Damage Control

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What do you do and who do you turn to when you realize that you're falling in love with your best friend's boyfriend? Seventeen year old Mallory Evans had always been the type of person to solve problems. She was the advice giver, the secret bearer. Mallory was the person everyone came to when they had a dilemma. The best part? Mallory was the best at what she did. Through the tears and angry spiteful comments, she had seen it all. From breakups to tarnished friendships, she knew exactly what to say and do. Seeing it all taught Mallory exactly what not to do and what to avoid. She had perfected the art of perfection. But nothing could brace Mallory for her very own dilemma. What do you do and who do you turn to when you realize that you're falling in love with your best friend's boyfriend?

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Death Glares, Blow Horns, and Pancakes

My morning began just like every typical teenagers did, with the sound of beautiful birds chirping outside my window as I happily awoke, ready to start my day.

In a perfect world, maybe that was true, but in mine, it certainly was not.

Let me tell you how my morning actually began.

I was in a deep, peaceful slumber, when the sound of my obnoxious alarm clock blared through my ears, disrupting all that was good in life.

I temporarily went deaf as the alarm clock continued to ring while I rolled around in my bed groaning about how I would rather eat a dead rat than go to school.

Okay, maybe not a dead rat but you understand what I’m trying to say.

I hate school.

Point blank period.

I quickly pushed the snooze button to soothe the headache that was coming on and lied back down on my pillow for a couple more minutes of peace and quiet.

“Mallory!” The screeching voice of my brother said as he marched into my room holding a mini blow horn.

Not to be dramatic but I’m pretty sure I had a heart attack and nearly died right then and there.

Opening one of my eyelids, my eyes landed on my brother who was clad in a pair of spider man pajamas. His curly blonde hair was a mess on top of his head as he blew the horn and marched around my bed as his attempt of waking me up.

Groaning loudly, I shoved my face into my pillow while repeatedly whispering ‘why’ to myself.

“Mom says you better wake up right now.” He said, after blowing his horn for a solid three minutes. Slightly lifting my head up, I gave my seven year old brother a death glare to which he responded with blowing his horn one last time right beside my ear before dashing off, cackling loudly to himself.

“Why did I ever pray to have siblings?” I loudly questioned myself while staring up at my ceiling as if God would respond to me.

My thoughts were soon disrupted by the sound of my other siblings loud voice as I held my throbbing head in my hands.

“Mom! Will you tell Brandon to stop blowing his stupid horn!” My fifteen year old sister screamed as she stood outside my door. She dramatically rolled her eyes at me before turning around and stomping into her room which was across from mine.

Today, she was dressed in a black leather jacket and black jeans with her newly dyed black hair in a high pony tail. To match her dark outfit, she wore skull earrings along with raven black eyeliner on top of her eyelids.

Yeah, black was kind of her thing right now.

My sister Avery was currently going through her emo/goth stage. I wasn’t sure which exactly she was into more because she would alternate between the two every other week. To go with her whole new ‘look’, she harbored a particularly moody attitude that left her snappy and irritated most of the time.

“Mallory Renee Evans you better be up this instant or so god help me you are in so much trouble!” The lovely, cheerful voice of my mother said as she made her way up the stairs. Startled by her threat, I quickly shot off my bed and sprinted like I was Usain Bolt into the bathroom. I could my mother sigh loudly from outside the bathroom door before the sound of her footsteps faded as she left my room, most likely to get ready for work.

Letting out a sigh of relief, I walked towards the sink and began brushing my teeth. After putting toothpaste on my toothbrush, I glanced up at the mirror and physically cringed as I stared at myself.

To put it into shorter words, I looked like a mess.

If there was an ugly contest right in this moment, with me, in my oversized t-shirt that I probably found in a box labeled ‘free’ off the street, I would win 1st place. Actually, there wouldn’t even be a contest. The judges would take one look and come to a conclusion instantly.

My blonde hair resembled a birds nest, I had a dried drool on the side of my mouth, and my under eye bags were horrendous.

Shaking my head, I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face before making my way back into my room.

Walking towards my closet, I picked out a random white top and a pair of denim jeans before locking my door and getting dressed.

I quickly ran a brush through my hair before slipping on my black converse and making my way downstairs. As I approached the kitchen, I could her the sound of Brandon’s cartoons as he yelled at the screen while piling food into his mouth.

The mesmerizing smell of pancakes drew me into the kitchen where my mom stood flipping pancakes while speaking on the phone, most likely to her boss.

She glanced up at me and shot me a small smile before passing a plate of pancakes over to me. Smiling back, I happily took a seat on the stool and began eating like I hadn’t seen a scrap of food a day in my life.

Just as my mom ended her phone call, my sister graced us with her presence as she flopped into the seat beside me and began eating breakfast as well.

My mom let out a deep sigh and pinched the bridge of her nose as she she gave my sister a disapproving look.

“Avery, how many times have I told you to stop with the dark eye makeup. It makes you look crazy!” My mother scolded causing my sister to roll her eyes while I let out an unattractive snort.

My mother’s head then turned to me swiftly as she gave me a death glare to which I put my hands up in surrender. I did not want to her first victim this early in the morning.

“Hey, I’m innocent here.” I stated before shoving a forkful of pancakes into my mouth.

“Brandon, grab your things lets go!” My mom hollered as she quickly turned to her purse and began rummaging through it.

She pulled out a twenty dollar bill and slid it over to me as I finished gulping down my apple juice.

“Here’s money for some dinner tonight. I won’t be home till late since theres a hearing for my client today. Pick Brandon up from Mrs. Nelson’s after school and order pizza around 5.” She said as she smoothed down her blazer and fixed her pony tail.

My mother, who didn’t look a day over 35 was a defense attorney. Though her job took up a lot of her time, she had always made it a point to be there for my siblings and I. Personally, I didn’t mind that much when my mother was caught up in work because it gave me the chance to blast loud music in the house and eat as much junk food I wanted without her judgy eyes following me everywhere.

Trust me, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of the look she gives when she catches you eating a large bag of chips on your own along with a pint of ice cream.

“Yes ma’am.” I saluted, ignoring the look she gave me as I took the money and shoved it into my pocket.

“Alright, you and your sister need to get to school now or you’ll be late. Have a great day.” She said as she came around the counter and gave both Avery and I a soft kiss on the forehead before rushing out the door with a groaning Brandon who didn’t want to leave without finishing his cartoons.

Waving bye to both her and Brandon, I picked up my black backpack and tapped Avery on the shoulder to get up as well before grabbing my car keys and making my way out the door towards my car.

As I approached my beautiful black Mercedes, I lovingly sighed to myself in awe of its beauty.

Just Kidding.

Instead, I stared at my trusty black Camry that had been a good friend of mine for a solid two years.

It wasn’t a Mercedes but it took me where I needed to be so I didn’t mind that much.

Sliding into the drivers seat, I waited for Avery who finally emerged from the house, locking the door behind her. She stomped over to my car and sat inside before fastening her seatbelt.

I stared at her for another couple seconds just to irk her a little more and only began to pull out of the driveway only when she flashed me a death stare.

Though my sister and I weren’t super close, we were both okay with each other aside from all the cat fights and death stares- mostly from her end.

“Stare at me one more time and I’ll gauge your eyes out.” She muttered to me as I laughed loudly at her empty threat.

Can you just feel the love?

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