Damage Control

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Netflix and No Chill

“You will not utter a single word to anyone. Keep your mouth shut and your eyes on the T.V the entire time we’re there.” I demanded as Easton and I made out way up the steps of the porch. We had just pulled up to my house and were getting ready to have our ‘girls night’ as Easton liked to call it.

“So bossy.” He replied as a mischievous smirk lined up on his face. He had a boyish twinkle illuminating across his eyes and I knew just by the look on his face that whatever I had just told him would be completely disregarded.

Why did I agree to this again?

I remained silent as I rummaged through my bag for my keys, before hearing the familiar jingle as I shoved the key into the door. As we walked inside, I noticed that the house was eerily silent despite seeing both Brandon and Avery’s backpacks beside the doorway.

Shooting a quick text to Avery about their whereabouts, I slowly made my way into the living room where Easton had made himself comfortable. The snacks were all laid out on the coffee table and he was sprawled across the couch, his sock clad feet dangling off the sides. He shot me a grin as his eyes landed on me and I gave him a flat look as I moved his legs to the side and plopped down onto the couch.

“Geez, if you wanted to sit by me so bad you could’ve just asked. I don’t mind.” He teasingly said as he slung his arm around me. As he ran a hand through his soft brown locks, I tore his arm off me while crossing my arms across my chest.

Scoffing loudly, I ignored his comment as I leaned forward to grab the bag of Cheeto puffs along with the remote. As I munched on the chips, I began clicking through the array of Netflix movies and TV series. Just as I pushed another chip into my mouth, the remote was snatched out of my hand by the devil himself.

“Hey!” I protested with a mouth full of chips. He ignored me as his eyes remained glued to the T.V as he attempted to choose a movie.

“I call dibs on choosing the movie.” He simply said as his eyes briefly made contact with mine. I could see a ghost of a smile lingering on his face as he ignored my burning glare on him.

He knew exactly what he was doing, and it was clearly done with the intent to irritate me.

Sometimes, I truly wished I could smack the smirk off him.

“You can’t call dibs if I already had the remote.” I hissed to him before lunging towards him on the other side of the couch. Easton barely had time to react before I was on top of him trying to grab the remote. As I struggled on top of him, he held the remote away from me whilst keeping a firm hand on my lower back to ensure I wouldn’t topple off.

“Give it back, moron!” I screeched loudly as I pinched him repeatedly. I could hear him yelp each time his skin came in contact with my fingers and a feeling of joy surged through at the sound of his pain.

I was truly a sadist when it came to him.

The sound of my curses along with Easton’s cries for help were so loud that we hadn’t even noticed the new presence in the room.

“What the fuck?” Avery’s voice said as she stared at us like we were the dumbest people she had ever seen. I felt my eyes go wide as we stared at each other silently before I lost my balance and fell off the couch, Easton following in suite.

I felt the breath nearly get knocked out of me as Easton’s body landed on top of mine. I could feel myself wheezing from underneath him as he quickly got up, “Shit, sorry.” He breathed as he picked himself up into a pushup position so that his weight was no longer on me. I remained silent and withered on the floor as I attempted to catch my breath, Easton’s stare burning across my face.

Easton, who looked as if he was genuinely worried, stared down at me, his face far too close to mine. I could see the microscopic freckles that lay scattered across his upper cheeks as his breath slightly fell across my face. His eyes bore into mine as we stared at each other silently before I snapped out of it.

What the hell was that, Mallory?

Coughing slightly, I pushed Easton up as he quickly got to his feet. He rubbed his neck and avoided my gaze as I sat up from where I was laying down. “You okay there, Evans?” Easton questioned as he watched me pinch my eyes shut and sit still on the floor as I came to the realization that my evil sister had just witnessed that. I could practically imagine all the blackmailing tactics she would use to get what she wanted from me.

“I’m going to kill you.” I whispered to Easton as he raised his eyebrows at me. The awkwardness from earlier had already diminished as his usual smirk made its way onto his face. Ignoring my threat, Easton turned to face Avery who was silently watching the whole ordeal.

“Hey, I’m Easton.” He introduced, his voice breaking the long silence in the room. Avery remained silent as her eyes moved back and forth from Easton and I. I could feel myself squirming from underneath her condescending stare, not really wanting to know what was going through her mind.

“Who the hell names their kid that?” She finally replied after a pregnant pause had ensued in the room. I felt my eyes go wide at her comment and almost felt bad for Easton before remembering that we would have been in this mess if it hadn’t been for him trying to get the remote from me in the first place.

Placing my fist against my lips, I snickered loudly causing Easton to sharply turn to me, a glare marring his face. Pushing his hands into the pockets of his jeans, he turned back to Avery who still stood in the doorway.

“I happen to think its a great name. Right Mallory?” Easton claimed as he pointedly turned to stare at me. Furrowing my eyebrows, I crossed my arms across my chest before scoffing loudly.

“Absolutely not.” I replied as Easton gave me a long stare before he began to slowly nod, a devilish look enveloping across his face. I felt my arms drop from my chest as Easton lazily took a seat on the couch before he gave me a wolfish grin.

“Really? Huh. Didn’t seem that way from all those times you were screaming it.” He cooly said as my mouth dropped open.

He did not.

I could feel my cheeks burning and my blood boiling from inside me as Easton gave me an innocent look before he took the bag of Cheeto Puffs and began munching on them loudly.

“He’s lying!” I blubbered loudly as I waved my arms in the air like a mad woman. Avery didn’t respond and simply rolled her eyes at us as before shutting the front door and making her way across the living room.

“Remind me again why I chose to come home.” She muttered to herself before stomping up the stairs. I patiently waited for her to get to her room before I would unleash my wrath on Easton. Just as she made it to the top of the stairs she turned to look down at us.

“Brandon is at Mrs. Nelson’s house. Keep it PG-13, I happen to like that couch.” She informed before walking into the room and slamming the door shut. Silently thanking the gods above that Brandon wasn’t here to witness that mess, I pushed my hair out of my face before trying to wrap my head around what had just happened.

“She seems nice.” Easton quipped from behind me as he continued to eat my chips. Not only had he insinuated that he and I had done the deed, but now he was eating the same chips he had trashed earlier?

He was so done for.

Stomping over to where he was seated, I snatched the bag of chips right out of his grasp. Holding his hands in the air as surrender, I watched as he tried to conceal his laughter.

Tossing the chips onto the coffee table, I crossed my arms across my chest and loomed over Easton who was watching me with a lazy smirk on his face. “How dare you say that!” I confronted Easton as he stared at me with a boyish grin in his face.

“Say what?” He feigned innocence as he stared at me like I was a mad woman. I could feel the pent up frustration trying to make its way out but I simply let out a loud groan before sitting down on the couch beside him.

In just a matter of days, Easton had managed to get under my skin like no other. It was like it was his life goal to drive me crazy.

“I wouldn’t even touch you with a ten foot pole, let alone get into bed with you.” I clearly said to Easton causing him to laugh loudly at my comment.

“We’ll see about that, love.” He cockily answered as he leaned back on the couch and began scrolling through the movies once again.

No longer in the mood to put up a fight, I simply held up the middle finger at him before taking the box of ice-cream sandwiches and pulling one out. I quietly ate the sandwich as Easton let out sighs every now and then as he continued looking through the movies.

“Is that hard to just pick one?” I exclaimed loudly as I turned to face him, annoyed at how long he was taking.

“All these movies suck.” He shrugged as he switched the T.V off and turned to face me. Taking another ice-cream bar out of the box, he took a bite out and chewed it as we sat in silence. Just as I took my last bite, Easton turned to face me.

“So...” He drawled off as I furrowed my eyebrows at him.

What could he possibly want now?

“What?” I questioned warily as I propped my elbow onto the head of the couch and turned to stare at him.

“How is it that after giving advice to the whole population at Westbridge, you still manage to fall for your best friend’s boyfriend? Isn’t that breaking the number one rule in the friendship handbook?” He asked as I let out a deep sigh.

Was I really about to talk to Easton about my boy problems?

If you had told me a week ago that I would be sitting with Easton Davis in my house eating ice-cream and chips, I would’ve laughed in your face.

But then again, I’ve never been one to make the best decisions, and this decision would probably come back to bite me in the ass.

Turning to face Easton, I pulled my hair to the side before responding, “I don’t even know. It’s just one of those things that happened. I didn’t even realize it until it hit me like a truck.” I said as I attempted to explain. In complete honesty, I don’t know how or when it happened, but somehow I just took liking to Cole’s personality. And soon enough, I had developed a massive crush on him.

“There is absolutely nothing interesting about the dude. Take it from someone who plays on the same team as him. He’s the typical nice guy.” Easton scoffed as he ran a hand through his hair.

Of course Easton would trash Cole, the dude would probably crown himself the hottest guy in the world if he could.

Rolling my eyes, I shook my head at him, “I like nice guys. They don’t purposefully ruin someone’s sleep.” I bitterly said as I gave Easton a pointed look.

He simply rolled his eyes at me before giving me a small grin, “You know you love me. Besides, I am the guy who’s helping you get out of this mess anyways.” He pointed out as I shook my head in denial.

“Yeah, sure. I’m almost certain this’ll end in disaster.” I said as I took the bag of Cheetos and began stuffing my face with them.

Easton didn’t respond, and instead flashed me a wink before taking control of the remote again as we spent the remainder of the day bickering about which movie to watch.

So much for a Netflix and Chill.

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