The Dividing Line: Taboos & Temptations

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Chapter 8

As the days flew by, Cole felt himself changing in a way he couldn’t define. He considered leaving this place, but he had nowhere else to go. He knew he couldn’t go back to Kansas City. The same people who thought they had killed him would most likely make sure he didn’t make it out alive this time. He lay his head back on the pillow and drifted away. Something jerked him out of his sleep. He felt an urge and woke up. Dammit, she was knocked out.

“Hey, Angel,” he called her name. She lay there sleeping like a baby until he said her name louder. “Angel!” She heard her name screamed in her dreams. Her eyes flew open and in slight disorientation, she jumped up. She nearly stumbled into him as she walked the short distance to the sofa to see what was going on. He immediately regretted waking her up like that, but he needed her help.

“What’s wrong?” She asked excitedly. Her eyes were not fully opened, and her voice was still groggy.

“I need to go ... you know,” he looked at her with frustration on his face. Angel realized he needed to relieve himself. She helped him to stand and stood on his left side for support. They took their time as she helped him to the bathroom. There was no way he could stand in there alone. She looked up at the ceiling as he used his left hand to pull down the jogging pants and take care of himself.

When he was finished, she helped him pull the pants back up. Angel assisted him while she leaned over to flush before they both washed their hands. They carefully walked back to the couch. The straining she heard under his voice told her that he was still in quite a bit of pain. Angela took out a bottle of Scotch

“Would you like a drink to ease the pain?” Came a question laced with concern.

“Yes. Please,” he replied through gritted teeth.

Angel handed him a full glass. She knew he was in a lot of pain because his skin turned a clammy gray color. He looked like he might pass out at any moment. After taking a few sips, the dark amber brown liquor began to liven the color of his skin. They sat in an awkward silence sipping and thinking about their own lives. She hoped the Scotch would numb the pain enough and allow him to sleep.

“How long have you lived out here and how old are you?” Cole asked his host.

“I’ve lived here five years and I’m 36,” She responded with ease.

“Why do you live alone,” he questioned. He noticed the pause in her voice and the fact that she looked down as if she didn’t want him to look at her. When she looked up again, her face had taken on a steely, glance. He knew that look. She had experienced some sort of tragedy.

“There’s a long story, but the shorter version is simply that my fiancé died. When my so-called friends started distancing themselves from me because they thought I wouldn’t inherit his wealth, I wanted no part of them or the life I had before I came here,” Angel spoke the words as if they cut her to say them. No matter how she tried to hide her pain, it was written all over her face.

“How old are you?” She asked.

“I’m 38.”

“Cole, what happened to you?” She asked him gently.

He sat there looking into the distance for what seemed like forever. The thought of what happened to him was bad but telling her that he was betrayed by one of his closest friends was like cutting out his own heart. She would never understand how hard it was to accept the betrayal and all the lies that unfolded before his eyes.

With one long swig, Cole finished the glass of Scotch. Angel offered him more and he readily accepted it. He held the glass as if it were a weapon. A look of anger, fear, frustration, and angst rushed across his face. She somehow knew he was reliving the brutal assault.

“The man who I took as my little brother, my best friend of 30 years and some of his goons caught me off guard and tried to beat me to death. The worst part was that my friend was the same person who literally stabbed me in the back. After they did that, they drove me out here and threw me out of the van while it was still moving,” he revealed through gritted teeth and with a snort of disbelief.

It was a terrible and painful confession. Every word slammed the realization in his face; he had no one. He looked up to find that her face was covered in tears. Her beautiful hazelnut brown eyes were red and puffy. Her milk chocolate skin glistened as the light from the fire place danced all over her body. He was mesmerized.

Never had he really taken the time to observe any black people. The more he looked at Angel, the more he felt himself being drawn to her. He wanted to touch her. He wanted to hold her. He wanted to feel her skin to see if it was as satiny smooth as it appeared. The light from the fire place was casting a spell on him. His mind wanted one thing. His body wanted her. An ongoing battle began that night.

She sat her drink down and rested her face in her hands so that Cole could not see her crying. It was amazing that he was the person who suffered at the hands of his family, yet she was the one crying over the experience.

Angel finally regained her composure. The thought of what happened to him was so unbelievable. She could not understand why his friends would do something so horrible to him. They tried to kill him. Fire flickering grabbed her attention. Anything was better than what she envisioned. She could feel his eyes boring a hole into her. Hiding her face didn’t work, because he continued to stare. Finally, Angel looked at him. She grabbed a napkin to wipe her eyes and her nose.

“Why are you crying for me?” The question that hovered in the room was finally spoken.

“Nobody deserves to be brutalized like that,” she responded while trying to pull herself together and stifle more tears.

Cole stared at her as if she were some rare species he had never seen before. He could not take his eyes off her. No one ever shed so many tears for him. No one ever expressed so much remorse for something bad happening to him. He was always told to be tough and suck it up. The more she cried, the more he felt himself being tethered by some invisible force to her. She cared about him more than anyone ever had.

It was 2 AM. They sipped Scotch for a while. Both of them began to feel a lightening of the ambiance as the whiskey began to work its magic.

Angel began to talk freely. Every word spoken made her smile or giggle for no reason. They were feeling light as a summer breeze. The conversation became light as the brown liquor began to paint the mood in pastel colors. They were feeling really good.

“Is your name really Angel?” He inquired.

“Yes, my mother gave me the name Angel LeeAnna Brooks before I was born. She said I would always be an angel in the lives of the people I met,” Angel spoke the words as if she were repeating something her mother would say.

“What was your profession before you moved here?” he probed further.

At first, she laughed. She thought for a moment and looked at him square in the face.

“I was a financial consultant. I told people how to make money, how to invest money, how to save money, and how to spend money,” she stated with a laugh.

“What did you do for a living?” She inquired of him. Cole looked at her face and realized there was no sense in hiding the truth.

“I just returned home from a five-year stint in prison.” Was his solemn reply.

“Why were you in prison?” Was her next question.

“I was arrested for possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute.” He stated.

“When were you released?” She asked quietly.

“I was released two weeks before you found me,” the response was morose.

He was amazed that she did not have a negative reaction from the knowledge that he had been a drug dealer and the fact that he just gotten out of prison. Most people would’ve had a look on their face or their body language would change, but he didn’t see anything change with her. No judgement at all.

They sat in silence staring at each other. The house was warm on the bitter cold night. Angel took off the sweater she was wearing. The white t-shirt clung to her body. Fire was coursing through her veins and she could no longer bare the heavy sweater. Four years had passed since she took her last drink. She felt numb. When she looked at the decanter, she understood why she was hot and dying to get out of her clothes. The decanter was full when they started and now there was only a quarter of the smooth fire-water left.

She looked up to find his eyes sizing her up and down. Angel was a little too tipsy to realize that her t-shirt was showing off her nipples. Her big breast and her tiny nipples were making their presence known.

Cole knew he should not be looking at her, but he couldn’t stop himself. She was a beautiful woman. Her body was so over the top. She had beautiful shoulder length black hair that was always pulled back into a ponytail. She had big beautiful breast with the sweetest little nipples. She was kind of plump and he really liked the fact that she had meat on her bones.

He found out a long time ago that a thick girl can really take some dick. The more he thought about, he knew it would be exciting to watch his fat white cock slide in and out of those juicy brown lips down there between her highs. The thought of seeing his white cream on that brown skin sent an orgasmic chill down his spine.

As he fantasized about his cock in her, he could feel his nature rise. Her body was exactly what he liked and now the idea of a chocolate vanilla swirl was making him horny as fuck.

Just thinking about her milk chocolate skin made him so hard he was struggling to breath. Her full coffee colored lips seemed to be inviting him to taste them.

He had to pull himself together before something happened. He tried to stop thinking about her but for the first time since they met, Cole could feel his dick swelling to full capacity and it was beyond his control. The sight of her nipples made him loose the little control he once had. He closed his eyes and tried to look away but her sweet scent began to torture him.

Time for bed. Cole had already closed his eyes and drifted back into sleep. Angel looked at the clock and saw that it was 4 AM. She would be exhausted if she didn’t go to sleep. She walked over to him and grabbed his glass.

Angel didn’t realize that Cole wasn’t asleep. He was lying there trying not to think about her. As she walked by him, he could smell the scent of her as her hip lightly brushed him. His hard on became unbearable and a little precum oozed out. No matter how he tried not to focus on her, he could not stop the feelings that were already in motion.

Day after day, he was getting stronger. He was able to walk with little assistance but most days he tried to walk on his own. It was clear that he was fighter. No matter how painful it was, every day he pushed himself harder and harder. Angel continued each day as if he had always been part of her home.

Working kept Angel’s mind preoccupied, but it didn’t stop her from noticing that something began to shift in Cole. He was determined to get stronger. She did all she could to help him. She realized some unspoken emotion was growing between them. As long as he was changing for the better, she would do everything in her power to help him.

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