Damage Control

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Shopping Sprees In Walmart

“You brought me to Walmart.” I flatly said as I stared out the window of the car. Easton hummed in response as he pulled the keys out of the ignition and began to make his way out of the car.

“Walmart is awesome.” He happily stated, completely oblivious to the confused look I had on my face.

Now don’t get me wrong, I had nothing against Walmart, but after hearing the words ‘shopping spree’, I didn’t exactly expect to come to Walmart. I heard the car door shut loudly and turned to see that Easton had already left the car and was standing beside it.

“Here goes nothing.” I softly said to myself as I pulled my cellphone out of my backpack and opened the door to the car before sliding out.

Rounding the car, I approached Easton who had taken a couple steps towards the building that was bustling with customers in and out. Glancing down at my phone that currently read ‘no new notifications’, I took a look at the time that read 4:17 p.m before slipping the phone back into the pockets of my jeans.

It was truly warming to know how much my family and friends love me with the crazy amount of texts and calls I had received from them. I sarcastically thought to myself as I looked up to see that Easton had already began walking towards the entrance.

Jogging slightly to catch up with Easton’s long strides, I took my chance to finally interrogate him, “What exactly are we doing here?” I asked him as we approached the sliding doors. From where we were standing, I could see aisles of various things ranging from food, clothes, shoes, and produce.

There was also a McDonalds in there which was probably the best part.

Easton turned to face me, a grin across his face as small pieces of his brown locks fell across his forehead.

“We’re going on a shopping spree.” He repeated once again as he kept the sly grin plastered across his face. I furrowed my eyebrows at him and continued to stare at him in confusion before responding.

“Yes, but that would imply taking me home to my computer because I prefer online shopping.” I drawled out slowly as he shook his head at me.

It was true though, the only time I actually went shopping in person was either when Sienna dragged me to the mall or when my grandmother was in town and would force me to go to stores with her.

That included lingerie stores.

I felt a shudder run across my body at the mental image that had just formed in my head.

I loved my grandmother to death but seeing her in a nighty was beyond me.

It just wasn’t my cup of tea.

My thoughts were soon interrupted by Easton who was calling my name, “Tell me something Mallory, what does someone usually do after a breakup?” He asked as he and I moved to the side so we weren’t blocking the entrance for others.

Shrugging my shoulders, I responded, “I don’t know, probably cry. What does this even have to do with anything?” I asked him baffled, as he continued to ignore my questions and shook his head at my response.

“After that what do they do?” He pressed causing me to flash him a small glare.

School had ended 2 hours ago yet here he was making me think.

Running a hand through my tangly hair, I shrugged my shoulders again before replying, “Eat a bunch of junk food and spend time with friends?” I offered, recalling the various times I had been invited to go home with some of the girls that had come for advice to watch movies and eat a bunch of fatty foods.

“Bingo.” Easton confirmed as he looked down at me as if I had just cracked some type of morse code or something. “We’re here to do exactly that.“He further explained upon seeing the look of confusion that was most likely plastered across my face.

“But I haven’t broken up with anybody.” I protested as he flashed me a small grin.

“In reality, yes you haven’t, but we are staging a mock break up for both you and Cole. The only way for you to get over him is to go through every step of a breakup and today we’re completing step one which involves binge shopping for a bunch of junk and movies.” He explained as I nodded my head slightly in understanding.

As much as I didn’t want to admit it, it wasn’t as bad of an idea as I thought it would be. And with the expectations I had set for Easton, I certainly didn’t expect to find myself agreeing to his plan.

Granted, it was a bit ridiculous, but I was open to whatever he had in mind because I absolutely did not want my attraction towards Cole to heighten.

There was no way I would hurt Sienna by secretly pining after her boyfriend.

“That’s actually not that bad of an idea.” I admitted aloud as I watched Easton’s face light up as a boyish grin enveloped across his features.

“Tell me about it.” He cockily said as he mockingly wiped nonexistent dust off his shoulders. Rolling my eyes, I pushed past him to walk into the doors of the store.

“Don’t push it.” I warned over my shoulder as I felt a cool breeze brush across my face upon walking into the busy store that was buzzing with children and adults shopping.

Grabbing the basket that was near the entrance, I waited for Easton to arrive as he walked over towards me, his usual smirk on his face.

“Ready to have some fun?” He questioned as he wiggled his eyebrows at me. There was no doubt that he was hinting towards something else- most likely sexual- but I simply rolled my eyes and shook my head at his antics before turning to make my way towards the junk food aisle.

I felt Easton fall into step with me as we silently made our way down the store. I was lightly humming a random song to myself before we finally turned into the food aisle. I was instantly met with an array of various chip brands, all of which I completely adored.

I felt my mouth water as I made my way towards the row that held the Cheeto Puff bags, which were my favorite. Just as I was about to place the chips into the basket, I felt the bag get snatched out of my grip as my eyes met with those of Easton.

“Hey!” I exclaimed as I stood up straight before attempting to take the bag of chips back from him. I didn’t want to make too much of a scene because there were a couple people lingering around the aisle and the last thing I wanted was to get kicked out of Walmart.

“These are gross.” Easton obnoxiously said as he took a step forward to put the bag back in its initial spot.

“You’re gross! Give them back!” I hissed at him as I moved forward to snatch the bag back. Easton however must have seen it coming seeing as he dodged it and moved farther away from me.

“Fine, I’ll just grab another bag then.” I stated as I wore a pleased smirk across my face. Turning around to face the rows of chips, I kneeled down to where the puffs were placed and began rummaging through the bags. I felt my smile slightly drop as I continued to look through the rows for another bag of puffs. Upon realizing that I had picked up the last one earlier, I let out a deep sigh of frustration before turning around towards Easton who looked like he was holding back a laugh.

“Don’t even.” I warned as I pointed my index finger towards him threateningly.

Moving towards him, I once again attempted to grab the bag of chips but he simply chucked the bag into the basket. “Fine, we’ll get those chips but we have to get something that I like too.” He stated as he turned to scan the row of chips.

Feeling a laugh bubble out of my chest, I leaned towards him, “Why? Did Cole break up with you too?” I jokingly asked before falling into a fit of laughter.

I should seriously be a comedian.

“Yes.” Easton deadpanned, a serious look on his face. We stared at each other silently for a couple seconds before falling into another fit of laughter together. I could feel several pairs of eyes on us as we laughed like maniacs to ourselves, but ignored it as I attempted to catch my breath.

“Okay, choose your chips so we can get ice-cream.” I said to Easton after we had both calmed down. He nodded his had and grabbed a bag of Lays before picking up the basket from the floor and picking it up.

Upon moving over to the next aisle, I quickly walked towards the end of the freezer section where the ice-cream sandwiches were placed. Quickly grabbing a box, I walked over towards Easton who had just finished placing a tub of chocolate ice-cream into the basket.

“Those are awesome.” He commented as his eyes landed on the box of ice-cream in my hand. Nodding my head at him in agreement, I tossed the box into the basket before looking up at Easton.

“Is that all?” I asked him as I crossed my arms across my chest. I watched as he nodded him head before his eyes connected with mine.

“You tell me, your majesty. Your wish is my command.” He answered jokingly as I stuck my tongue out at him before looking down at the bags of chips and frozen treats that were scattered in the basket.

“I think we’re good.” I noted while nodding my head in confirmation.

“Okay, lets go checkout.” Easton announced as we both exited the aisle and made our way towards the checkout lines which surprisingly weren’t too long.

As we stood in line, I scanned the rows of candy bars in front of me and let out a slight squeal as soon as my eyes landed on the bar of Twix on the very bottom row. Kneeling down, I grabbed two bars before standing back up. Looking towards Easton, I raised it in the air as question to see if he too wanted one.

“We actually have something in common.” He remarked as he took the bars out of my hands and tossed it into the basket causing a small smile to fall onto my face.

Taking the things out of the basket, Easton and I began to place them on the belt before taking the basket and placing it atop the other baskets beside the register. Moving closer towards the cashier, I watched as she scanned the items before announcing the total which came out to be $21.62.

Leaning down into my pocket where my phone was, I pulled the case off and began pulling out the spare money I kept in there. Just as I raised my hand to hand the cash to the cashier, Easton’s hand lightly pushed mine away as he handed a sleek black card over to the lady.

Furrowing my eyebrows, I looked over at him in confusion.

Not only did I dislike it when others paid for me, but we had come here to get things because of me and it didn’t feel right to make Easton pay.

Plus, I barely knew the guy.

Just as I opened my mouth to protest, Easton shook his head at me, “This was my idea, so I pay.” He shortly said, leaving no room for argument as took the card back from the cashier and placed it back into his wallet. I didn’t respond but flashed him a grateful smile before picking up one of the bags while Easton took the other.

“Do you have Netflix?” Easton randomly questioned after we had placed the bags in the backseat and got settled into our respective seats once again.

“Yeah, why?” I asked him as he flashed me a grin before putting the keys into the ignition.

“You and I are going to have a movie night.” He announced as he wiggled his eyebrows at me before turning away and pulling out of the busy parking lot onto the roadway leading towards our neighborhood.

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