The Dividing Line: Taboos & Temptations

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Chapter 9

Three months passed, and Cole was able to walk on his own. Besides the scars, his back and thigh were healing nicely. He was able to get up and walk around. He enjoyed walking around the property. Minor aches and pain were his constant companions, but overall, he was feeling much better.

A place surrounded by trees was all he could see. He didn’t see the road and he saw no signs of neighbors. At first, he was worried about being out in the country. He thought it was too quiet. There was never any noise other than the sounds of nature. It was as if he and Angel were in the world all alone. She had no cell phone, laptop, or other electronic devices except for a satellite radio.

Even though she mostly used wood to heat the house, her house was solar powered with butane as a back-up energy source. A greenhouse was 30 feet from her back door. The house was a two-bedroom cottage. It was small but spacious. She had all the convenient appliances of any modern home.

Everything Angel needed to run this place smoothly was here. She kept a heavy-duty generator and all the farming tools she might need in the shed beside her greenhouse. There was a small barn with goats and horses. She had a small chicken coop. Everything was setup to allow her to run a self-sustained homestead.

He never imagined staying in a place that was tucked away in the woods like this. He would walk outside in the morning and sit on the porch.

Drinking a cup of coffee and admiring the sky and the natural scenery became is favorite past time. Cole began to see the value of this type of freedom. It felt good to be free from hate, incarceration, and worry. He was finally free.

The melting snow gave him the sense that this was a new beginning. He walked out to the greenhouse. Whenever he tried to help her, he would hear the most pleasant complaint from her.

“You haven’t healed yet. When spring comes there will be plenty more work for you to help me with. For now, just sit back and get better. Okay?” she always said the same thing. No matter what he tried to do, Angel would remind him that he needed to get better.

He saw the concern in her hazelnut brown eyes and heard the concern in her voice. Once again, he was touched by just how much she cared for him.

Why was she so nice to him? His family members and friends always said the same thing. “Don’t worry about Cole, he can take care of himself.”

Since his mom died when he was six, he had been taking care of himself.

No one in his family cooked for him. No one looked out for him. He looked out for himself, his friend who became like his little brother, as well as anyone in his circle. This was the first time since his mom died that someone looked out for him and took care of him.

He sat in the greenhouse and watched her watering and pruning plants. She carried a wicker basket to gather ripe fruits and vegetables. Whatever they would eat, she would gather while doing her daily chores. Angel walked by and handed him an orange. How in the hell was she growing oranges in late February? Angel was truly amazing. Watching her gave him more pleasure than he could ever imagine.

“What are you smiling about?” She asked him with a playful little grin on her face.

“Nothing. For a split second, I thought I saw a fairy or a sprite. But then realized it was you,” he smiled back at her in response. He heard a small giggle.

The habitual smile on her face made her look more beautiful every time he saw her. Hearing her giggle, warmed him inside and out. He wasn’t sure if he was seeing what he wanted to see or if this was all real.

Recently, she seemed to flirt with him a little bit. They talked more and spent time together like they were a couple. They played board games, cards, checkers, and chess. It seemed as if they were becoming more comfortable with one another.

He felt at ease with her. Being out here with her was the best thing that ever happened to him. Cole didn’t feel like he had to watch his back with her. He struggled with all of the overwhelming emotions that continuously bombarded him about Angel.

Growing up hating people was the worst. Everyone who should’ve helped him, was nowhere around when he needed them. She saved his life. His life-long friend was the reason he was here in the first place. The people he thought were his family turned their backs on him and left him for dead. She saved his life. All the hate speeches and training were proving themselves to be just stupid lies. But she saved his life!!!

There was no way to change what happened or what was happening. He realized he had no beef with Angel even though she was black. Something deeper was bothering him. A constant thought was tugging at his mind and his heart. He got up and started walking back to the house. Never had he felt this sense of euphoria. It washed over him like a wave of sunshine. Being here with her made him feel at home.

When he looked up, she was walking to the back door with a mixture of winter vegetables in her basket. Cole was amazed at the way she wrecked every preconceived notion he had about black people. She was so kind to him. His mind was wrestling with all the different questions about what he was told as he was growing up.

How could something this new and special happen in his life? He was torn inside because this woman was nothing like what he thought black people would be. She was caring, hardworking, loving, and she did not judge him. Every day she read her Bible and prayed, but she did not try to force her beliefs on him. Even though she knew about his dangerous past, she still helped him. It was as if God sent a real angel to look over him.

“Cole is everything okay?” Every time he heard her voice a feeling of security washed over him. No one ever smiled at him as much as she did. Those sweet smiles and the beautiful tunes she was always humming were soothing to him. She always made him laugh. She was always considerate of his needs.

He made one commit that he rarely got home baked sweets when he was a child. He told her that he loved the rare occasions when his aunt brought him sweets. From that day on, she would bake muffins in the morning or some type of dessert for dinner. Her sweetness was one more reason he couldn’t dislike her.

His mind was full of images of her. She was so cute, short, and thick.

Her body was voluptuous. Since he never liked skinny girls, it was difficult for him not to stare. Her body was intoxicating. The more time he spent here, the more attraction he felt for her. His body responded to her in a way that was beyond his control.

When she took care of his wounds, feeling her hands on his skin made him hard as a rock. He always said he would never touch a nigg... a black girl, but when he looked at her or sensed her around, he no longer trusted himself.

The color of her skin fascinated him. He was tempted to taste her skin just to see what she tasted like. Cole was so deep in thought, he didn’t realize that she had taken the veggies in the house and was standing right in front of him.

“Cole are you ok?” Angel wasn’t sure what had happened, but he just stopped and seemed lost for some time. She placed everything on the kitchen table and went out to him. It didn’t seem like a bad idea for him to walk around outside for a little bit, but she wasn’t too sure about that after seeing him just stop and freeze up.

“Cole is something wrong?” She asked as she rushed to his side.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m fine,” he replied. Angel stayed next to him until she helped him back inside the house.

The air was frigid outside and there was still snow on the ground. She was afraid he would get sick just standing there like that. They were at the end of winter but that didn’t mean anything until warm temperatures thawed the ground.

Once Angel walked with Cole back into the house, she got him some hot apple cider. They sat around and talked for a while. After dinner, they played Scrabble and a few card games. The house was normally very warm but for some reason it was nippy tonight. Over the years, she sewed thick quilts to compensate for the frigid winter nights. Even with the fire blazing, there was a bitter chill in the air.

“I think tonight it’ll be a lot colder than it has been. I believe it’ll be best if we sleep in the bedroom tonight,” she stated after shivering.

“The blankets in the room are more suited for this type of weather and I had a heater installed in there a few years ago,” she said after shivering again.

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