Damage Control

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Just My Luck

The rest of my day was spent with Easton’s words swirling throughout my mind. My thoughts kept drifting back to his offer and it was angering me because I could barely focus on my homework without being distracted every other minute by what he had said.

He somehow always found a way to get under my skin even when he wasn’t physically around to actually annoy me.

Easton clearly saw right through me and knows that I like Cole, but how on earth would he help me out with that?

He was the last person I would ever trust with that secret yet here I was laying in bed actually considering his offer.

I mean, then again, what’s the worst that could happen?

He exposes my secret, costs me to lose all my friends and essentially ends up ruining my life.

But would Easton actually do that?

I snorted loudly to myself in the empty room while scoffing.

It was Easton, of course he would.

In the short time I knew him, I had come to one conclusion. That boy lived off seeing me irritated and he would so anything to get under my skin.

Turning to my side, I pulled my blanket up to my chin and glanced over at the clock beside my bed that read 1:56 a.m. Letting out a deep sigh, I shut my eyes and forced the persistent thoughts to eradicate my brain so I could try and get some sleep.

It wasn’t long before my exhaustion washed over me in waves and I was lulled into a deep slumber.


A tired sigh escaped my lips as I fell into my usual seat for math. It was only second period and all I could dream about since walking through the doors of school this morning was how excited I was to go home and sleep.

I had only slept for five hours last night and that itself was enough to explain how my day had been so far.

Not only did I match the appearance of a hobo, but I still couldn’t get my mind off Easton’s offer.

Though I hadn’t looked his direction upon walking into class, I knew he was here considering the flock of students surrounding him in his seat and the sound of his deep voice echoing across the room. Laying my arms out on the table, I laid my head on the table as I waited for class to begin.

I was mindlessly tracing the table with my fingertips when Ms. Lewis waltzed into the room. She was grinning from ear to ear as she set her coffee and papers down onto her desk.

“Good Morning class!” She greeted cheerily as she rounded her table before taking a seat behind her desk. The class grumbled an array of greetings back at her as everyone got settled into their respective seats.

Pulling out my notebook, I quietly doodled a bunch of random shapes and letters as I waited for Ms. Lewis to begin her lesson.

Just as she finished typing a quick warm up for us to complete on the board, a knock sounded on the door. Ms. Lewis got up from her seat to answer the door when I heard someone whispering my name from the row behind mine.

I could feel my irritation spike as his familiar voice echoed through my mind. Easton was the sole reason my mind was all over the place and now here he was trying to irk me even more!

Turning around in my seat to tell him off, I scowled over at him as he sat there with a slight smile on his face. I could feel the eyes of everyone around us staring as I keep my gaze firmly on his. Raising my eyebrows in question at his silence, I watched as he continued staring at me without muttering a single word.

Muttering an array of profanities under my breath at his childish antics, I got ready to turn back when he finally leaned forward.

Running a hand through his soft brown locks, his hazel eyes bore into mine as he asked, “Have you come to a decision yet?” Upon hearing his question, I felt my hands curl into fists as my eyes narrowed into slits. I genuinely didn’t know what it was about Easton that angered me so quickly but he was truly the one person that made me want to commit murder. I could tell he was amused by my reaction considering the massive smirk that threatened to envelope his chiseled face as his wide eyes stared into mine.

Placing my hands onto his desk in front of me, I leaned in and with the most malicious voice I could muster, I lowly answered him, “No, you dimwit! Now leave me alone!” I could hear the girl seated beside Easton gasp as she heard my response and I felt a slight smile curve on my lips at his wide eyed and baffled expression.

He mockingly placed a hand over his heart and stared at me in fake sadness before muttering, “Fine.” I gave him one final look before I turned back to continue working on the warm up. Ms. Lewis still hadn’t returned and the the work on the board had been forgotten by many as my classmates turned to one another and began chatting amongst themselves.

I quietly kept working on the problems and was nearly done when I heard Easton whisper my name once again. I rolled my eyes once again and continued ignoring him as I focused on my work in front of me.

It’s okay Mallory, if you ignore it, it’ll go away.

Ignorance is bliss right?

I had successfully ignored him for a total of 30 seconds and was ready to do a mini happy dance when suddenly I felt his breath right beside my ear.

“What’s the answer to number 4?” His obnoxious voice questioned as I jumped up at his sudden appearance. Placing a hand over my beating heart, I moved my body away from him and turned to stare at him, disbelief etched across my face.

He really didn’t know what ‘leave me alone’ meant did he?

He gave me an innocent smile and sat back in his seat as he stared at me expectantly.

“Well?” He drawled as I continued to silently stare at him, contemplating how much time I would really spend in jail if I were to strangle him right now.

Shaking my head, I simply gave him a disgusted look before flipping him the bird and turning back around in my seat. I could hear him mumble something along the lines of ‘meanie’ under his breath as I shook my head slightly and once again diverted my attention back to the warm up. I had just picked up my pencil to continue the work when the door swung open. Ms. Lewis and Cole both strode into the classroom as my mouth slightly dropped open.


Just my luck that Cole would get transferred into this class.

I watched as Ms. Lewis handed him a couple papers before assigning him the seat in the row in front of me. As he made his way towards the back, his eyes landed on me as a smile clouded over his face. He mouthed a quick hi to which I responded with a smile before he plopped down into his seat and faced the front.

“Class please extend a warm welcome our new student in this class Cole!” Ms Lewis gleefully introduced as she settled into her seat at her desk. Everyone had quieted down upon her return and were now rushing to complete the problems they had abandoned earlier.

A couple people greeted Cole he got settled in and I felt my stomach drop at the sudden realization that had just come to mind.

Avoiding Cole would only be 10 times harder now seeing as we now shared a class. Not only that, but the devils incarnate, Easton was also shared this class and I knew without a doubt that he would give me hell for it all year long, especially now that he knew my secret.

My thoughts were interrupted by the devil himself as he let out a slight snicker before covering it up with a cough. I knew whatever he just did was aimed towards me and my reaction towards Cole’s arrival as I turned around to flash him a warning glare. He raised his hands in mock surrender as his eyes travelled back and forth between Cole and I.

I let out a sigh of frustration and didn’t respond as I turned to face Ms. Lewis who was now going over the answers to the warm up.

I couldn’t help it as my eyes continuously wandered back and forth over to the back of Cole’s head as I struggled to restrain myself from slamming my head onto my desk repeatedly.

There’s no way I can get over whatever I feel for Cole with him in my class now.

It would only give us more chances to speak and be around one another which didn’t help my case in the slightest.

I pinched my eyes shut and ran and hand through my blonde tresses as my thoughts once again returned to Easton and his offer.

As much as I hated it, I was actually considering it now seeing as I was completely desperate.

Then again, how bad would it even be to team up with Easton?

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