs apart and diving deep inside her.

“Cole are you okay?” The worry was easily heard in her voice.

“Oh, I fine. I’m just a little tired. What did you say?” He asked as he pretended not to hear her, so he could cover up his thoughts.

“I was just saying if you have any specific meal preferences, don’t hesitate to ask. It just crossed my mind that you've been here for two months now and I’ve never thought to ask what type of food you like,” stated her chipper voice.

“Sure, I’ll keep that in mind, but really you don’t have to go out of your way. I’ve never been a picky eater and your cooking is the best I ever had. I don’t have any complaints,” came his husky reply as he flashed a charming smile at her.

In that moment, Angel realized that something was different. She felt something buzzing in the pit of her stomach and it kind of scared her. After he smiled at her, Angel realized just how close she was to him. The couch was an average sized piece of furniture. He was sitting on one end and she sat close to the other end. Even with the distance between them, she realized that she was in the danger zone.

She looked into his eyes and something touched her. This was the first me she noticed just how blue his eyes were. His hair was about three inches long and it was the most beautiful light blond hair she had ever seen. He was also sporting a nice scruffy strawberry blond beard. She stared at him for a moment taking in just how beautiful he was. When she realized how long she had been staring at him, she got up to leave as he lightly touched her hand.

“Do you have to go?” He asked in a small voice.

Angel was surprised to hear the words come from his mouth. Since he became fully conscious, he was not rude or disrespectful. Most days he said nothing at all. He often sat on the couch staring into space. Frequently, she would catch him following her every movement. There were questions written all over his face, but he never once requested her presence. She looked at him and saw loneliness. Working made it easy for her to drive loneliness out of her mind.

Why did he want her to stay? How could she entertain him without knowing what was going on in his mind? She remained by his side for a while.

He still didn’t say much. But the sense of loneliness subsided as another sensation took its place in both of them.

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